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  1. silverfish

    Site Problems

    Boofhead..... those words are not strong ennough
  2. silverfish

    Golden Perch (yellow Belly)

    I got the two smallest
  3. silverfish

    Golden Perch (yellow Belly)

    7 fish from yesteryear Dressed 75lb. Caught between Dubbo and Naromine (Macquarie River) just before a big thunder storm, the storm pushed us into open country away from trees to sit it out in the vehicles until it was over. all caught on lures Shakespeare's Big S". Black or grey colors, and they still catch fish to this day Silverfish
  4. silverfish

    Moon Island Entrance To Swansea Channel

    Hi PeterS' Moon Island is the entrance to the Swansea channel and Lake Macquarie. South of Newcastle
  5. silverfish

    Moon Island Entrance To Swansea Channel

    Here is a second attempt at posting the pictures. It shows the good and the ugly conditions at moon island.
  6. silverfish

    Moon Island Entrance To Swansea Channel

    Sorry Everyone, There where three photos to this group, Fishraiders got one. A undertaker in Pakistan got one(very impresssed he was, he said I wish I was there)The other...... well we will see.
  7. The good and the not so good
  8. silverfish

    Sea Eagles In The Grand Final

    Haven't watched a footy game for quite some time, is Grahame Eddy still playing full back. I hope Bob Fulton is not still flapping his legs about like a demented duck trying to milk a penalty. Go Melbourne
  9. silverfish

    Polaroid Sunnies

    And if you wear glasses You can get slip-overs in Polaroids, if you wear prescriptions glasses, I have used a pair for the last three years top stuff. But go to a optometrist, will cost about $50.00, cheap is not always the best. Silverfish
  10. silverfish

    Jewfish - Cop The Size Of This Lot !

    Count me in, Away over my head, never caught a jew in my life. Caught most other things they give needles for.
  11. silverfish

    Jewfish - Cop The Size Of This Lot !

    Out side the North Bourke pub, caught on a boiled egg.
  12. silverfish

    Dead Battery

    Hi, Dan A, I have a small solar panel I put on my boat while it is parked at home and keeps the battery charged up all the time. I brought mine at Jay Car Electronics for about $130.00 threes years ago. There would be other Raiders who would know more about solar panels it than I. Marine battery is the way to go(ask someone in the know as there are pitfalls if you buy the wrong one. Silverfish
  13. silverfish

    Crowdy Head

    Hi All, A big thanks for the info on Crowdy Head it will certainly make things a lot easier than just arriving there and standing around scratching ones head wondering what to do next. I think the key is plan ahead and avoid the hassles. Rgds Silverfish.
  14. silverfish

    A Welcome To A New Member Who Joined Us Today

    Welcome Water rat, Looking forward to your input, any thing that makes boating and fishing safe has to be a good thing. And should be a befit to all. Flat foot or flipper foot? Rgds Silverfish
  15. silverfish

    Swansea /blacksmiths Boat Ramps

    LOCATION:Swansea /Blacksmiths boat ramps Swansea: Western side of bridge Cnr Wallarah & Channel St's. 1x3 1x2 Ramps 60 mtrs apart 1x3 Flat area/good access/plenty of parking/ sandy beach next to ramp for 6 to 8 boats makes for easy launch and retrieve/ BBQ/ toilets/grassed area and shade trees. Caravan park and camping area 100 mtrs. 1x2 Flat good access/ parking/ cleaning table. Advantage: Easy access to Lake Macquarie. Disadvantage: Larger boats with rockets launchers or high tops, going to sea may have to order a bridge opening.(on the hour only) Blacksmiths Ramp: 1.2ks north of bridge Pacific Hwy eastern side. 1x2+ Good access/ big parking area/ boat washing bay/cleaning table/ toilets. A very busy ramp as this is the closet ramp to the Swansea bar. Caravan park and camping area around the corner. PARKING/FACILITIES: Swansea: Fuel/bait/ice/Supermarket etc. Blacksmiths: Bait/ice/boat shop/takeaway food etc. Marks Point: Bait/ice/Tackle shop and boat repairs 2ks north Pacific Hwy(opens early)