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  1. caranx

    catfood the best berley ?!

    Dog food, those round logs you get work well too. And don't smell as much as cat food !
  2. caranx

    Sydney king combo

    I've been dusted on 80lb gear too.... Spheros for sure.
  3. caranx

    Sydney king combo

    80lb for extra abrasion resistance. I've had 50lb run through rocks and survived, other times busted off easily, so prefer the slightly thicker line for extra piece of mind. Leader varies from 80 to 100 lb. I'm land based so fish heavier gear, but use the same off the boat when out as casting towards shore or down rigging through drop offs. Have been drilled on heavy gear but prefer to not get avoidable bust offs and leave fish swimming with hooks and lines attached. You don't need as much capacity bless jigging so 80 works well. I use 50lb for spinning with on lighter combos. There is a limit to how much drag you can managed off the rocks, so it's not based on just drag ratings of lines.
  4. caranx

    Sydney king combo

    Spheros 14000 and 80 lb braid and matched to a suitable rod will be perfect.
  5. caranx

    Gunnamatta Bay Wednesday Arvo

    Could have been a ray as plenty around there.
  6. caranx

    Muscled out of my spot

    The more people put up the names of spots, the more crowded it will get ! And the newbies that turn up don't always have manners or are considerate.
  7. caranx

    Bonito and Mac Tuna

    They are mack tuna. Large schools have been around for the past month off the rocks. The three back spots give them away.
  8. caranx

    Bonnie Plague in the Bay 27/7 - now with video

    Plenty of bonnies around at the moment. Great fun on bream gear off the rocks as well.....
  9. caranx

    Rock Fishing Safety Study

    Same legal ramifications as putting up maps and details of how to get into the worst fishing spots along the coast in sydney. Putting spots up is the same as discussing safety in this thread. There seems to be a misconception that all members are cluey as to how to rock fish, but how many members of this site actually post here, or just read to find out where locations are and go there to fish with no prior experience on the rocks? Re lifejackets - if its rough enough to warrent when fishing landbased, you shouldnt be fishing that spot. They give some people a false sense of security . Jacket or not you can still drown. Any modelling that can be read 'in conjunction' with actual marine conditions helps.
  10. caranx

    Penn 950ssm :)

    No need for wire on kings at all. I dont use wire on tailor or bonito either and they have decent teeth (for sydney fish anyway). Dont know why it bent, locked up when fishing for kings after a hookup. Not sure if faulty or servicing issue. If casting braid , the deep spool is not good either, but will work fine with mono. I swapped mine for a spheros and it hasnt missed a beat. Mine was a 850ssm, I much prefer the old model. Spare spools for the penn are $90-110, and considering you can buy a new reel for $100 now or so for the 850ssm.
  11. caranx

    Penn 950ssm :)

    And those reels arent super strong. Shaft bent on my one and not worth repairing.
  12. caranx

    Penn 950ssm :)

    Why would you use wire trace for kingfish? Use a decent flurocarbon leader or penn 10x .
  13. caranx

    Another rockfishing accident.

    Id go for your option 3...Option 2 will take the form of marine parks.
  14. caranx

    Another rockfishing accident.

    Doesn't matter if you are wearing cleats or jackets, some spots are dodgy in certain conditions. And as if people are all going to follow the rules. I get idiots turning up to my local spot wearing thongs or crocs and jeans, while we are wearing rock spikes and light clothing. And then they wonder why we give them funny looks. 10 mins later they are on the butts after slipping. Pretty sure those people will never wear one. Life jackets don't help if you slip and crack your head on the rocks ! They might help in some places if you go in, but in some spots they will add to your problems.
  15. caranx

    Internet shopping

    There are a number of reputable online sites to shop from, and I have never had an issue with fakes. On online shop there are a few, but again, find the ones with the best reputation. The other issue is that local shops dont stock anywhere near the range of lures/gear that you can get from o/s.