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    Sydney - King Session

    Great report,got me keen
  2. BUSTER 1

    Monday snapper

    Went for a snapper fish last Sunday ,started in close near the road bridge not much action couple of blurters and small reds moved out to 45mt about 10am conditions were perfect not much current or wind got a couple of baracoota and mowong and small reds and then the one good fish that made the day, hit like a steam train ,took a7in sp and went 4.49kg my best snapper for a long while
  3. BUSTER 1

    North of the Drum - JB

    Great report, good read cheers
  4. BUSTER 1

    Botany bay today

    Most times there is no waiting ,sometimes if there is a fishing comp on you may have to wait a few minutes ,but considering you can clean your fish wash your boat I think it's all good . If you would like to have a look around the club I would happy to show it to you, that goes for other Raiders also, pm me. Cheers Garry
  5. BUSTER 1

    Botany bay today

    Week end fishing and boat ramps are a pain this time of the year I am a member of St.George & Sutherland Shire Anglers Club which have there own boat ramp, fish cleaning tables toilets and secure parking and lots more if you more info check the website www.stgeorgeanglers.org.au or pm me cheers Garry
  6. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay saturday 24/5/14

    Fished the Bay yesterday first time for a while lures only, started slow till about halfway into the run out tide then the Tailor moved in and there are some big ones out there [out the front of Coles at Ramsgate] so after donating six or seven jerk shads I moved to the Kernel side of the bay where I managed a few small Flathead a flounder and some small snapper, Just before the turn of the tide I moved to a favourite spot near the Kurnell boat ramp caught a few small flathead and was beginning to think that was it for the day when I got a very solid hook up lots of head shakes big solid runs it was a bit tricky as I was in the middle of a bunch crab traps anyway got clear of them and got it to the boat and after a couple of nervy shots with the net it was in the boat ,the top of the fish box is 65cm so I think it was easy 70cm anyway it was a good end to the day and good to see there are still some good fish in the Bay
  7. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay saturday 24/5/14

    No mate I was drifting it was caught on a 5inch jerk shad in Camo with a 3/8 jighead with a7lb mono leader 8lb fireline
  8. BUSTER 1

    botany 25/02

    Good to see you out there having go, the Bay is bit hot and cold at the moment Cheers Garry
  9. BUSTER 1

    botany bay 22/10/13

    Well done Chris looks like you still got IT
  10. BUSTER 1

    Quick Calamari Jig

    you still got it ,good to see you back mate Cheers garry
  11. BUSTER 1

    Please no more donuts...!

    Hi Trung good to meet at Kernell yesterday, I caught 4squid and 1 cuttle fish took them outside to northen headland,slow trolled them for 2 hours without hit also tried Bear Island,and the Oil wharf, not 1 one hit all day A BIG DONUT Cheers Garry
  12. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay Kings Monday

    I just use a large been sinker Cheers Garry
  13. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay Kings Monday

    First hit out for Kings this year tried for squid early but usual no luck ,went to Moll point and got 10 yakkas in 15 minutes,tryed a couple of spots inside the Bay but all was quite ,hit little reef just outside the mouth of the Bay and bingo got a big hit on the first pass ,after some fancy boat work I managed to get him out into some deep water and after a few big strong runs I got him in the boat ,he went just over 90cm ,did few more runs over the same spot lost 2 yakkas but did not hook up ,will have another try later in the week if the weather is ok Cheers Garry
  14. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay Kings Monday

    The rod is a okuma salina // jig 24kg ,the reel is a diawa saltist 4500 loaded with 60lb power pro braid and a 80lb wind leader
  15. BUSTER 1

    New 90hp what to buy ?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am about to buy a new 90hp engine what should I buy I am replacing a 90 Honda it will go on 2001 Seafarer ve-sea,I like the Etec becaues of the weight and power, But I keep hearing that they have problems,what do you blokes think I would value the opinion of fellow Raiders Cheers Garry
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    Outside Botany Bay

    Quick report fished off Marouba this morning with a mate for 3 hours caught over 40 flathead between 40cm to 55cm we fished in 30 to 50 meters sorry no pics but trust me they are there
  17. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay

    GREAT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay has shut down - Dead as

    Yes mate I can relate to that ,tried for kings around the mouth of the Bay got bugger all, the bait schools seem to have gone, spent 2 hours at Moll Point the only excitment was a vist from the water police ,it could be the full moon??????????????????? Cheera Garry
  19. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay King

    Well after months of trying for a metre plus king in Botany Bay I finally cracked it, today the first fish I landed today was a 67cm model not was I was after back he went, then 2 major bust offs, then another big hit this time instead of going for the reef he went open water and after torrid struggle and some pretty ordinary gaff shots he was in the boat, I still think there are some bigger fish there but as the water I getting colder I don’t know for how long ????????????
  20. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay King

    Between 8am & 10am Cheers Garry
  21. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay King

    Yes mate it is 24kg model ,I was useing 50lb braid with a 80lb windon leader ,the rod worked great Cheers Garry
  22. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay King

    Live Yellowtail Cheers Garrry
  23. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay King Thursday

    Went to Molineux Point to chase kings today got some yakkas at the end of the wall and moved back up to the point set the yakkas out then cast out a couple bream rods with pilchard heads on 1.0 hooks lost 4 yakkas but no hook ups managed a Bonito on the pilchard but nothing else, as my mate bringing in his he saw a King right behind his bait but it would not hit it so I dropped my pillie down beside it and bingo away it went and went at least 100 yards of 8LB fireline before it slowed and then went again my mate quickly got the anchor in and we chased it ,by now I am thinking this is a good king and I was right about 20 minutes later we landed a 83cm King, my raider bream rod and 2500 stella and 8LB line and 10LB leader had really hung in there, but my right arm was a bit ordinary, By now the westerly was really blowing so we called it a day
  24. BUSTER 1

    Botany Bay Kings saturday

    Went to chase Kings in the bay last Saturday got 10 yellowtail in quick time at Moll Point there was some big bait school showing on the sounder so I trolled slowly around them first 2 passes nothing 3pass bingo big hit very strong fish I could feel the leader dragging on the rocks but it held I was using 80lb leader and 50 lb braid, after good fight I got him into the boat he just under 80cm and in very good condition ,next pass got a smaller fish about 70cm ,so I stopped trolling and just dropped straight down into the bait balls got done on the rocks by 2 fish I could not stop so I called it a day , But the Bay is still fishing good