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  1. dunc333

    Tough Day Out

    mate the dual swell was forecast on 2smhitide radio at 4 15am on sunday morning which makes life in a goat very unfriendly once you leave the heads . I hopeyou get out there next week cheers dunc333
  2. dunc333

    MEDIA ALERT - Jetskis Georges River

    dear foxbite ,if the trouble makers had a pwc licence they should know the rules mate,thats part of obtaining your licence is it not.
  3. dunc333

    It Comes in Threes, Right?

    hi mate you said battery flat then good ,sounds weird.when that happens with a ecm run motor regardless of brand motor it is bad for ecm (computer module) when good amp flow to ecm is intermittent .i hope you get out there soon .and find the problem regards dunc333
  4. dunc333

    Intresting setup.

    ok sorry about that fab1 ,i wish it was me going round aus
  5. dunc333

    Intresting setup.

    awsome fab1 great setup .have a great trip ,i hope you can post a few vids on the way for the raiders.
  6. dunc333

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    i just got word today that america is now producing e15 .I hope it doesnt happen here as e10 is rubbish for most marine engines
  7. dunc333

    Solas prop

    it will perform better than the alloy prop you have and if you had prop slip it sounds like your prop hub was stuffed.
  8. dunc333

    trailer plug maintenance

    batery terminal spray is good to. the (blue stuff)
  9. dunc333

    First Big Red

    that smile is worrth a million bucks well done
  10. dunc333

    Trailer repair

    nice clean 10 out 0f 10 job mate well done
  11. dunc333

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    hi gone fishing ,yes you are right. the best thing i can recommened is read your outboard workshop manual or operation manual as every outboard is differrent and manufactures will recommened what is best for that engine you have and go from there easy as that
  12. yalta 16foot,mercury 60hp efi 4stroke bigfoot 2006 .I bought it as a sunken engine and rebuilt from crankshaft up .huey did ok of parts i had to buy and he sold me the manual (hard copy) for $40 best investment i ever made that one.i finished rebuild 2008 and i service once a year and touch wood it hasnt missed a beat since .great on fuel,quiet and can push hard with the big gearbox when needed . fuel i use is 95 ron ,as all 91 around here has 10% ethonal which you do not put in a outboard if you want trouble free motoring.the merc is like part of my family as i know every nut and bolt on it and i learnt a lot from the rebuild.my personal opinion is all new engines are good quality if setup right from the start ie rigging. fuel system ,propping, and most of all a bit of tlc goes along way with a saltwater dipped outboard.regards dunc333.sorry mrs swordie i dont know how to cut and paste maybe in my next life lol.
  13. dunc333

    Which Downrigger?

  14. hi Mike samsung galaxy core prime
  15. hi mike downloaded on my phone andriod samsung 4 years old it says its all installed .but when i click on icon to open it says still loading .and dont worry it will be much quicker next time.thats as far as it willtake me .i have uninstalled and restalled tono result is my phone to old? regards dunc333