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  1. yes a shame Jon but life will go .omc.johnson ,just cant believe they did it (bain capitol) brp owners just accountants not boaters.throwing away a 100 years of history and loyal dealers and owners to fix there $ problem cheers dunc333
  2. good to see the hairtail never fail with you guys as always chjeers dunc333
  3. dunc333


    i think the etecs were under rated .alot of problems were caused by lack of know how in the rigging and fuel system setups by dealers that were not up to speed with these hi tec engines.all new outboard brands are good these days and all brands have lemons ,I wonder if brp will sell the etec knowledge to another manufactuer ,and the ghost project ,i have seen some pics and they look like a inboard pod system maybe electical propulsion time will tell .i have a merc 4 stroke and its fine for what i do .the etec does get out of the blocks mighty faster than any other outboard ive driven cheers dunc333
  4. i say your friends Jon are living the dream if your catching crays for them ,i hope the beer economy works down there cheers dunc333
  5. 👍 good to hear .that camera is awsome ,cant wait for more pics ,did you get any crays Jon regards dunc333
  6. just to add the original tank was stainless made of low grade 316 from china .
  7. well galvonic corrosion it is .anyway the shape of tank to fit the miliumum we had to either order a new one from telwater or get a custom made .custom made was $400 cheaper so thats how it was repaired cheers dunc333
  8. hi guys we had a underfloor original tank go in a quintrex 2003 model ali last year always trailered. .fuel in bilge ,water in fuel etc .when we got tank out we put compressed air in it and it declared un fixable leaking like a sive just tiny rusted pinholes everywhere .owner did use e10 but electrolisis more likely the culprit we think as no duralac used with screws and brackets in factory fitout of tank and bouancy foam hard up against tank holding moisture .so if you have a old quinee check your tank out cheers dunc333
  9. good stuff let us know how you go lastworm and enjoy
  10. last worm if you put in at dobroyd aquatic club and paddle across you will be at half moon bay not hen and chicken which is at abbotsford.half moon bay is not a bad spot with plenty of big bream and flatties even kingies get around there in meter deep water rounding up bait fish,cheers dunc333
  11. today easter monday drummoyne boat ramp full at 620am anyway i hope they get some fish
  12. some in our fishing club are still on 27meg i have vhf as well and also insatalled a alpine car radio hope that makes more sense dmk
  13. not as many at drummoyne today but still alot .I have not been out i put a new 27meg .car radio.new trailer lights .and new lowrance sounder in a mates boat in my yard inn the last 2 days cheers dunc333
  14. dunc333

    More problems

    f 2stroke i gather next check . spark, fuel ,compression and report back cheers dunc333
  15. mate thanks for a the update and a great catch to boot cheers dunc333