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  1. Thanks Guys, Would it also be worth while trying our luck at the squid around the harbour?
  2. Hi Guys, Haven't fished the saltwater in a few years now and was thinking of taking our boat down to Sydney for a weekend some time in August. I was just wondering if anyone may be able to offer some advice on target species / techniques? Plan on hitting the harbour for a couple of days. Would like to target Kings / salmon if they will be available. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Here are a couple of other pics. Here is my Old man with his best for the day and another one of my ones.
  4. G'day Raiders, Pretty late report on this one. I had been promising my eldest son I would take him out in the boat over the school holidays for a fish. After looking over the weather forecast we picked a day. I decided to take the old man and my younger brother and make it a boys day out. Hooked the boat up at 0600 in beatuful conditions of 1.3 degrees. had the boat in the water at 0730 and the temp had reached pretty much its max for the day at 4 degrees(gee i'm lucky to live in such a warm place, I could have ice skated to work today. Just to top the beautiful conditions off the water temp was 9.8 and the wind was blowing a westerly at 30kmh+. Headed about 10km up the river end to some long stretches of trees that I used to fish. Sounded out the first section and decided to tie up as it was too blowy to hold in place with the electric. We were fishing in 6.5m of water with 2 big trees at the bow and 3 solid tree stumps showing on the sounder at the stern that sat up about 2m off the bottom. It wasn't long before we got into the action with my brother recieving 2 solid smokings in as many casts and then my son landing his first yella. Next my brother got on to his first and then the old man. I was feeling a bit left out so I tied on a new Damiki 3" Air crawin Watermelon colour and was rewarded straight away. This happened 3 cast in a row with all solid yellas. After 3 1/2 hours on the water we decided to call it a day as it was freezing. Made a quick dash to the ramp and I think I still had wind burn for about 3 days afterwayd. All in all a really productive few hours especially at this time of the year. We ended up with 16 solid Yellas, 4 Good Reddies and 1 stinker of a carp. Looking forward to getting back out there once the weather turns a bit. Happy Fishing Mitch
  5. mitch

    Del rio

    G'day Kelza, I just spent the last weekend staying at Del Rio. Great place to get away. About a 4 hour drive from my place but the wife and I enjoy to get away there for a bit of a break. Fished around del Rio and also further down stream passed wisemans. The water temp has dropped quite considerably over the last couple of weeks and the fish really were sulking down deep. We fished mainly the deeper bends with Damiki D & M grubs with good success. There are a lot of EP,s about at the moment and a fair few bream also. We got into the bream around del rio and mainly Ep's further down. Natural colours were working the best over the weekend. Didn't chase any Jew but sounded out and marked some really promising looking holes that I haven't fished before. Cheers Mitch Here's one of the EP's taken down past Wisemans
  6. mitch

