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  1. pocus

    Talpin Park With Pics

    Thanks for the pics. It was a good ramp, but now it's even better. I'm looking forward to start using it again.
  2. pocus

    Whalf Road Ramp

    Does anybody know if the ramp is completed?
  3. pocus

    Newest Gold Members

    My congratulations to both pelican and jewgaffer on their Gold Member promotion. Jewgaffer is a great bloke. He is always ready & willing to help anybody regarding any information & sharing his fishing knowledge. So it doesn't surprise me that he has been promoted. But maybe I'm a little bit biased as I have gone out fishing with him & he helped me catch my first Jewfish. He taught me everything I know when it comes to Jewfishing.
  4. pocus

    Fishraider Official Marine Park Poll

    I voted Thankyou for the opportunity
  5. pocus

    Fishing At Port Botany

    Last Friday night 28/12/07, Paul & myself went out fishing at Port Botany. Firstly we started the night going under Tom Ugly's bridge. It was a big quiet, but my mate Paul pulled out a nice Bream. After hanging around there for a couple of hours, we decided to go to in front of the runway. We were hanging around for around 1 hour but not getting many bites. As the tide started turning we were getting more bites. He pulled out a nice Jewfish ( amazingly enough, he pulled it out on a Prawn ) around 70cm long, about 3kg. Not long after that, I pulled out 2 nice Bream all over 700g each. Not long after that Paul joined me by pulling out a Bream. I also pulled out a couple of Whiting, so all in all, it wasn't too bad of a night. Fishing at Botany seems to be ok at the moment. Haven't seen many Flatties, but over the past month, I have pulled out a couple of Jewies there & a whole heap of Bream.
  6. pocus

    Looking For A Fishing Buddy

    It sounds great we should get together send me a pm and we will swap phone numbers and what area you in?
  7. I had a post before, but by the looks of things, it has been deleted. I'm looking for a fishing buddy. I have a 4m boat, with trailer, but I have no licence. I'm looking for somebody who with a car & towbar. I'll bring the boat, you bring the car. We can go halves with the cost of the bait or if you like, we can buy our own. I'll supply the fuel for the boat in exchange for you picking me up & dropping me off. I live in Bass Hill. I like to go fishing at Botany Bay any time and day, apart from Sundays. I'm very flexible. If interested, just PM me.
  8. had a great time with jewgaffer. I learnt a lot of information about jewies & the Taren Point area. Jewgaffer gave me some great tips that I will always remember. It was the first time that I ever caught a jewfish, I was so excited & am glad that he was there to help me get my first jewie. All in all I had a great time & look forward to going fishing with him again.