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  1. mpreston55

    Minnamurra Blackies

    There is a ramp right next to the road bridge. Turn off the road head towards the rail bridge. It's a good ramp as long as your boat is not too big.
  2. mpreston55

    My "ozzie angling adventures" - Report 24

    Happens all the time. My wife usually outfishes me - no matter what species we are targeting. Doesn't matter if we are using bait or lures either.
  3. mpreston55

    Lake flatties

    Nice way to spend the afternoon. With your young bloke AND catching fish.
  4. mpreston55

    Easy access fishing in Eden

    Very easy access to the two jetties at the fishing co-op just South of town. Fishing is pretty good there too at times. Great place if you want to catch yellowtail or slimies for bait.
  5. mpreston55

    Green Weed for Black Fish

    Both of those methods work well. Have used them both. Just spreading it out on a milk crate and keeping it in a cool place works well at this time of year. Don't roll it in newspaper and put it in your everyday fridge as it does tend to send an odour right through the fridge. OK if you have a fridge that you don't store food in. You are a very lucky person to have found a good supply of weed. Not much around down here in the Illawarra at the moment.
  6. mpreston55

    Beach based Flathead, Eastern Suburbs

    That is a great catch of flathead especially off a suburban beach.
  7. mpreston55

    Quick windang flick

    Went over yesterday to have a look. Quite a few fishing near the bridge both on shore and in boats. Tide running out very quickly but nearly everyone picked up a few good flatties between 40 to 60 cm. most on pilchards.
  8. mpreston55

    Late report botany

    Hope the fishing is better over in Honolulu. Have a good time.
  9. mpreston55

    Ulladulla Harbour

    Did you catch that in the actual harbour itself? Good looking trevally. Well done. Great part of the world down there.
  10. mpreston55

    Australia V New Zealand

    Yeah it was a pretty good game to watch. Not as intense as the Grand Final a few weeks ago but still good to watch. Matt Scott should have been the nam of the match - he was outstanding as was eastwood for the Kiwis.
  11. mpreston55

    50cm BLACKFISH!

    Fish of a lifetime Cobba. BUT there is always tomorrow and plenty of blackfish left in the sea.
  12. mpreston55

    Callala bay please help needed

    Great place to fish. take the kayak around to Myola (not far away) and fish the river. Some very good flathead in there. One thing to be careful of are the marine sanctuary zones all over the area. Lots of maps around the place to show you where you can fish.
  13. mpreston55

    strongest fish

    Have to agree with a few people on here that pound for pound the humble mullet is hard to beat. Caught one in a canoe that weighed just under 2kg and it dragged me all over the place (with 2 people in the boat). A 1 kilo luderick would also drag a 1 kilo trout backwards without trouble.
  14. mpreston55

    Fishing in Windang

    Well done fellas. It is easy to get hooked on fishing. There are plenty of luderick in this area and just west of the bridge near the bowling club. Have a look through the forum pages and get some tips on fishing for blackfish. Get out and give it a go. The hardest part is actually finding the weed to catch them on. They are great fun to catch and taste pretty good also if prepared properly. Good luck.
  15. mpreston55

    First Sambo

    Great catch. Salmon fight as well as most fish do and one that size should have been a lot of fun. Many people say "but its only a salmon - they're no good to eat". Salmon just over a kilo are good to eat if you bleed them straight away and eat them fresh. Fillet them, skin them and cut out all of the red meat from along the centre line. Fry them in butter and eat - much better than a lot of people say.