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  1. Looks like fun - plus you can always grab a coffee at the Maccas too!
  2. I use the wide gapes inside and they are now my favourite. No gut hooks, and the fish still hook themselves.
  3. Great approach, and a great attitude DaveThe Boy. BTW - fillets of whiting in garlic and parmesan cheese are unbeleivably good. The Poacher
  4. Hi Raiders, Took the young fella out with the aim of getting him a decent fish. Everytime he had been on the boat previously, it seemed that someone else would get the better quality fish. So I wanted one he could claim he did it all by himself. The kings wouldnt co-operate so we used the remaining livies for flathead. He dropped the first one, but nailed this nice 80cm fish. Got a few others on plastics too. Was a great morning and he was really chuffed. He took a bit of convincing to let it go, but in the end he was really happy to see it swim off. Cheers,
  5. You can see the scales missing off his side here. And a couple of teeth marks
  6. Hi Raiders, The tide was pretty good for flathead yesterday (low at 7pm), and with the wind backing off, I sought (and received) permission from the missus to source some dinner. It took me 2 hours to catch a measly 10 mullet for bait. The litte buggers would swim around and over the trap, and occasionally go in. Obviously, my "trap" was sub standard as quite a few swam back out again. Anyway, we had enough for a few hours so I got going, Plus I had scooped a few prawns last week and fresh frozen them. Once I got the drift sorted out we started to catch a few fish - couple of
  7. The fish were between 4 and 7m of water. Plus I got the Bonnies on a pink squid, plus the squidgy wriggler I had been using for flathead. In other words, they were eating anything that day!!!!
  8. Thanks Captain Spanner - thats a very good tip. I use plastics too - but with the little kids on board it doesnt seem to be that effective. LuckyFil - I just hook them through the jaw, straight from bottom to top. Even the 10-15cm ones I hook the same way. They are a very hardy bait fish. Sam Bros - I got the bonnies with both methods. When the school was active we could cast to them. When they went down, we just trolled the area and still got them.
  9. LuckyFil - I have trouble catching poddies in a trap. Sometimes I cant do it, but mostly its unreliable. I catch them on a tiny (size 10 or 12 trout hook) hook one at a time. The hook is so small most 8lb line wont go through it. So I used a leader of 4lb line. Also, I use whatever size mullet I can catch. Flathead eat them all. I would love to hear where/how other raiders catch their mullet, because its a pain in the butt for me. Or where other coasties catch their's. Also Regan - I sent you a PM. Cheers, The Poacher
  10. Hey Raiders, Took my son and his mate out on Saturday morning as the tides and the forecast were ideal. As the tide change was at 8.30, I caught some livebaits the night before and kept them alive overnight. 12v pump plugged into a battery pack, which I left plugged into the wall via the re-charger. Was messy but it worked. Anyway, drifted around and got 5 over 65cms, and a big girl at 78cm. Kept a couple that were deep hooked and released the big ones. The big girl was caught on a handline and a size #2 suicide - hooked right in the corner of the mouth. I use small hooks on the s
  11. CapNMac - I dont fish it much, but I believe its on the south east corner. Thats also where the bait holds. The Hammers seems to like the Hawkesbury, and the area you are fishing seems to hold different fish at different times, so it pays to move about and try diff things, CHeers, The Poacher
  12. I watched it tonight. It was pretty good. THey do take a lot of fish, but it is regulated. I would like to think its sustainable fishing.
  13. Hi Fishking, There are the xxxxxxxxxx DVDs which will teach you 90% of everything you need to know. Also, I reckon 50% of the posts on fishraider are on kings so there are some good tips there. Basically, kings arent that hard. You need solid tackle (at least 15kg braid), live bait (squid or yellowtail) and some sort of underwater structure. Get these 3 together and you are well on your way. The harbour and botany bay are heaps better than the Hawkesbury or Pittwater. Hope you get some. The Poacher.
  14. Never any guarantees in fishing Luke. This time of year, possibly your best bet is to target tailor and salmon just on dark using pilchards on gang hooks. I dont know where is Syndey you are, and I dont think it matters. Just drive up a few of the beaches at low tide, and look at the formations. If there is nothing much on one beach, drive to another. Then go back on the high tide and fish it from about 5 till 7 at night. Good luck, The Poacher
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