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  1. great vid mate we fished the harbour on sunday to ,not a bad day as the weatherman said rain and wind. and it was so plesent out there and the boat ramp at drummoyne was soo quiet for once .we bagged 7 flatties all around 40cm a few flounders and a nice 1.2kg jacket .not much surface action happening cheers dunc 333
  2. dunc333

    Boat Overhang

    my advice would be get a new trailer dan cheers dunc333
  3. now thats better than playing computer games hand down.
  4. ok good ,then do waterpump thermo and if still blocked you have to pull off the head and clean the water galleries
  5. mate they have a really small telltale pipe .get abit of wippersnipper wire and poke it up telltale while running the engine on the muffs should clear the diameter is so small a few salt granuals can block it. cheers dunc333
  6. good on you mate lovin your reports keep them coming cheers dunc333
  7. dunc333

    Stiff Steering

    if replacing, to make it a quick removal we cut it in a few places. just be careful not to cut any other wires in the process cheers dunc333
  8. inner west i heard i again issuing trailer parking permits if your a rate payer they did stop it a few years ago
  9. moon in the day lately mmm nooo fish
  10. well done pickles interesting on the chicken .going back 20 years agowe used to swear by the old kfc pieces lol
  11. Ilike that very much Zoran so true those words cheers dunc333
  12. sorry to hear mate .im guessing a water gallery has comprimised the block in the head .dont throw out yet remove head and see what you can see if not worth fixing look at parting it out .ie trim and tilt worth $300 to $500. (leg)gear box $500 ,fly wheel $50 elecs $100 or fleabay the whole motor if not mechanically minded cheers dunc333
  13. put a good coating of marine grease on all the spindals to prelong spindal life
  14. dunc333

    new toy

    nice frank ,yes 100% the same company though i think different factories though my mate has a 18 footer dehavilland still. just repowered with a suzuki 70 4stroke (max for hull rating}and going strong and funny enough his factory where the boat is kept is just across the road from bankstown airport. cheers dunc333
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