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  1. i agree, 30hp is good, you woul not what it any bigger then that
  2. well went to botany bay, got at cooks river put the boat in and faced a fairly rough botany bay, it was windy as and i got a wet ass, so it was not to good a start back thats the bay for ya, well got to the spot near cooks river, were when a red light came on the motor and it starts to rev up and down, i turned the motor off, and it was just a bloody bit of seaweed, so then we started to fish were my sister caught a 24cm whiting, which was released, then after that my uncle caught a 38cm flathead, then that was it for the night, we fished for other hour for no fish, bloody hell it was raining all the time wen i was fishing then going back it got worst sorry no photos of fish and again
  3. bate_Bay_fisho

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    happy birthday kamil
  4. mate you can get bait from liverpool plaza, there a shop called st george seafood or something like that, it fresh and cheap, alway to coalcliff, i went there a few months back now, caught notting swell was not to bad, my lure got smashed and have bite marks all over it so i think the sambos or trailor are there, tryed the beach there too, caught notting but big weedfish, also i casted into the rock pool there and had all flash around the lure, like a big herring flash or trailer, anyyway good luck and let us know what you catch
  5. i reakon this boat should have be there too
  6. here are the photos of greys point now, and is getting a floating jetty and alluminium walkway connecting the jetty to shore, i got this photos from a friend
  7. here is some more pictures of greys point ramp i found on my camara
  8. it was 4 months ago i think,, on the 14th i think, not to sure about tide, but it was about 8am
  9. hi all, i am thinking of getting a radio for my boat, i am wonder what been best, i only go about 2-3 kms out at most, i most of the time i am in bate bay, what be best, limet is about $250 bucks, cheers, P.S also i want to get a bimini for my boat ( 4.2 dory ) i need it to be green, what one would be good, many thanks, cheers,
  10. hey all, this is my p.b flathead, it was caught a few months ago in port hackings north west arm ( round the coner from greys point ramp ), what happined was i was fishing with chicken gut, hooked a little snapper, reeled it in and the flathead came up and grabed the snapper and got hooked on the other hook trying to grab it,
  11. Woronora River LOCATION: Off to the side of the old bridge in the reserve at Wonny. CONDITION OF RAMP/ACCESS: Ok, Double lane ramp, Good at high and at bit of a drop of a low tide, There is on beach on the left side of the ramp but is very small and covered at high tide, small amount of sand either side of ramp. PARKING/FACILITIES: Parking is limited and very busy on weekends, best bet is to great there early to get a good spot, There is a picnic area there and toilets
  12. nice boat you did a good job on it, it be a great fishing boat
  13. hey mate that boat you show us is a 4.2 meter boat, and yes it would be to go out fishing sydney harbour, i took my 4.2 dory outside bate_bay all the time and have no touble so it would not be much different from bate bay to sydney harbour, ' hope this hope, cheers,