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  1. I have been using the services of Nathan and Charlie for a few years now and nothing is ever problem, they will do anything associated with your boat, outboard or trailer. I have recommended them to heaps of people who know use them exclusively. Cheers, Thommo
  2. Hi Donna, Yes I had met you guys a few years ago at Gabes boating and fishing. Like fishraider we are not your normal male dominated fishing club with most of our wives playing and active role and from time to time giving us a fishing lesson. The biggest fish for the week was caught by a lady (Nat Harrison) a 2.8kg reddie, Nat was also "Champion Lady Angler" for the week so she could only win one category. Safety is paramount with our outings, with all of us leaving together and returning to the wharf at the same time assisting with launching and retrieval of the boats as well as radio contact being maintained throughout the day. I would also like to thank you for the write up and photos you have placed on your fabulous site. Cheers, Thommo
  3. Hi Donna, Glad you and Swordie had a good time, it was a pleasure having you guys in camp. Unfortunately the numbers and size of reddies was a down this yea, apparently due to a cold current that came through a couple of weeks ago according to one of the locals. Looking forward to doing all again next year. Cheers, Thommo
  4. G'day Scratchie, I have had a 6.2 Formosa Tomahawk (half cab) fitted with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke for the past 5 year and find it pretty good, plenty of fishing room and stable at rest. I did have one problem a couple of years after purchase with the under floor fuel lines disintegrating and in a sealed floor boat was a bit interesting to say the least. I use a mobile marine mechanic who was able to sort out the problem, to be fair to the Formosa manufacturers they came to the party with a lot of my out of pocket expenses after I called them and sent a few photos of the issues. something to check on! Good luck with the new purchase. Cheers, Thommo
  5. We arrived home a day early yesterday because of the building swell and northerly wind. We fished three days on one of the charter boats, managed to catch a few Spotted Mackerel, Trag, Pearlies etc. Crossing the bar on our return on Wednesday afternoon we witnessed an overturned boat on the northern side of the bar, apparently it had capsized with two elderly brothers on board, unfortunately one drowned. The SWR bar has to be respected!
  6. G'day Davo, I owned a 5.2 Webster Twinfisher for about 6 years and only sold it last year. I looked at upgrading to the new 5.7 metre version about the time that Websters went into recievership, so I got stuffed around. I found the 5.2 to be a very stable boat with plenty of fishing room, it was powered by a 115 Yammaha 2 stroke and performed very well, they really hold their value so they wont be cheap. Good luck with your purchase, Cheers, Thommo
  7. Arrived back from Whyalla yesterday afternoon after about 16 hours sitting behind the wheel of the cruiser carrying a 320 litre freezer full of fillets to be shared between 11 of us, what a fantastic week of fishing. We bagged out every day on fish over 60 cm's (average about 6 - 7 Kg's) but the smaller fish were a bit hard to find. I was lucky enough to catch a monster at 11.1 Kg's and 1 metre in length, when I have a chance to get a few photos together I will post a couple. The snapper fishing in South Australia must be second to none in this country. At one stage we had a 15 foot white pointer circle the boat 3 or 4 times, amazing too see this beast about 6 foot from the boat and looking right at you. Lucky the we weren't catching fish at that stage or we would have lost them for sure as we had done on the first trip 3 years ago. Someone had best give me a idea on how to post pictures as I don't have a clue. Cheers, Thommo
  8. I,m about to leave for another trip down too Whyalla in Soth Australia, this will be my third trip. The fishing is amazing, with our bigest to date at just over 9 kg's. We fish for 5 days and haven't missed a day due to bad weather yet, this time of the year is most probably the best as the winds are not to bad. The trips are reasonably priced as well, the costs are $170.00 each per day maximum 6 fisherman per boat and you can include accommodation for an extra $30.00 per day each (3 in a room). We fish with Whyalla Fishing Adventures (Darren) is the charter operators name, he is a champion bloke and he also managers the Westlands Hotel/Motel where you stay for for the trip. Most of the fish are caught in less than 15 metres of water and we have never missed out on bagging out on the bigger fish. They manage the fishery pretty well with a maximum of 6 fish over 60 cm's per boat and 30 smaller fish between 38 cm's and 60 cm as well. Cheers, Thommo
  9. Its very shallow, It might be difficult launching a boat any longer than 4.5 metres in length. I have seen some guys jackknife the trailer too one side to gain a bit of extra depth. Good Luck, Cheers, Thommo
  10. I brought a Formosa Tomahawk 620 with a 150 Yammy 4 stroke about 4 months ago and can't fault it, rides great and the 4 stroke is fantastic on fuel.
  11. Thommo


    Bad luck about the Nissan rads, was it the big tree on its own as you turn down towards the ramp? Sorry about the mark being slightly off I had never really checked it but it was provided by a good mate of mine so I had no reason to question it. Sounds like you had a good time though and even a few fish which is a bonus. I just got back from a couple of weeks at Gerroa, fished out of Kiama a few times with plenty of small reddies and mowies with a few flathead from north Bombo thrown in as well! We had a great day on the duskies in the Shoalhaven river last Friday after catching a few poddies in Crooked river few bait. Cheers Thommo
  12. Thommo


    G'day Rads, sorry I hadn't come back to you Iv'e been flat out with work commitments. Bannister Peak is 35 19 066 South & 150 31 149 East, good luck hopefully the water is warmer for you than it was for us. Have a good trip and let us know how you go! Thommo
  13. Thommo


    Thanks for your reply Aqua Monster, we got back home on Monday (I love packing up camp in the rain NOT). The fishing was pretty hard with the water being extreamly cold at some stages we had 14.5 deg C some days, not many Snapper caught with the biggest going only just over 1.6 kg's plenty of Mowies & Flathead though with the biggest Mowie at 1.8 kg and Flathead at just over 1.5 kg's. We also caught heaps of Pig fish this year with the biggest at just under 1 kg. We were plauged by Northerly winds all week which tends to put a good surge on the ramp as you would no, at least we had plenty of water to bring the boats in with the high tide in mid morning. We also found the Slimey Mackerel very few and far between which I guess was due to the cold water. Rads, next time I'm in the boat I with get the marks for Bannister Peak and put them on here for you. Cheers, Thommo
  14. Thommo


    Alphabet, I have no idea how to post a photo, so if you send me your email address I will send you a couple. I only picked it up today and I must say it looks pretty impressive. I have never fished Bannister Peak but I know a few guys who have caught kings there. Cheers, Thommo
  15. Thommo


    Thanks for that Deek, I know a few spots down that way. I hope to fish a bit wider this year due to the bigger boat (weather dependant), I did hear from a another mate of mine thet their are plenty of Flathead south of Green Island in about 65 metres of water. I also intend to try Bannister Peak for a Kingy or two. I will submit a report if we do any good. Cheers, Thommo
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