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  1. hi mike downloaded on my phone andriod samsung 4 years old it says its all installed .but when i click on icon to open it says still loading .and dont worry it will be much quicker next time.thats as far as it willtake me .i have uninstalled and restalled tono result is my phone to old? regards dunc333
  2. dunc333

    deep cycle battery

    i saw a deep cycle battery off memory 180ah for $99 at a german grocery store in the catalogue yesterday due out sat week might be worth a look
  3. dunc333

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    hi Mike i got my shirt yesterday (thursday) great quality ,well done mate .thankyou ,I will wear it with pride regards dunc333
  4. dunc333

    Replacement seats

    the big boat stores that start with w have some great seats $300 top of the range per seat or reapohlster
  5. dunc333


    what party is justin from berleyguts .dont tell me lol the no science make it up as you go along party .green.right. please dont get me wrong i am all for conservation .if there is science to back it up ,but when these so called scientists talk they get my back up .fishing was 17th on the hazards list .water pollution (enviromental run off was # 1 on the hazards list .so if you had any brains you would spend the money on rubbish traps ,better drain grates etc etc and listen to there own findings but noo .they said lets just ban line fishing in these areas .which funny enough where areas the dpi asked where we liked to fish the most and then they use this info to try and lock us out of those exact areas fu---ing unbelievable.
  6. dunc333


    First of all I would like to thank the minister nyall Blair ,who has had emence pressure put on him over these proposals and I knew he loves fishing with his son and he had to cop a lot of sh t from the fishos even know he was in it with us but his own party was not .its great to see a poli with conviction ,very sensible decison ....mark my words after the election in 6 months they will be back (greens)big time please if you can attend the rally next week on thurs 27th at hyde park north 1230pm .lets show them we dont forget regards dunc333
  7. dunc333

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    cheers Mike cant wait to see them regards dunc
  8. dunc333

    Lock out

    i heard today the premier is starting to get wobberly at the knees as she didnt realize she woke the sleeping giant of fishers and will back down very soon from the marine park proposal.
  9. dunc333

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    how the shirts going Mike .still on target for mid september delivery regards dunc333
  10. dunc333

    Garmin fishfinder running off a small battery

    mate should not alter perfomance .is your transducer corectly setup
  11. dunc333

    New Boat

    good to see you made a decsion as i said a while ago all new outboards (all makes) have there pros and cons and if rigged correctly and propped right all makes will give you trouble free motoring.rigging is paramount on any new engine purchase regards dunc 333
  12. dunc333

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    does it have wires underneath looks a bit like a baynet fitting for a pole stern light nooo ,i think it is for removable rod holders if on each side of boat and they have lost them.also looks like fittings need removal and a duralac aplication applied between the boat and fitting.
  13. dunc333

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    shirt ordered cheers mike . my 2 cents worth quickdry board shorts regards dunc333
  14. dunc333

    2018 Boat Show

    working all weekend so monday for me, hopefully laid back and less crowd
  15. dunc333

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    all new outboards 4strokes, di 2strokes, are all good engines theses days .the most important thing with all outboards is they are rigged right and etecs, 4strokes, has correct rigging ,ie fuel spec, engine height and propped right you will have A GREAT BOAT . THAT HITS optium rpm .IE rigging dealer has to know there product.cheers dunc333