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  1. eastwood1980

    4.1m tinnie going to five island

    Hi guys, i have a 4.1m tinnie with 40hp, wanting to chase some snappers this winter. Would it be ok for me to take my boat out to the five islands in Wollongong? Or is my boat too small?
  2. eastwood1980


    I’ve been going nearly everyday for the past month stayed out till 4:00am and found a pattern when they usually bite, 5:15pm to 7pm 11:00pm to 1am 3:30am to 4:00am other times better to chase bream and the odd Jew, big jews start to bite from 11pm and onwards good luck hope this info helps
  3. eastwood1980

    Painful fish revenge

    When I broke up with my girlfriend while fishing felt like the end of the world.
  4. eastwood1980


    Hi guys, just wondering when the run is on for hairtail at the entrance of hawksburry and Pittwater. as I recall I think it was February, not sure. If anyone knows when pm me will keep the secret.
  5. eastwood1980


    Hmmm yum from rydalmere and nice breams. but seriously hope you didn’t eat the fish from there.
  6. eastwood1980

    Kings at Pittwater

    Fished the Pittwater on Monday kings are pretty much everywhere but all rats, hard to get cube pillies down to reach the flatties, first time kings being a pest but I guess fun on light gear. Ended up with only 5 flatties. Try Pittwater really active at the moment.
  7. eastwood1980

    Happy new year fish raider

    Hi guys I don’t post much but happy new year hope your wish comes true today because it’s a bloody awesome day to fish. Get ready to tick those bucket list of yours. Cya out on the water.
  8. eastwood1980

    Hairtail - current status

    Tried twice last week for nothing....
  9. eastwood1980

    Hairtail on big tides?

    They were coming out none stop around 2 to 3 weeks ago but really quiet now, went there Saturday night out of like 15 boats I see like 2 boats catching one eat
  10. eastwood1980

    On the cooks with the master himself

    Great catch
  11. eastwood1980

    Pumping Yabbies

    Can you eat nippers? Like prawns
  12. eastwood1980

    Narrabeen lagoon

    Ya only caught that big fella and that was it lol
  13. eastwood1980

    Narrabeen lagoon

    Muddie was trying to steal the bait from the hook and got himself tangled
  14. eastwood1980

    Narrabeen lagoon

    Went down to narrabeen lagoon last week, was raining hard but decided to have a quick session. Came up with this guy, never seen a muddie this big in narrabeen before. Yum yum
  15. eastwood1980

    Whens Hairtail season

    Guys thank you for your quick reply, been only waiting for 6 years