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  1. I would love to get out Taupo. I mark it at around 200nm east of port Stephens. So at around a 12kn steam on a mothership type arrangement you could get there in an afternoon and night run of about 16hrs. Would certainly be an experience. But there is certainly nowhere to hide out there.
  2. Looks like the US ballyhoo rig that they use for sails.
  3. Couldn't figure out how to attach the image from Google to this. But it's there,
  4. Google the standard wiring diagram. All the info you need is there to get it right.
  5. Hard to say, warm current still pushing down hill pretty well. Hopefully the east coast low ( and the next one or two over the next few weeks) will break it up a bit and allow some southern ocean water to push up in close enough for us to have a crack. Pretty short window last year, and maybe the same this year. But you never know unless you go!
  6. 2 x Tiagra 50w, a 30w and an 80w
  7. The NSW government wants to lock us out and make it illigal to fish a lot of area within the state boundaries. I get the feeling they want no-one fishing, as we are a 'high impact' user of the resource, according to there current report.
  8. I'll be out. Heading south east looking to fish that temp break for the arvo high tide. Going to concentrate on the cool side if we can find it. Good luck boys.
  9. Mate, the rock fishing up there at the moment is the best I've seen for about 10 seasons. Done 5 trips in last 10 days, and the weather has been amazing. Once the baits hit the current line, which sometime is really hard work to get there, they go off within 5 mins. Nice haul and nice report as always.
  10. It's my favourite time of day. As tradie, I guess I see around 250 sunrises a year. Then on my days off I get up earlier to go fishing ?!
  11. Fished there on the ledge yesterday. Got a nice Mac early and got sharked on a blue. Not many fish are making it past the Sharks. Seen a boat hook up solid to a good black Marlin on those same bait schools. It was not a little black either. Pretty cool standing in the rocks watching a beakie greyhounding 250m out.
  12. Any bait out past the shelf? Birds on the temp break out there or inshore near the shelf? Looks like I am allowed out to play tomorrow, which is rare for me on a weekend. Thanks for the report
  13. fishy

    Friday 8th

    Well I went live baiting of the rocks up the coast for a tuna as I had no crew. Played with a big shark on 8 kg for an hour, never really gaining any line on him. Just about had me spooled when the leader parted. Lost a cobe at my feet after a short and lively battle he dusted me on the ledge. So no boat, but something different
  14. fishy

    Friday 8th

    Anyone thinking of heading out chasing Marlin tomorrow? I'm half keen. So if your looking for a decky, I'm interested. Additionally, if anyone else is keen, I can take my boat out. We got a nice stripe on the shelf in my tub last Friday. So either way let me know.