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  1. luderick -angler


    All I am going to say it’s killed a lot of anglers and if your not familiar with the ledge watch it closely for 15 mins before fishing it. Slopes southwards can become inundated with water and if yo UFO in it’s hard if not impossible to get out. It’s rough country there. All ropes and chains were removed in an attempt to prevent access due to multiple drownings in the early 2000’s. My advice if you are not experienced on low level cabbage covered ledges is stay away
  2. luderick -angler

    Luderick on the double handed fly rod

    Recently got into fishing with switch rods, the evil two handed version of fly fishing! Well two hands is better than one! The beauty is you can Spey cast or overhead cast. Just gives so much more versatility. So out I went with the new toy last weekend and landed two nice fish off a lower harbour rock shelf. A few fish about but takes were tentative. Still a load of fun.
  3. luderick -angler

    Fly casting lessons/help

    Mate I’m at Rockdale so if your after a few basic lessons happy to meet up with you somewhere.
  4. luderick -angler

    Fishing in Orange NSW

    Drop into the local tackle store there’s local trout streams, Murray cod in nearby rivers and dams there is plenty of fishing out there! Just do some research
  5. luderick -angler

    Balmain Blackfish

    Good to see you back on the board Andrew! No amateur hour comments from anyone either lol! Nice effort mate got a few in the area myself on fly that morning.
  6. luderick -angler

    Fishing at Magic Point

    You bet and I have a copy! Some good blackfish territory in there!
  7. luderick -angler

    Fishing at Magic Point

    It’s the section of rocks between south maroons amd yellow rock it’s called dead mans gulch. Hard to access
  8. luderick -angler

    Fishing at Magic Point

    All I’m going to say is stay away from Yellow Rock. I’ve been home there many a time since the early 90’s. The access ladders are slowly rusting out. It’s getting dodgy but o get down. The place is a death trap it’s killed many anglers. It ain’t worth it. As for Magic Point Depends where abouts your fishing it as to access. I’ve never used ropes at Magic Point some access can be restricted by swell if heading into Dead Mans. Homestly if your Not sure of the area find someone who is to show you.
  9. luderick -angler

    Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    I know that reel...when are you giving it to
  10. luderick -angler

    If only I was in Port Stephens...

    Pellet flies is all I will say lead wire strip on the shank wrapped in chenille! Done! Can be done on a jig head as well
  11. luderick -angler

    Unforgettable Day

    Sweet thanks for that. Roughly where I was headed any way lol!
  12. luderick -angler

    Unforgettable Day

    Nice result. If you don’t mind me asking could you message me the area I’m looking to chase a few landbased on fly in the morning. Cheers
  13. luderick -angler


    As far as I’m know there’s no bass in the Dilly! Yes it’s an eastern watershed but it’s flow is technically impeded by Warragamba Dam. You may find a few trout in the side creeks if you hike downstream or kayak to 500 acre flat. But it’s generally considered a winter trout fishery when they run to spawn
  14. luderick -angler

    Zippo of the stones. ..

    Fished the stones myself this morning threw the surf candies on the 9 weight for a couple big pike. No salmon or kings! Switched to the float amd cabbage amd got my bag of luderick! The old mainstay! 3 of us got our bag each. They are about in numbers
  15. luderick -angler

    Kings at Pittwater

    Oldfella I turn 43 this year and I got taught the art of luderick fishing that way on the rocks. You learnt there was etiquette get in the line work the drift. Don’t come down to a ledge tossing lead over floats (really frowned on). Like you I try to tell younger folk and newcomers the art of luderick fishing on the stones and how to work a drift in line so all get fish! Some won’t listen! Different age and ethics back in the day! Still I try to impart my knowledge of ledges when not to be on them and when to be. It’s unfortunate some people are too arrogant to listen and end up in the drink. As you said the three warnings system made sure you never made that mistake again. Hence why were still here! Oh and by the way I got snuck into the saloon bar underage.....