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  1. mate good motor could have been done i got one myself about $1000 tops
  2. dunc333

    Sunday on the Harbour

    was out to yesterday morning you would of come past us at cabarita we were drifting between marina and abbotsford rowing club ,red boat nice to know there were raiders out yesterday to .such a a great winters sunday out there. we caught 13 flatties ,2 tailor all on white bait ,pilies and prawns ,the fish did not like the plastics yesterday at all .and not much run in between high and low tide though cheers dunc333
  3. dunc333

    No electrics with engine running

    after looking at those pics i would first of all fix the positive run to bus bar as its touching the negitive bar .,it might be insulated but that is a prob right there ,time to fix that mess up
  4. good mate hope you got your parts let us know if shes running well cheers dunc333
  5. dunc333

    New Around These Parts

    good project mate if transom ok hang a running donk and go enjoy and pimp it as much as you like, please show us pics on the way and we are all here to help and welcome dunc 333
  6. dunc333

    Battery help

    yes get batteries( both as one bad one will kill the good one pretty quickly when run on batt 2 battery setting) load tested at your local trusted battery or auto electrian place .then if they test up alright then go to next stage which in my opinion would be to take alook at the batterty switch itself ,if good its in your wiring ,please keep us all updated as the more help the better cheers dunc333
  7. dunc333

    brp G 2 new range

    hi guys and girls brp has just put some new engines on the market ,following there big g2s they now have made some g2 115 and 150's 3 cylinder with rotax valve .on the 150s and should be available to purchase later this year and will be on show at the sydney boat show in august cheers dunc333
  8. hi Rev thanks for the reply i think merc have a factory in china now but to what hp they make to i dont know .my engine is a half yammi half merc. parts made everywhere and put togeather in mexico and badged merc lol 2004 great engine .if you can hold off through winter im sure you can do a good repower deal at the syd boat show whatever engine you choose .remember rigging ,fuel system ,prop .dealer ,makes a great long lasting engine cheers dunc333
  9. all brands are pretty good these days the main things to look for is price and trusting dealer and make sure new motor is rigged and propped correctly and your fuel tank and lines are up to spec .the 4 stroke will use a lot less fuel .check out the merc 40 efi as well in your list if reliability your after cheers dunc333
  10. dunc333

    Boating drowning deaths: 10 year analysis

    yes fat b you are a 100% correct ,ban everything ,its fast becoming the nimbi state of the world .nsw. please check the rock fishing drownings people .the deaths are 80% non english speaking aussies .so much has been done to try and help the % .of our new countrymen but still the message does not get through .
  11. simple as i think someone has said above .buy big boat manufactures like telwater in different countries so they can hang there own product on them. simple maths cheers dunc333
  12. dunc333

    Outboard servicing

    some computer controlled engines do need dealer software or cables and laptops to see faults like, running time ,overheats oil pressure etc .these are the newer motors around since 2004 .but do have great electronic gauges as well .i treat my outboard better than myself {family) oil changes ,waterpumps etc on time every time and my outboard keeps me on the water and i know she will get me home .so answer is yes.I would add if you want to service your own engine ,1st buy the real brand service manual in paperback form as the around $40 spent will save you $100s and give you the knowledge if you are half handy with tools cheers dunc333
  13. dunc333

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    love the report gordo .30 years ago we use to fish the bundy rum cup with the locals .and when the lure fails, we would put a bush worm with a cigarerte foil as a float and it used to work a treat ,wish i was fishing the jindy again ,memories cheers dunc333
  14. dunc333

    Thursday fishing from Sydney

    yes working with cranes today i saw seabreeze predict a drop at lunch and a direction change ,i thought they would be wrong but seabreeze was 100% correct today .looks like a great day out there
  15. dunc333

    The Mystery of the dropping Mercury Trim!

    only thing i can think of is dodgey down relay ,maybe swap with the up relay to see if any difference