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  1. Jamie_S

    Little Bay surface fish

    I'd be pretty confident they are striped tuna, there has been quite a few in close lately feeding on the tiny baitfish
  2. Jamie_S

    Bug/parasite (Doctor/Isopoda)

    It's commonly called a "doctor" Google it and you will find lots of information and pictures. Basically it replaces the fishes tongue. Horrible parasites
  3. Jamie_S

    Lake Illawarra Dusk Session

    I grew up fishing all my life, we ate pretty much everything we caught. Back in the day this would have been straight in the esky. Its nice to know the reality of how old and slow growing some fish are, makes you appreciate catching them more.
  4. Jamie_S

    Lake Illawarra Dusk Session

    I know what you mean there, the flattie looks tiny and undersized
  5. I had a quick 10 minute session on Lake Illawarra tonight. The picture doesn't do the bream justice, it was a solid fish. The flattie stayed around for lunch tomorrow, but the bream went back. Its just too good of a fish to keep considering its about 16 years old
  6. Jamie_S

    Arvo Flatties

    These were from the boat, but I quite often hit it shore based. I rarely fish the drop off as there are just too many boats Most of my fish come from less than 1m deep, so easily accessed from the shore
  7. Jamie_S

    Arvo Flatties

    I have been chasing a few flatties of an arvo lately in Lake Illawarra, been getting a few each day in an hour session. Been using a mixture of hard bodies and soft plastics, but the plastics are doing better lately. Most fish are between 38-50cm, but a few bigger ones show up every now and then The bigger one today in the attached picture put up an awesome fight, much better than they normally do for its size (just under 50) Sure beats sitting around watching TV
  8. Jamie_S


    Protected from rec fishers, but the pros can still bag them They sure do put up a good fight with their body mass
  9. Yep, agree with the comment above. I filleted and skinned one, tough and tasteless
  10. Jamie_S

    Flounder or Sole

    That's a flounder, they have defined tails where Sole do not
  11. Jamie_S

    A few snapper

    The storms have ruined plenty of habitat in shallow, but remember the cuttles die off around this time each year after spawning. Hopefully there's a new dive buddy for you next time you dive there!
  12. Jamie_S

    Wollongong Winter Pearly

    But of a late report, but got this fella a few weeks back fishing for snapper off Wollongong in 50m of water. Must have been hungry as it ate both baits on the paternoster I have to say, it's one of the better tasting fish I have eaten
  13. Jamie_S

    whats this fish ?(blue throat wrasse)

    Id rather be a Blue Throat released here, than a Barra freezing in a Sydney Harbour winter. There is no way they swam this far south!
  14. Jamie_S

    whats this fish ?(blue throat wrasse)

    Yeah I remember that too Blackfish Questionable how they got there, whether they swam up from the south or got released into the harbour who knows. Either way a great catch for this far north
  15. Jamie_S

    whats this fish ?(blue throat wrasse)

    I'd call that one as a female Blue Throat Wrasse