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  1. Thanks sparro55. Gotta try it for sure!
  2. Great report. I’ve never been popping for whiting but it sounds like fun. What’s the basic gear required? cheers
  3. Current running south to north—says it all really. If I strike that anywhere I go home. Cheers
  4. 50mm piece of ginger sliced fine, one clove garlic same, half cup of green ends off shallots and one tablespoon squid brand fish sauce, in one litre of water or more if necessary. Drop the well scrubbed head in and bring to boil then simmer gently for twenty minutes. Then you have fantastic stock and the head will be easy to clean! Put it in the dishwasher to perfectly clean it! i never throw out snapper heads or frames!
  5. bookwa

    Fuel filter

    Of course! My brain wasn’t in gear! So simple. many thanks 😊
  6. bookwa

    Fuel filter

    Safety angle— I’m the sort who looks both ways on a one way street! Always expect the unexpected. 🙄
  7. Hi noelm, at Sydney fish market wirrah are same price as snapper😳
  8. bookwa

    Fuel filter

    Ok done that with a see through draining water trap filter from whitworths so the fuel from the underfloor tank goes through that. It occurs to me now that I should have another filter between the engine and my backup 25litre portable tank. Any simple solution ? Could tip it into the main tank I suppose but would prefer to connect direct to the engine via another filter. cheers
  9. I’m restoring (slowly🙄) a southwind 520 and the fuel filter is a simple screw off canister type. Should I replace it with a visible water seperator type with a drain plug and if so what’s the best type/brand. Don’t much like the canister where you can’t see anything.
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice. Zoran I’ll follow your suggestions and see how we go cheers
  11. Thanks Zoran. Yammie 70 four stroke. Buggerall hours. Bought it then decided to have a triple bypass. Hence the situation Tank is 80 capacity and there’s probably 70 in there ive been running on a portable tank but want to go back to using the main tank and have the little one for backup. Cheers
  12. I need to dispose of around 80 litres of petrol that is two years old. Will siphon it out of the underfloor tank and then what?Any ideas on how to dispose of it would be appreciated cheers
  13. Mowies are fine if cooked as suggested here already. Make sure the wings are removed if cooking any other way and fillets need the little reddish bit on top corner removed as well. Those two areas plus the skin are the source of the iodine taste. We eat mowies first night and snapper second night. Fillets are laid on kitchen paper on trays and left uncovered in the fridge. That removes a bit of excess moisture and we find snapper in particular are much better on second or even third day. To each his own of course!!
  14. We called them “Ned Kellie’s”. Line length about 300mm shorter than the rod. Tiny cork for a float . Poke them in under the willow trees with a black cricket or cicada on the end and hang on with both hands. Not very sporting but dynamite on bass! Of course you wouldn’t use them today🙄
  15. Looking at those rules I’m glad I don’t live in brisbane waters. Can’t do much in there!
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