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  1. alasdair

    Bait and rigs for whiting off the beach

    Worms are good. I just prefer nippers because you can get them in the area.
  2. alasdair

    Bait and rigs for whiting off the beach

    Pump live nippers from the flats at Sandringham. Small pea sinker running upto a size 6 long shank hook. You don't need to cast far you can catch whiting from between your feet. Hold the rod and feel the bites. The whiting can suck the nipper of the hook and you wouldn't even notice if you weren't holding the rod. Good luck
  3. alasdair

    Stainless cutters and/or long-nosed pliers

    Yes they were brass pliers. Pretty old. Never seen any for sale anywhere new. Apparently they were used for blasting/mining. Just done a quick google search and turns out old beach worming pliers used to be made of brass as well.
  4. alasdair

    Stainless cutters and/or long-nosed pliers

    Try looking for some brass ones, much more corrosion resistant. Sorry can't help much with where to find new ones.I found an old set in the markets at Flemington, but unfortunately, just like stainless steel, they don't float
  5. alasdair

    Hawaii- Waikiki Charters

    PM sent
  6. Sounds good.Willing to lend a hand if I can.
  7. alasdair

    True Penn line capacity or did I do something wrong

    What brand of braid is it? If it is one of the cheaper brands from online auction sites then 0.37 is probably closer to 0.7 Bought some a few years ago and it was much thicker than stated on the spool. alasdair
  8. alasdair

    Melbourne cup

    Got my $5 back from the work sweep when my horse came last.......
  9. alasdair

    Fishing of Brighton Beach

    Nice catch Anthony, fresh whiting and flathead are the best. Was down there last week and got a couple of smaller whiting and heaps of just/almost legal bream that went back. Interesting that you said they were further out, I found exactly the same thing. I normally fish one rod out deep and one really close in and the deep rod out fished the close one by 5:1. Might take a drive down tonight and fish the turn on dusk. Good luck Alasdair
  10. alasdair

    Dolls point for flathead?

    Got the flathead on the left side. Walking and casting up and down the beach. I find the shallow area on the right better for whiting, especially if the current is strong. alasdair
  11. alasdair

    Dolls point for flathead?

    Still a little bit slow at the moment. I picked up, and then proceeded to loose at my feet, 2 50cm ish flathead last week on soft plastics. Tried again on Friday this week for not a touch. Flicked plastics and some hard bodies. Live nippers as well in case the whiting were around. Worth a try for sure. Good luck, let us know how you get on alasdair
  12. alasdair

    Trolling SP's

    Do a google search for "paravane", think it might be what you are after. Good luck alasdair
  13. alasdair

    Dolphins in the bay

    If any raiders are out and about today keep an eye out for a pod of dolphins. Am fishing at Dolls point and about 20 of the just swam past me very close to shore. Ps have caught 2 50cm flathead so the bay is coming back to life for the summer
  14. alasdair

    Zanzibar charter fishing

    Sorry can't recommend a charter there, but going by the amount of big fish we saw when we went diving you shouldn't be disappointed. As Jewhunter says the night markets are the best. Also remember that plastic bags are banned and they may search you when you get off the ferry. If you are going to Uganda try a charter for Nile Perch at Jinja. A bit further south Namibia has some ridiculous fishing along the skeleton coast. Kob are jewfish on steroids. If you want any info on what to expect in any of the countries, not just fishing wise, send me a message, spent 3 months travelling Africa last year. ps . still waiting to get the boat.... Alasdair
  15. alasdair

    Reef Magic - Monday & Tuesday report

    Would like to thank Mike and Dave for all their hard work today. Covered a lot of miles and burnt a lot of fuel for a few albies. Hope you get back into them soon. Cheers Alasdair