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  1. frank your up there with the stebers mate true craftmanship
  2. yes i have seen the outboard motor b's site and its pretty well put togeather .i feel sorry for anyone that gets sucked in ,but as they say if its to good to be true it usually is
  3. hi riverman we use one to slow down the drift when fishing for flathead .i use around 10m of rope, and it works well it definitly knocks off a few knots ,my only tip is i put a cover (small bag) over my key switch so it reminds me i have it out as i have driven off a few lets say lots of times when it is still deployed cheers hope this helps dunc333h
  4. we booked a trip to shoalhaven heads in febuary from the 8th of november for a week and a half and fingers crossed i think we are going to make it and the banks here we come cheers dunc333
  5. hi ash before you get ripped off any more what is the issue .can you describe issue to us . we are all here to help people like you no to get ripped off cheers dunc 333
  6. stonker pickles well done did you weigh it cheers dunc333
  7. hi guys and ladys im looking for another project engine to work on 40hp to 150hp of any condition .so if anyone has something out there pm me cheers dunc333
  8. cant wait to visit the south coast Jon 6 weeks i hope
  9. frank I know your retired i would luv to order one if your up for it just pm me the price if your keen i just luv the quality mate
  10. a fuse is useless. if it is not the weakest link in the system and i'm no sicenctist.
  11. dunc333

    New motor

    fitted with everything $15000 to $18000 depending on what brand,prop, and gauges you choose. what is the 75hp you have now may i ask cheers dunc333
  12. nice job and good covid project cheers dunc333
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