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  1. dunc333

    Broken bay....Where do open waters start.

    hi guys i would first like to say 95% of bso's i meet are great blokes and have a job to do and do it well .from closed water to open off memory to the 2 nm mark a builge pump, v sheet ,pdf 1 27meg or vhf must be carried over 2nm + epirb .mate what we say in our fishing club is if you go out of the river, estuary just get the lot (open water safety requiments) as you will really regret it if out there and in trouble one day regards dunc333
  2. dunc333

    Working out tide times in open water

    to easy weather zone as well ,seabreeze aswell
  3. dunc333

    Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro

    i tyre kicked the 7" $699 this year with trani at show ,for the price they have chirp down scan etc ,i did not buy but for $ value they look good .for what you pay for
  4. dunc333

    Tohatsu Motors (50hp 4 stroke to be specific)

    thanks noelm for the correction, any way same motors sold in aus and usa and usa has just a few more people than aus so hope we can get a review from there sites as it is like chalk and cheese as how many they sell there to here in aus regards dunc333
  5. dunc333

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    i looked up some raymarine products and not enough difference to take the risk at 68 cents exchange rate .some items were actually cheaper herecheers dunc333
  6. dunc333

    Tohatsu Motors (50hp 4 stroke to be specific)

    tohatsu is a brand name they are actually nissan like the cars which what they are called in the states google some of the yank sites for info on them .as i say all new outboards are all pretty good these days rigging and setup .propping fuel system etc are the things the make longativity of a outboard cheersdunc 333
  7. dunc333

    Electrical problem

    brand of radio as raging said please to help vy keyboard
  8. dunc333

    Electrical problem

    it should be good on the 12v circut you have its just a trial of ilimitaiton to you find the fault
  9. dunc333

    Electrical problem

    yes i understand do you have a multimeter
  10. dunc333

    Electrical problem

    mate thats fu k g weird . is the radio coming off the bus .to me sounds like a radio issue if everything working or your battery switch set up is crossed (setup wrong) check you are getting 12 volt at radio not 24 v with multi meter.if your game sometimes try putting neg radio wire to pos and pos to neg bus worst it will do is blow fuse ,sometimes with led lights i find this the case cheers dunc333
  11. dunc333

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    half price worth a look but is it worth the risk ,you got me thinking though
  12. dunc333

    sydney boat show

    i went yesterday and enjoyed it my highlight were the ploters/sounders playing with the new models .i learn"t a thing or two at the fishing masterclasses which can only improve my catch rate and tyre kicked some great boats ,if lotto salutes its a new surtees for me. cheers dunc333
  13. dunc333

    sydney boat show

    thanks for the report Antony ,yes i was thinking of the show at work today , and if anyone else is going check out the fishing master classes as you can pick up some good tips off the pros regards dunc333
  14. dunc333

    sydney boat show

    hi ladys and gents just wondering if anyone going to sibs this weekend and would like to catch up or just write a review of what you liked or disliked about the show ,i will be there on sunday and hanging out at the fishing masterclasses around 11am cheers dunc333
  15. dunc333

    Keys misplaced

    i leave mine in boat but have a hidden battery switch,as said pretty hard to drive off with no water under it but have trailer fully locked loaded gps etc cheers dunc 333