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  1. achilles

    allmark mountain

    thanks scratchie
  2. achilles

    Port Stephens report

    wouldnt be a bad idea to see if a popper does the trick
  3. achilles

    Port Stephens report

    Went up to port over the weekend with plenty of action. We found some small blacks up around the Gibber but were unlucky to get 0 from 3. All were hooked slow trawling slimmies. Water temp at Gibber 23.6 and 22.9 out wider. Plenty of surface action in 80-100m water where we got into the yellow fin, small 5-10kg range on deep divers and 6 inch skirts. From what i heard the car park was pretty quiet over the weekend. Plenty of reds came out of the sisters also as there is plenty of bait and bonito in the area. Had a great weekend might head up again this weekend
  4. achilles

    allmark mountain

    hi all, just wondering if anyone could share the gps coordinates for allmark mountain in port stephens. any info would be appreciated. cheers
  5. achilles

    allmark mountain

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone could share the gps coordinates for allmark mountain. Any info would be appreciated cheers
  6. achilles


    looks like a sergeant baker nice flatties well done
  7. achilles

    Catching slimies

    Hey mate, I use to come across this problem. What i found is that yellow tail will generally not come to the surface so i float a bait on a hand line no sinker and tiny hook and the slimies seem to hit the bait befor the yakkas. this is my experience there might be an easier way though. cheers
  8. achilles

    Fishing in Cairns

    by the sound of it i went on the same dud charter 3 years ago. the guy wouldnt let us touch the rods or supply food like the flyer said. The guy has a really bad attitude too. waste of money didnt catch a thing all day just sat at the wreck for the entire half day.
  9. achilles

    Botany Troll Trip!

    we headed out on sunday to both fads trolled around for nothing. Dropped live baits and the bot bay east fad for a few undersized kings. Trolled to 12 mile and shelf for nothing. As you said current are funny and the water is too cold. we saw heaps of birds but also sounded no bait fish. Shit happens wont be long though. Oh while jigging at 12 mile we foul hooked the biggest leather jacket which went over 60cm
  10. achilles

    Outside Botany Bay

    Kosta, It would be a good idea to take someone experienced with you. Check all weather forcasts and log in with the coast guard. On a calm day you wont have any problem getting outside as there is no bar crossing in botany bay. As for fishing without a sounder, maybe you could throw plastics in the washes on north head. a few snapper and kingies around at the moment. Or drifting outside for flat head in 30-50m of water is another go. good luck mate
  11. achilles

    Toxic Paint In The Bay

    Just thought i would express my absolute dissapointment with what i saw yesterday in Botany Bay. I have lived and fished this area all my life and am now enjoying its rejuvination. I live in the area and saw a sailing boat beached at low tide and propped up on the beach. To my suprise the owner decided to scape old antifowl off the bottom of his boat and repaint it on the sand. Paint scrapings and probably paint splatter have now entered the waterway. Im not one to stick my nose in but I was so disgusted to see this so i first rang the waterways, waterways then told me to report it to council, council then told me to report it to waterways. I gave up so i rang Botany Bay Water Police who were somewhat helpful although they said they too were not the appropriate authority to be speaking to. Who is reponsible for policing such an issue? Nothing was done in the end and the boat has now been refloated and a mess left on the beach. We have so many marinas in the area where you can hire the appropriate equipment to repair your boat without polluting our waterways.
  12. achilles

    Nsw Fisheries

    give me a badge, uniform and taser and ill volunteer
  13. achilles

    Nsw Fisheries

    If you ask me, fish sizes should be policed more than fishing licences....i was boarded in nelson bay and was fined because my licence was expired by 2 days....the thing is every bait shop and servo in the area said that their books ran out....give me a break...ive always paid and respected the fishing licence rules and all their records would prove that i have always held a current licence.... it cant only be about capital raising.....people should be locked up for the murder of juvenile fish...
  14. achilles

    Fishing Last Night In Port Hacking

    well done,,,they look like school jew
  15. achilles

    The Humps

    Hi all just wondering if anyone could share some GPS coordinates for the humps off stanwell park.....hoping to get out tomorrow any info would be greatly appreciated