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  1. A very sad day! Gabe, you will be remembered as a top bloke. Evopete.
  2. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. A very informative session by the presenters, I gained a lot of useful hints to what's on a sounder screen.Thanks to Donna and Stewy for organising and also Roadrunner Parts for the venue. Pete. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. Thanks for the reply Huey.Would the Humminbird 596c be of similar price, the 640x640 pixels looks a lot better resolution, but different dual beam cone angles.Any advantage with 60/120 cone angles. Regards Evopete.
  5. Maybe no one has one yet.Just want to know if the dual beam is ok for saltwater use up to 150M depth. Evopete.
  6. Hi everyone,has anybody used the new Garmin 550c fishfinder as I am looking to upgrade.How does the dual beam 60/120 degree transducer compare with current Garmin 50/200hz transducer at 500watt output. Appreciate any replies, Regards Evopete.
  7. Itching for a fish session

  8. Evopete55

    The Hump

    Hi Big Dog, the Hump seems to have a few different areas of reef and gravel,the first mark is about 40 fathoms and the second is about 30 fathoms.Its best to use a sounder to look for likely areas and bottom structure if new to the area.If you can identify gravel patches in about 28 fathoms you should'nt miss out. Hope the seas are kind and you find some good spots that are productive. Regards evopete.
  9. Enjoy your barbie tonight mate. evopete.
  10. Hey robeebee,would that gps mark be Nowra Hill off Greenwell Pt? Regards evopete.
  11. Hi thomo, sadly no fishing but had a great week on the Island.The Island is suited to all groups,family's and elderly alike.Emily Bay is a calm and safe swimming spot and has good reefs to snorkle and explore.There are plenty of tours to suit everybody, and interesting places to visit.Plenty to do.I would highly recommend Norfolk for your anniversary. Regards Evopete.
  12. Hi fellow Raiders,thought i better report on our Easter trip to Norfolk Island.We had a great week of tours,sightseeing and relaxation.Unfortunatly the wind and swell were up all week so could not venture out on a planned charter.I've added a photo of one of the boat launching piers which shows the conditions. A great bunch of locals which made our stay enjoyable.Highly recommended. Regards Evopete.
  13. Hi everyone,put me down for the course. Regards Pete.
  14. Just received my monthly edition of Fishing World and there is a n article on Norfolk Is .Now I have an abundance of information. Evopete.