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  1. suttonscurse

    Hobie Wan Kenobi

    Hi J what a great job with the heavy duty frame to carry a 2nd kayak ( or even a 3rd) The Hobies look pretty happy on the unit 👍 Ausmarine makes a light duty frame for the 4.2m trailers but from their website it looks to be only strong enough to manage a luggage tray - yours is much more robust and multi functional I do intend to fish some of the south coast ( planning for a trip to Tuross ) and will update on my progress P.S Here I was worrying about carrying a spare tyre and you have a spare kayak 😉 Regards Bill
  2. Hi guys Been having trouble getting decent prawn bait - the last lot I got of frozen prawns purchased from a big brand shop were very soft when defrosted and really only suitable for burley. The fish shop on the bottom level of Hurstville Westfield now has supply again of fresh river school prawns - bought about a kilo this morning for $20 Have separated them into zip lock bags for freezing for next trips and hopefully will score some decent fish with them regards Bill
  3. suttonscurse


    Done - and I either spend too much or not enough on fishing tackle🤪
  4. suttonscurse

    Hobie Mirage Drive

    Mea Culpa i am being misconstrued here 😇 I called it flappering as I was under the impression that the mirage drive was based on how penguins flap their flippers in the water
  5. suttonscurse

    Hobie Mirage Drive

    Hi guys. - I bit of advice on semantics required ? 🤔 i told my wife I was going out on the Hobie for a paddle on Monday She told me that as I wasn’t actually going to be paddling ? ( rather using the mirage drive ) I should describe it as something else Pedaling ? Flippering ? Flappering? (Hiding from the wife ? 😉) any suggestions ?? Regards Bill
  6. suttonscurse

    Hobie Wan Kenobi

    Thanks for the feedback Frank Being more front row forward than winger size I was also very apprehensive about staying upright in a Kayak - I did a few test runs in different kayaks before deciding on the PA 14 The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is a very wide and stable craft and after the 1st trip in it I became very confident in its ability to keep me dry ( albeit with its 4.2 metre length and just under 1 metre width - plus all my fishing crap it is a heavy bugger ) I am however still wearing the Hobie PFD as a extra precaution ( in preference to a much lighter and cooler inflatable unit ) and have my handheld vhf secured in one front pocket and my mobile in a waterproof bag in the other pocket I agree about having the spare tyre on a trailer bracket being attractive to the more nefarious types but luggage space ends up at a premium in the wagon on holiday trips / weekends away this is my 10th boat trailer ( I was going to call the kayak “never again #10” 🤪) and I have always cable locked the spare wheel / bracket to the trailer frame and used locking nuts on both the wheel hubs and trailer spare mount - I have never had an issue ( touch wood) and my outlook is that by doing this it will stop the opportunists ( look elsewhere instead😠) - it never will stop the professionals but will make it as difficult as possible i probably am too cautious as even though my garage is alarmed I have a trailer wheel clamp fitted , trailer coupling lock and the kayak cable locked to the trailer even whilst it is locked away ? Anyway - now it is all about having fun and catching fish ( on both lures and bait ) I even intend to try some luderick fishing out of the kayak in the cooler months Cheers ... Bill
  7. suttonscurse

    Hobie Wan Kenobi

    Thanks guys. - have had a hiatus from Fishraider for the last 18 months but now that I am retired ( with a lot more free time for fishing and golf 🤗) I look forward to being a much more active member of the team and sharing my exploits / misfortunes 🥴 p.s. Donna - re knee replacements. - I probably waited too long to have them done ( separately ) 1st 2 weeks was rather unpleasant - took around 12 weeks each time to start feeling like I had knees again but now after 44 weeks and 24 weeks very happy with having the ops done ( no more pain or limping and almost back to normal ) Bought the Hobie kayak instead of another boat as the mirage pedal drive is great exercise for the knees , kayak speed is surprisingly fast , most of my fishing / boating ended up being single handed anyway and the overall cost of the new kayak setup on the trailer was about 25% of the cost of a nice boat - probably will buy another boat when my wife lets us downsize down to the South Coast - Kiama / Nowra area ? Regards Bill
  8. Hi guys - As a retirement present for myself (finally gave up work in December after 46 years) I gave myself a present of a 2018 model Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14' on a Hobie Sea Trail trailer (built by Ausmarine) - have added the usual H crate , rod Holders , anchor trolley etc. and also a Lowrance Hook 2/5 splitshot sounder with GPS and maps powered by a lithium battery (after having 9 boats over the years , looking to have something easier to maintain and to use single handed) Have already taken it out on the Georges River 3 times - using Revesby boat ramp (must admit I was a bit apprehensive on 1st trip ) but have found it to be a very stable craft with plenty of room for all my gear and the new mirage 180 pedal drive (with forward and reverse ) is wonderful -especially after 2 knee replacements last year , the stepping action required has been very easy to use - even after travelling 8kms on last trip and no knee pain /issues at all which is great for future ongoing use Very happy with the Hobie (albeit they are expensive) -It is very well made quality Kayak with plenty of options and accessories for me to play with. Pleased that it came with a trailer -it is a heavy kayak and would be too difficult for me to get onto roof racks on my Volvo V90 cross country wagon but am enjoying that it is a easy unit to maneuver on my steep driveway and the trailer makes life so much easier. Christened it with a 30cm bream caught on a soft plastic prawn at Alfords Point bridge (Georges River ) and I intend to explore the Central Coast lakes , South Coast estuaries and Port Hacking ( maybe bump into a friendly Yowie?) as well as the local Georges / Woronora river systems (just waiting for the spare wheel / trailer bracket to come back into stock before I start trailing any distance from home - don't like being without a spare for the trailer ) Will submit further reports as I get out and about regards Bill
  9. suttonscurse

