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  1. Awesome catch and report yowie!
  2. Hi each week I look forward to yowie’s fishing report. Have not seen his reports in awhile. Always exciting to see what he catches, always mix bag of different verities of fish. Would be great to see more of your reports and love reading your reports
  3. Thank you so much I’ll give them a call
  4. Hi guys, Hope everyone's having a great 2020. Just wondering does anyone know where i can get my motor serviced around Eastwood in nsw? I have a 8hp mariner which i haven't used it for around 3month and i wanna get it serviced before i start using it and just wondering how much would it cost roughly?
  5. Thank you so much that info is so helpful I was worried how I was going to take the trailer to the repairs
  6. So to obtain my blue slip etc I can take my trailer there?
  7. Hi guys, Both my trailer and boat isn't registered and i wanted to re-register again. what do i need to do? Also i need a new axel as well its all rusted. with out a number plate am i able to drive it to a trailer repairer? to get it fixed and to get blue slip? won't i get caught my the police? I live in Eastwood NSW does anyone know any good Trailer repairer close by? For the tinny do i just go to the RTA to re-register? Sorry about the million questions i'm just totally lost and don't have a clue where to start or what to do. Thank you for your help guys
  8. I was thinking of trying at narrabeen lake in Sydney
  9. Hi guys just wondering if I can use cabbage in estuary to catch blackfish or does it have to be string weeds? i usually fish them off the rocks with cabbage but wanted to try in estuary
  10. Thanx for the info Noelm
  11. Hi guys, i was wondering can you catch blackfish off the rocks now or are they or are they all in the estuary and the breakwall?
  12. Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone knows the legal size for dart fish in NSW. Couldnt find any info in the dpi website. Thank you in advance.
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