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  1. Vision Fisu 7/8 outfit sub $400 rod reel and line casts like a higher end outfit
  2. The green weed is scarce at the moment. Try looking around the ocean pools and the lagoons south of Port Hacking. Google maps is your friend. Do your recon, you should find a bit.
  3. There is a Facebook page Stop the Lockout guys, If your not already signed up do so. Macman is right a clear head and reasoned argument in your submission here's a copy of mine I put in the other day feel free to use it and amend it if need be. Get your kids to put a submission in. The proposal has far and wide ramifications beyond just stopping anglers from fishing an area. Write to MP', local councils and DPI minister Niall Blair. Don't use threats or swear. We don't need to give the Greens the ammunition to say we are a pack ofuncouth bogans that don't respect fisheries. This below ismy submission. I disagree with the Marine Park proposal based on the fact that the majority of sites that are proposed particularly Bondi to Coogee. Factors include 1. This will concentrate a majority of anglers to a smaller area resulting in increased pressure and potential conflict between land based anglers and spear fishers. 2. You will be removing access to some of the safer rock ledges forcing anglers to more exposed rock ledges hence causing an increased risk factor to peoples lives, why do this when your department and the government went to all the expense of the Rock Fishing Safety act? 3. The economic impact to charter operators such as Alex Bellisimo, Justin Duggan, no no no and the impact on local and small businesses, including tackle shops up and don the coast, motels and caravan parks that rely on tourist trade during peak holiday periods as a fishing destination. 4. Potential lost revenue to DPI Fisheries as people refuse to pay recreational fees as the no longer want to fish which may lead to a collapse in funding for native breeding programmes and stockings as an example 5. Fishing is a proven therapy in mental illness and PTSD, one which has helped myself over the years and others. The Bondi to Coogee area is an area I frequent as I do not drive and access is good by public transport. This would take away an important resource for my personal well being and potentially for many others. 6. Fisheries are already well managed with reduced bag limits and increased minimum size limits, the cessation of commercial trawlers in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay catchments. The reduction in pollution from ocean outfall sewage, the ending of the kingfish traps. All these factors have led to a healthy fishery. 7. The arrears proposed ar shared by divers and anglers, currently anglers pay a fee to fish, yet dive groups continue to use artificial reefs paid for by anglers without contribution. 8. In 28 years of rock fishing I have not had any conflict with member of the public who is a non angler. What is this supposed conflict between anglers and other users? Are these isolated incidents blown out of proportion by over zealous individuals. 9. I have invested $150 in a Australian standard inflatable PFD specifically to comply with the Rock Fishing Safety Act along with many others who have done the same, what is the point of this purchase when I may not be able to fish my regular ledges. The proposal at best seems over reactionary and biased towards a smaller percentage user group than anglers. Have DPI surveyed the general NSW population as to scuba divers versus anglers, What are the impacts for tourism? I strongly disagree with this proposal and see no reason to change the status of the current state of affairs
  4. All I am going to say it’s killed a lot of anglers and if your not familiar with the ledge watch it closely for 15 mins before fishing it. Slopes southwards can become inundated with water and if yo UFO in it’s hard if not impossible to get out. It’s rough country there. All ropes and chains were removed in an attempt to prevent access due to multiple drownings in the early 2000’s. My advice if you are not experienced on low level cabbage covered ledges is stay away
  5. Recently got into fishing with switch rods, the evil two handed version of fly fishing! Well two hands is better than one! The beauty is you can Spey cast or overhead cast. Just gives so much more versatility. So out I went with the new toy last weekend and landed two nice fish off a lower harbour rock shelf. A few fish about but takes were tentative. Still a load of fun.
  6. Mate I’m at Rockdale so if your after a few basic lessons happy to meet up with you somewhere.
  7. Drop into the local tackle store there’s local trout streams, Murray cod in nearby rivers and dams there is plenty of fishing out there! Just do some research
  8. Good to see you back on the board Andrew! No amateur hour comments from anyone either lol! Nice effort mate got a few in the area myself on fly that morning.
  9. You bet and I have a copy! Some good blackfish territory in there!
  10. It’s the section of rocks between south maroons amd yellow rock it’s called dead mans gulch. Hard to access
  11. All I’m going to say is stay away from Yellow Rock. I’ve been home there many a time since the early 90’s. The access ladders are slowly rusting out. It’s getting dodgy but o get down. The place is a death trap it’s killed many anglers. It ain’t worth it. As for Magic Point Depends where abouts your fishing it as to access. I’ve never used ropes at Magic Point some access can be restricted by swell if heading into Dead Mans. Homestly if your Not sure of the area find someone who is to show you.
  12. I know that reel...when are you giving it to
  13. Pellet flies is all I will say lead wire strip on the shank wrapped in chenille! Done! Can be done on a jig head as well
  14. Sweet thanks for that. Roughly where I was headed any way lol!
  15. Nice result. If you don’t mind me asking could you message me the area I’m looking to chase a few landbased on fly in the morning. Cheers