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  1. We called them “Ned Kellie’s”. Line length about 300mm shorter than the rod. Tiny cork for a float . Poke them in under the willow trees with a black cricket or cicada on the end and hang on with both hands. Not very sporting but dynamite on bass! Of course you wouldn’t use them today🙄
  2. Looking at those rules I’m glad I don’t live in brisbane waters. Can’t do much in there!
  3. Thanks sea sponge. Just looked at that link and now confused. Is a witches hat classed as a net? I.e prohibited all nets other than a landing net? cheers
  4. Sounds like it. I’ll hasten slowly 😁
  5. Thanks blaxland I know the basic rules re gear and sanctuary zones but a bit unclear on territory limits. I.e was told can’t use traps above the bridges and can’t use dilly’s in coal an candle but internet searches no help confirming or otherwise. Appreciate any help cheers
  6. Anyone crabbing yet? Getting my little boat ready but still got a bit to do and just wondering if I should go faster😁
  7. Thanks for the info Toby. Great to see a young dedicated fisho. You’ll do well in other areas of your life I’m sure. cheers
  8. Great photos and great catches. Well done! Are they bass or ep’s? i can’t tell the difference but it’s something to do with the position of the gill rakers—I remember a bass is great eating and an ep is not—of course these days I’d release them. cheers
  9. What a great idea—didn’t realise you could charter a small boat off Sydney. Love to go out on this one as it looks very well set up. Can you give me a contact or if that breaks the site rules you could pm me. Thanks for sharing re the slow jigging method too cheers
  10. bookwa

    Narrabeen lake

    Mutch22 and oldfella I thank you so much for your input. Cheers
  11. bookwa

    Narrabeen lake

    Thanks oldfella—- how did I not think of that—was thinking of further up the head of the lake and your advice has great merit cheers
  12. bookwa

    Narrabeen lake

    Thanks Donna—. Much appreciated. Just need someone now with local knowledge and we’re up and running. Sending a photo of Jacko — my best mate— as we had lunch yesterday in The Dugout at the home. Not bad for 95,! He had the schooner of V B and I had the softie. cheers
  13. I’ve got an old mate 95years young and he’s residing in the war vets village on Collaroy plateau. We fished every week for about forty years until he felt uncomfortable on my boat. I’ve never fished the lake but I’d love to set him up in a chair with rod in hand and hope for a flathead—or anything! Is there a spot on the lake with easy car access and the chance of catching something? Weed free area as well I guess. I would be most appreciative of any help. Probably still have to renew his licence for him even though he’s ww2 active service and a gold card holder! cheers
  14. bookwa

    Ub520 fitout

    Thanks Jon--i've used the railblaza bits on my little Brig rib ( 20hp honda) and they are great--thanks for reminding me about them. Thinking maybe a raymarine 7 pro for the sounder. Has anyone on the site fitted out with one of those? cheers
  15. bookwa

    Ub520 fitout

    F70 and i should have said the whole electronics under 2000 not just the sounder. all advice appreciated cheers