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  1. Any meat in it though, the last couple i have picked up have felt very light and have let them go....interesting to see whether it's full or not. mine were in sydney and water bit cold
  2. If the bungs aren't in and you can get on the plane a lot of the water will come out (haven't done this myself though - but have heard this from a couple of people).
  3. thanks for that guys I will have a look around
  4. Hello all, I am looking to buy a set of waders. I fish in Sydney, all year round, including winter (usually from my tinnie). I have found my myself doing a lot of land-based fishing lately and would like a set of waders to wade into weed beds etc at places like Narrabeen lake. I don't know anything about them other than what I have read on the net and I thought some other fishraiders honest advice would be better, thanks rod
  5. Love using "cobwebs" - makes every fish a good fight.....
  6. Hi blue bottle, out of interest, where do you fish at Lanecove, I drive thru lanecove a bit and always look at the water and see small swirls, and I've always wondered what it holds and whether you can fish in there, I've never seen anyone fishing it?, thanks Rod
  7. Just done my wheel bearings and the old dust covers have had it. The old ones were siliconed onto the wheel hub. I bought a set of bearing protectors with grease nipple. The diameter is way smaller than the old dust covers which I had siliconed to the hub. It appears as though you knock these protectors straight over the bearings. Is this right? It would mean there is an opening between the outside of the hub and the protectors
  8. Unfornately I find this happens all the time.......... I sometimes used to float my nets with clear bottles but worried about someone running over them and getting the rope around the prop. I like to stay nearby now, can't tell you how many times lost nets and crabs
  9. Does anyone know if there are any crabbing restrictions in middle harbour
  10. Mate the middle harbour has plenty of poddies, no need to go to narrabeen from there....shallow bays and boat ramps (hard on busy days) - got heaps of perfect poddies on saturday from a small bay - no flatties but got some squid.
  11. Thanks for that, yeah it is a big improvement, very easy to fish out of....come over and say hello next time
  12. spence

    Leaf Springs

    no worries, thanks for that
  13. spence

    Leaf Springs

    I need to replace my leaf springs before they break in half from corrosion. It is a small trailer for 3 - 4 metre tinnie, I haven't done it before, but had a look and it doesn't look that hard. Has anyone got any suggestions re where to get replacement springs from and whether it is straight forward. thanks spence
  14. Can any body tell me where to get some new springs for my trailer in the Sydney (western suburbs or northern beaches area preferrably) area. It is for a 385 quintrex. I'll probably fit them myself - thanks rod
  15. Baz, the steering wheel and throttle took up too much room on a small tinnie. 3 cables running front to back as well and it was after market, which didn't help - Forever mucking around with it. The tiller is heaps better. rod