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  1. Sorry Ron.c but just too much wastage to justify ending their days when there are many more preferable species to be had , but like I said each to their own . Cheers , Bruce
  2. I've never been that poor , but each to their own I guess . I find it amusing that these days a lot of the fish that I was told were rubbish as a kid are now finding their way onto dinner plates . Cheers ,Bruce .
  3. I iike to see people do things well for the fun of it ,and Fab you have it in spades. If your short on old files mate , I've got some vintage Wiltshires you can have just for the pleasure of reading your posts . Cheers . Bruce .
  4. Sounds interesting Grandad , I might just give it a go .
  5. I can tie a snell Nursie but I don't do it much these days , really only for tying sliding hook rigs . But I have about 400 of these and wondered if they would be better off with someone that still uses this style of hook .
  6. Thanks for the reply Nursie , Yeah the double hooks are very interesting , as you say they look to be made from a blade almost and divided rather than having been joined in any way . I thought they may have been used like an old squid spike except for fish , as they are pointed and blade like at the end , but my first thought was that they were used on lures . The sneck hooks are flatted eye and I had only seen that style in smaller sizes . Does anybody still use them ? Bruce.
  7. Chatting to an old mate the other day, who was in the process of moving house and he was telling me how he didn't think that he would get the chance to fish anymore and would I like to have some of his old fishing gear rather than him throw it away . Well you can guess the answer to that , anyway I was going through the gear and came upon some hooks that I haven't seen before as well as some old favourites of the days gone by . So I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on what and how they were used . Thanks ,Bruce.
  8. Think I saw a few of you blokes yesterday in the north channel, two boats one a small tinny and the other a stacer with Berkeley stickers on the transom . Looked like you were having fun and picked up a couple of frogs for your troubles, they were really going off for about an hour or so , we picked up a bag each of quality fish . Sorry I couldn't stop in and say G'day but being comp weekend we were on a mission and short of time . Hope everybody enjoyed what our area has to offer , it's a fantastic place to live and fish . Cheers, Bruce
  9. I remember fishing Broken Bay one day with the family ,and we must have caught nearly a dozen of them and none of them much bigger than a hammer . You don't see that all the time !!
  10. I just checked all the numbers on mine and it looks like mine may have been made before it all went to poo . So am I good to go or is that a no no .
  11. Currently running a tohatsu TLDI 115 that I am very happy with , it previously had a 1997 Johnson 90 on the back and that pushed it along just as well . I was sure that there was some pics of the old tub on here somewhere but I can't seem to find them . I will see if I can bung up some more . There is a bit of info on the net about them , most of it seems to be hidden in old posts on forums , but they share the same hull as the 17 ft Viking if you want to check out opinions of the hull itself .
  12. G'day Carlo ,I have been the proud owner of an old Seafarer Ventura 5.2 for the last 15 years . If you can find one in good nick with sound floor and transom at the right price snap it up . In my opinion they are a great boat,very seaworthy ,terrific in a following sea and have a fairly even split as far as fishing room and cabin room goes . Do a bit of research so you know what to expect , but if you find a good one it will give you years of faithful service .
  13. I have the same hull in the half cab mate , it is powered by a new gen 2 stroke 115 and it flies , plenty of holeshot and personally I think plenty of power for the old seafarer hull . My motor weighs in at 173 kg and I think that is about as heavy as you want to go before it sits too low In the arse to comfortably fish outside . Just my 2 bobs worth .
  14. That is true on the eastern side of the bridge Leo , but the black ooze would get you before you go t too far on the western side .