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  1. mark_s

    Port Hacking

    Nice catch, your consistency is amazing Yowie
  2. He loves being on the boat and comes almost every time
  3. Nice arvo for a fish. I bookended the low tide and fished the edge of the flats, mainly with nippers. Two legal bream (the biggest was 31 cms) and a 30cm trevally were the pick. Also had a small blue swimmer and whiting for fun. All fish released. Photos of the bigger bream and Trevor attached may the forth be with you
  4. mark_s

    Port hacking

    I caught three whiting (all 27-28cm) on the flats on Saturday afternoon (all released). I took photos of all of them, but they look the same anyway so attached just one. There was a few undersize tharwine in between them. I fished the run in tide with nippers, the bite went cold towards the last 90 mins of the run in (maybe the fish are spread too much by then) The boat traffic has been crazy this summer. Even on the weekend some of the wake from the big cruisers in the channel was causing waves to break on the flats
  5. I tried the AR today with soft plastics. Got stripped by jackets a few times before giving up. Tried middle ground afterwards for nothing. Came home when the ne was puffing, probably came home too early in hindsight,turned out to be a cracker of a day. Water was 15 degrees and green
  6. mark_s

    Bate Bay

    Ha ha, I could tell by the photo it was a different fishing trip for you Yowie. Nice catch. I tried bate bay over Easter (the port was Chaos with boat traffic). Found big schools of bait but all I could get under em was Sargent bakers. Btw, someone has caught and released a 3.3m fish at LILLI PILLI over Easter, I was swimming nearby with my family the day after.?
  7. Interesting idea once through the tail, I’ll give it a go. The nippers will have plenty of go in them. Not much fishing this weekend. With the great weather most of the weekend was on the boat with the family, I did sneak a quick fish in early this Morning in SWA. A 20cm snapper was the best. Hordes of small jackets around. Would come up to the surface following my bait and I could hear them snapping their teeth. I gave up at the top of high tide, boat traffic was already heavy (someone decided to go between me and the shore, even though I was only about 10m of the bank?) and the family wee calling
  8. Yep I am striking, I then get them to under the kayak before they spit the hook. I am fishing middle of the day so maybe I should try earlier or later
  9. Been trying soft plastics in the hacking for no success at all so last two trips have tried nippers. Plenty of little ones on the rising tide on the flats but nothing of size. Although it does seem like the bigger ones spit the hook when they see the kayak. Any suggestions as to how to get next size up if fish?
  10. Great snapper and great story Yowie.
  11. mark_s


    Buks, it isnt that simple. It comes down to the Weather on the day and the apps aren't 100% accurate. I suggest planning on staying inside for the first few trips and then testing what it's like near the heads In which ever system your in. Remember, safety first. There is always another weekend to go fishing.
  12. mark_s


    The biggest issue is how close the swells are. Big swell isn't so much an issue as the boat will go up and over. When the swell as close, the nose is still going down when the next swell hits you and so it's a bit hairy. I've been out in 20 knot southerlies but it's been ugly. I have also been out in 60'k it westerlies. In both cases I trimmed up to get home with no issues. But the key is to take it easy, learn your boat and work up to the worst weather. Also, imo having fished he harbour, Botany Bay, port hacking, is that there is plenty of good fishing "inside" so I don't stress if it's rough outside the heads.
  13. mark_s


    Heh mate. I have a searay 175. I head outside the heads but the weather needs to be good, have been up to cape Bailey and down to coal cliff (both from port hacking). The nose of the searay bowrider is low so it will take a wave over the nose when the waves are short. It's happened or me a few times so pick your day to go outside. In the harbours/bays no problems at all.