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  1. dunc333

    Another boat

    I can see you enjoying that Jon and having some dry trips .I hope you wont try and get it close to the rocks as you did with the zodiac but im sure you will lol congratulations
  2. in drummoyne we have never had a tap at the boat ramp ever .wish we did .if in sydney look up the water restriction rules all boats can be flushed and trailers can be cleaned if been in salt water cheers dunc333
  3. yes what i have and thoughjt ok but pro guides saying 4ib braid and 8lb fluro leader ,they reckon you will increase catch rate by double so thats why i asked the raiders. but i am going to give it a go this weekend and report back
  4. the swap is good as [posted above)2.have you checked fluid level in tilt and trim is there any leaks.they do have a manual screw on most you can realease and manually move it cheers dunc333 .yes i understand redheads could solve the problem for sure👹🔨😻
  5. how light do you go. rod .reel. line. leader.in 10 meters of water cheers dunc333
  6. the front (fore) looks like the classic halvo lines in timber .the rear (aft) looks fglass in the future ,can someone please focus in closer for the name on pillar please ,will watch in interest to cheers dunc333
  7. awsome guys the smile says a 1000 words
  8. dunc333

    caring for boats

    hi guys i do have 2 x3000 litre tanks inground and 1 x 1000 litre rain water tank above ground with a mains 240v pump which gives great pressure ,i wash car and boat on the 1000l tank with no pump just gravity fed to gerni which uses under 4 litres per minute and i still have 500l easy since last big rain .so what im saying if you have room its worth the outlay in the long run . i wish i could send my tank water your way jon if i could i would ,the rain will come soon mate cheers dunc 333
  9. dunc333

    caring for boats

    Jon lives in Narooma so he is not under sydney water restrictions .he is under i would guess eurobodalla shire water .which guessing again has its own restrictions
  10. good to hear from Narooma Jon .im glad all is good and getting back on track .i did hear from a lady deckie from a fishing charter boat from Narooma on the abc radio a few days ago .wondering if it was your daughter .hats go off to your town ,keeping that aussie spirit alive .cheers dunc333
  11. nice video Zoran ,great set up lov it . as I say you dont need a gin palace to enjoy life on the water
  12. mate it should not happen regardless air tight is air tight .contact tournament as you dont want to be a statistic
  13. i like it what ever it is what sought of engine does it have in it ,can help in the puzzle
  14. nice boat mate.,,, does it have full time auto pilot fitted😝 or is the steering wheel missing 😎