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  1. Hi GoingFishing, I see that you sometime go out fishing on your own. If you are ever keen on having a regular fishing partner, I would be very interested. I am willing to share costs and have my own gear. Generally chase Squid and Luderick. Do PM me if youre interested.





    1. Fishing Partner

      Fishing Partner


      Which areas do you go fishing?

      Do you own / fish from a boat?

    2. nosquid


      no Boat and fish generally CG and the likes of some wharfs. Occasionally ocean too near Maroubra.  regards


  2. Hey Guys, Great stuff and as always a great session by the looks of it. I will definitely join you again when the wife lets me. So hope that it will be off the stones as I have not yet done that with Royce. cheers Adrian
  3. Can anyone here recommend a place to go beach worming with the kids and a novice (me) that is near the north shore ?
  4. try small nymphs with bead heads in orange and purple. I used to catch them in South Africa in the streams this way. cheers Ad
  5. great results guys and i should have joined you for the morning. My morning sesh was rather univentful.... Only 1 Trevelly and nothing else so dinner last night was only enjoyed by the kids.... cheers Adrian
  6. I was there Yesterday and only managed 1 Trev which was great. Only 1 other guy caught a trev also and another guy caught 2 bream. Other thatn that no one else caught anything. Pitty though that some guys leave the place so dirty..... cheers Ad
  7. hey Congrat Trevor you finally got the sawtail..... landed... hmm I have to get one too sometime. Hey are we on for a squid session this Saturday?
  8. Trevor we are going squidding soon I hope? Great catch and hope to see you soon. How the luderick fishing? cheers Ad
  9. hi Just a question regarding the numb ray..... When you take out the hook , (being metal) does the numb ray not shock you? Saw a guy recently handle the numb ray and take out the hook and then kick it back into the water. I was waiting for him to be zapped as he had no idea of what it was.... Do they only zap you if you touch them on their back?
  10. great result guys will have to join you on an outing in the ocean. Ok Royce let me know when you gonna go fish the ocean ) cheers Ad
  11. beautiful fish there Cobb, I have yet to catch any luderick from the ocean side. That is a beaut of a fish. cheers
  12. That's a great result for the really bad weather we've had guys.... yes I think i am due to an outing soon.... Wife has been promptly still grounding me so Hopefully an outing this weekend will be good. I attempted to make two floats while in detention but sadly they sink like rocks, Note to check boyancy before making floats next time. Anyway I will be really keen to fish soon so catch up with you then. As for Daniel.... enjoy every outing you can. That day pass is gonna get harder and harder to acquire afterwards..... Hope to catch up with a fish with you before then . cheers grounded Ad
  13. HI All Last year I did not get any garfish so was wondering if anyone has started seeing them in huge numbers mainly at balmoral or other places near by? thanks Squid Jig
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