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  1. Just a tip on electric motor use! It doesn't matter if you are operating in 1 or 5, as these motors use the same amount of battery power. The only way to use less power is to set up a way of only using the motor in 1% increments which allows the motor to only draw the power it needs to operate! So if you are going to a spot use full throttle you will get there quicker and use the same power as using lowest setting and still have a lot of charge left.
  2. Might be a bit late to respond to this post! I have a number of kayaks mostly Jacksons. I have electric motors i use on 2 of them. Both sit on the side and absolutely useless if you don't have a rudder to steer with. Trying to steer with the motor your pushing against the kayak sideways whereas if you set the motor straight and use your rudder then it steers quite well. Goes without saying the bigger the rudder the better the steering! I use a 120ah dep cycle battery and you can run them almost flat which does them more good then harm, then I charge it on a battery charger that is made for the
  3. Mate forget it! The river is a mud hole after all the rain and the fish are on holidays!
  4. Still getting lots of heavy rain which has washed the prawns out. The Colo had a huge amount of water come down it which would have stuffed the bass habitats up. I was working on a property that fronts onto the Colo a couple of days ago and seen a huge sand beach that was not there before. Guess we will have to find where the bass set up there bases all over again, t's good fun anyway makes you work harder to find these great scrapers!
  5. Hi Dave Ater heavy rain where the river gets a lot of debris washed in I drift along Milson island shallows and more often than not get a bag of good size flatties. The island seems to filter the water on the run out tide. Jeff
  6. Total for the kids were 2 flathead, 7 jewfish, 3 mud crabs, 2 blue swimmers and 3 bream.
  7. Couldn't upload more than 2 photo's so put another one here!
  8. Took the grand kids for a fish to finish off there holidays and will take their older brother tomorrow as he has an extra days holiday. Jew fish, bream, flathead, mud crabs and blue swimmers made for a great day.
  9. Put the Kayak in for a quick flick this morning. Not one Bass had a go. There was virtually no insects flying near the water so I put that down to the lack of bass activity. The Colo was very serene but also a bit eerie with the smoke, no one else on the water, no fish or insects and only one water hen! Now I have too wait and see what todays fire activity brings. We were told it was to late to leave and seek shelter on 2 days and on high alert numerous days over the last couple of weeks.
  10. That's the way mate if they are around just keep trying different rigs and one is sure to take their fancy. Jeff
  11. I have used cat food in the past and found it ok . I use fresh rooster at times when I have to cull one or 2 and foung them pretty good but the fresh mullet is tops for me. Jeff
  12. Hi Raiders, What do you think of asking Raiders that are heading out where ever they are that have an iphone send a picture of the conditions and a quick observation on the state of the water so others that are thinking of going can decide whether or not by an actual report submitted by another Raider if it is safe for their size boat! There is too many boaters drive a fair way to find the conditions are unfavourable for their size boat and still launch anyway simply because they have arrived there and don't want to waste their time and turn around without trying. Too many boat
  13. Fresh mullet. There are a lot of mullet in the upper Hawkesbury Jeff
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