    Baby News

    G'day Raiders, Just wanted to share my joy and let everyone know that the Mrs and I are the proud new parents to beautiful twin boys Tyler and Zac born on Wednesday. Will post up some pics when time allows Cheers, Mitch
  7. Great Stuff Roberta, I grew up fishing the pipes and I can say that it is a fantastic place to fish. we chased flathead there for years on plastics and on the right tide there are some true monsters there. You mentioned about some interesting side creeks. i would definatly recommend venturing through these in mid spring to summer. you may ne surprised at the quality fish you cn pull out of there. Might see you up there one day I have a place at wyee Bay literally 100m walk to the pipes (although I don't live there) Mitch
  8. The MU45SP and sinking models Are great lures and can be fished in many ways. The most productive method I have found is either a slow roll or a continual twitching rettrieve, depending on where you are fshing. I recently had a day out where we threw nothing but MU's and ended up with around 25 legal bream and a host of flatties. They have a different action than that of the SX40 as they are a completely different lure and not designed to have the same action. If a tight fast action is what you are after then I would recommend looking at the Damiki Saemi, this lure has only just been rleased and is a gun lure on a host of species and the colours are just insane. Mitch
  9. Biggest Bream I have ever seen caught was about 10 years ago by a man fishing with gang hooks and pilchard tail. it was a monster and well over the 2kg mark. Personnaly my best is 49cm to the fork and 1.7ish KG from lake mac. Heaviest was also from the lake at 46cm and 1.84kg. See if i can russel up some pics MItch
  10. Thanks guys, Sorry for the late reply. All PM's have now been replyed to. Hodgey, the Vault is the Blade, there is also 2 new model blades coming out soon. I have quite a few boxes of the Bings and there great. They are a very soft but strong plastic, there hand poured. The 1.5" is a great finesse lure, im sure you'll have fun with it. the 4" would be great around the trees down your way too. Mitch
  11. don't be put off by the fresh in the river. the bream are still feeding. try slowing down your retrieve as much as possible. a lol of our bream came on the pause. Some of the time I would let my Vault sit for 30 odd seconds and a fish would hit it. With the pontoons Getting up underneath was the key. The bing lures and WOW grub were dynamite with the shrimp scent. the bream were also very high in the water and happy to hiy on the surface with Platics slow rolled out from the rock walls. Hopo you get dome. im off to get into a few cod next week for a bit of a change
  12. Hi Robert the Hawks is on fire at the moment, see my report regards sunday. Id be more than happy to post up some more exact spots if you would like. Who Shares wins Mitch
  13. HI Raiders, Decided to head down the Hawks on Sunday for a flick. In the middle of moving houses and the old man and little brother have been giving me a hand so it was decided the 3 of us deserved a day on the water. Got on the river around 0630, beatufil glassed out conditions and an almost high tide. Got the boat on the water and yep ot started pouring on us. Oh well a little water won't hurt ya. headed about 5k down river to one of my usual spots and the action started off the first cast. Not what we were chasing but a nice 60cm Lizard for my brother on the Damiki Vault. Action was fairly constant with the Flatties and thankfully a few good Bream started to come to the boat. All fish on our first run fell to a variety of Holographic Vaults, namely in the Iwashi colours. As the tide started to turn we moved to a few runs of pontoons. The little brother stuck to the Vaults as I went to a WOW Grub and the old man a D Grub. started a little slow with a couple of smaller fish. We finally came across a run of 5 pontoons with a lot of bream feeding. I flicked the WOW grub tight into the gap in the potoon and instantly drag was screaming and I was onto the first real decent one for the day. a mintue later a nice 1.3kg was netted and in the well. Meanwhile my dad has cast at the next pontoon and is calling for the net, before I knew it he self landed a prime kilo fish and we were all pretty happy. Next cast I was on again and another fish was brout to the boat. Things were looking good and then we came across the flatties again. A move was on the cards to a large drop off with a few nice boulders below. I persisted with the WOW grub and the others had on a Vault and 4" Bing. We all ended up hooking onto a few nice fish in this area with a couple nudging the kilo mark and a handful around 30cm. We were having a great day out and decided one more stop before heading home. we alternated between the Bings and Vaults and got onto a score of flatties with 2 around the 80cm mark a schoolie, some pinkies, a rogue flounder and a couple more Breambo's. All in all a damn geat day on the water and I can't wait to get my hands on the new 45 and 55mm Vaults for some field testing. The Hawks is firing at the moment, hope the Harbour is the same come Wednesday Mitch
  14. Im heading up to the Goldy in 3 weeks for a few weeks. I think at the moment I am flying though. If this changes id be happy to help out Mitch
  15. Hi Raiders, decided to put the Bream gear away for a change and chase some kings. Headed out around 0530 and started with getting a few squid for bait (its been a lot of years since anything other than a lure has been on my line). Stopped at the first spot and boated 11 squid. Decided to move to another productive spot with another ten or so and 5 cuttlefish to boot. Now all we needed to do was located some Kings. Stopped outside watsons after finding a big bait school and down went to squid. Almost instantly we had our first double hook up of the day. mine went 74 and the Mrs a 62. Things went quite after a while so we moved on. Stopped at another likely spot and a few other boats where around also. dropped a couple of strips and a couple of livies. Put a live cuttlefish down on the big gear as well. after about 5 mins the mrs rod is doubled over and she is struggling with a good fish so i grabbed the net and BANG off goes my rod and another double hook up with a nice par of kings in the boat. straight back in the water with another couple of baits and both rods doubled over again yeeeehaaaa. Next thing the rod with the Cuttlefish gets hammered and im on for the best so far. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz drag was screeming and then it changed direction and there was no chance of stopping it as it headed for the anchor rope. Really tightened the drag on it and POP, hung my head in shame and battled on. A few more kings landed here and then off to another spot where the missus landed the best for the day in the 80's. Off home with a couple of big kingy fillets and some good squid for the table. Decided to get some prawns, oysters, scallops and wine to really top the day off. Sorry for not posting pics. I have the pic of the Mrs biggun on my phone but it won't let me blueooth it to my computer. Ill try again and see if Ican get the pic up. Cheers Mitch