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  1. went out early around the heads. not much happening. couple of hits on cali squid on the downrigger, but did not hook up. nothing around Clifton gardens, but the birds were working there. would not take metal slices or rapalas bit windy and the water is still a bit cold - 18.5 deg today hoping for better results in a couple of weeks
  2. got some today. will try thu/fri
  3. hi raiders. trying to get some frozen cali squid, preferably on northern beaches area. any idea who stocks it ? cheers
  4. problem solved. 30 yr old son (who is a plumber) and much stronger than me, called around. no heat needed. just a big hit with his big persuader (on a block of wood) cracked the seal with 1 hit each side. bearings now done. cheers
  5. done the bearings several times before. due to the shape of the alloys, i cant get the bbuddies out as they are nearly flush with the outside of the rimthe
  6. thanks. i hv bearing buddies fitted so i cant get the pin out of the castellated nut. i suppose i coule cit the pin ?? cheers
  7. Gday. I hv a problem. Doing some trailer maintenance before going away in Jan. I have alloy rims on steel hubs. I am replacing the bearings. I cant get the rims to separate from the hubs - they are frozen on. The nuts came off fine. No amount of gentle persuasion will budge them. I dont want to really get the big persuader out (sledge hammer) as that wud probably crack the rims. Any ideas ?? Cheers
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