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  1. dunc333

    Koof Boat Trailers?

    i have word about the koofs ,alot are made in china and shipped to aus ready to sell
  2. dunc333

    mercury 6hp tilt ?

    we have 5hp 4stroke merc on a sailing boat .pain in the arse ,we need to put in foward gear to to move and then hard to lock in the up postion .i just jiggle everthing and she locks up in the up postion while im hanging over the back doing 10 knots or more so much fun not lol
  3. dunc333

    GME GX750 Marine Radio Problems

    no I dont think marine rescure will hear you at parramatta but worth a try
  4. dunc333

    First boat info

    sounds like a good deal to me. post some pics once she is in your name sean and welcome
  5. dunc333

    2001 Mercury 4 stroke 115hp fuel pump cutting out

    good to hear now go catch some mackeral
  6. dunc333

    Koof Boat Trailers?

    yes lighter ,no rust ,but more expensive of course (they may oxidise over time ) but 10 times slower than gaL I WOULD THINK
  7. dunc333

    Maiden voyage

    the most important thing about trailer boats is bungs and have fun good luck guys and have fun
  8. dunc333

    Boat Checked at the Ramp

    i can say in sydney harbour 9 out 10 times the bso"s are fantastic and since they have there ipads they can see when last checked and dont go through all the gear ,they just ask to show them a couple of random things that roll of there tongue.i just wish the police and rms computers could talk to each other because some days we get double checked which is a pain .,when comp fishing. and i now have been drug tested twice in 2 months on the harbour by the boys in blue and they told me the swipers are $30 each again the cops were fair and friendly .cheers dunc333
  9. dunc333

    2 cylinders not firing up

    i have a comp tester you can borrow i am at chiswick ,if after swapping leads fails
  10. dunc333

    2 cylinders not firing up

    as jeff said basics first do a comp test and post results ,otherwise you might be chucking good cash at a motor thats not worth fixing
  11. dunc333

    big complicance day in nsw sat 19/01/18

    I just got the standard maritime check ,there lap top had me checked in december , so he went easy on me,I saw plenty of water police out there but they all missed me
  12. dunc333

    2001 Mercury 4 stroke 115hp fuel pump cutting out

    tell me if im wrong looking at my book tan with light blue goes to ecm ,purple goes to key switch .check both sides with a test light for power when keys is turned to first position .run aligator clip on test light straight to battery negitive terminal then check the two wires process of illimination .1 you have confirmed horn is good so now you have to find the culprit wire
  13. dunc333

    2001 Mercury 4 stroke 115hp fuel pump cutting out

    no it should sound regardless if you have a temp gauge or not.have you tried pulling plugs on ecm inspect all pins clean and spray with inox, wd. and try again.have you checked the earth to the buzzer,
  14. dunc333

    455 escape/455 coast runner

    the yammy and merc 2002 2003 are pretty well the same in those models they share the same 1000cc block withmost parts interchangable cheers dunc 333
  15. hi peoples big blitz on nsw boaters today ,maritime checking all safety gear and top of their list is pfd"s inspections. water police are outdoing drug and alcohol tests so make sure all your gear is up to date. cheers and stay safe out there dunc333