    Boat Tyres & Tubes

    Hi Guys Could I please pass on some technical advice on tyres / rims and their service requirements As my friends at Bridgestone say in their TV ads remember that there is only one handprint size of tyre tread between the road and your car (and boat trailer) 1) the valve shown in the above replies is a tubeless tyre valve - it is pulled from the inside of the rim to have it seated in the valve hole - they are actually quite a good item - However with the centrifugal force at 100km speed they do flex and actually bend over quite a bit which leads to rubber degradation and cracking / failure (regular dunking in salt water doesn't help either ) - they are very cheap and easily replaced at your local tyre shop 2) when replacing the valve always wire brush the rim flange area and valve hole to remove any surface rust - this will ensure a tight air seal with the tyre bead (or valve) and negate air leakage problems 3) I have a great preference for tubeless tyres - with a tube fitted if you get a puncture you have a instantaneous air loss whereas a tubeless tyre will tend to be self sealing and have a gradual pressure loss 4) I also prefer fitting light truck tyres to my trailer wheels - they have a higher weight carrying capacity , are much more robust than a passenger tyre and also tend to track better on a trailer 5) the steel cord used in belt packages on tyres is brass coated steel strands - this is a design attribute to ensure adhesion between the steel strands and rubber and also protects against rust issues during the tyres service life 6) steel rims and quality tyres are actually very cheap - remember that there is a large investment riding on top of the trailer - (boat / motor and all the assorted gear we carry around) It is sensible to replace tyres every 5 years (boat trailers spend a lot of time sitting in one spot which causes localised stresses to the tyre - especially when under inflated ) and if you have rusty steel rims replace then as well - (and while you have the rim off the trailer service the wheel bearings at the same time) Ensuring correct air pressure in tyres , regularly checking for any rubber deterioration in tyres & valves or damage from road / boat ramp hazards and servicing bearings would solve a lot of trailer breakdowns - we always see boat trailers sitting on the side of the road with tyre / bearing issues - doesn't make for a fun day ? I hope the above advice helps Regards Bill
  10. suttonscurse

    Marine Rescue Trailer Plate - NSW

    Hi Dave The other rod racks are at the back of the garage (my wife hasn't realised yet that I store the fishing rods in 2 places ) There is no mention of the actual donation to Marine Rescue from myplates NSW on either of their websites - As the standard trailer plate fee is $110 I would assume that the donation is $39 ?? When looking on the myplates website the Marine Rescue plates are found under the "restyle" heading cheers Bill
  11. suttonscurse

    Marine Rescue Trailer Plate - NSW

    Hi Greyfox - Yes you do have to hand the old plate in (I picked up my new plate and handed in the old plate at the Service NSW office at Castle Hill) - there is also the option of having the plate sent out by Courier (to either office or home at no cost ) but you need to be available to sign for delivery All the details are on the myplates website (or also on the NSW marine rescue website) Regards Bill
  12. suttonscurse

    Marine Rescue Trailer Plate - NSW

    HI guys - As a member of Shoalhaven Marine Rescue my wife bought me a new NSW Marine Rescue number plate from the RMS for my birthday . Cost was $149 (one off fee) for the new plate and it took 2 1/2 weeks from ordering on the internet to picking it up from the Service NSW office at Castle Hill (had to swap over the old plate) Attached are two photo's , one in daylight and one at night (as you can see the plate is reflective ) Looks good and very happy to support Marine Rescue NSW Regards Bill
  13. suttonscurse

    Who am I replying to?

    would certainly make the forum even more friendlier great idea regards Bill
  14. suttonscurse

    Trailer tyres

    Hi Dave Assuming that you have a dual axle trailer (with suspension correctly set up for equal load distribution) with 185R14 6ply © Light Truck tyres that is correct - 44 PSI cold inflation pressure - (Tyre pressure increases with heat from driving) Remember to factor in fuel load , equipment , assorted gear we throw in the boat and those couple of 200KG marlin after a successful trip Cheers
  15. suttonscurse

    Trailer tyres

    Hi Guys - without wishing to bore you too much with technical data I have listed the load carrying capacity for a 185R14 © LTR tyre at different pressures - single tyre fitment as used on boat trailers 1) 450 KPA - 65 PSI = 850KG 2) 400 KPA - 58 PSI = 770KG 3) 350 KPA -51 PSI = 695KG 4) 300KPA -44PSI = 615KG you can use the same approximate scaling for the smaller 13" tyres listed above When calculating gross load remember to include the tare weight of trailer plus boat , motor , fuel , batteries plus all the tackle and assorted junk we tend to carry in our boats I trust that this is useful -