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  1. That's the way mate if they are around just keep trying different rigs and one is sure to take their fancy. Jeff
  2. I have used cat food in the past and found it ok . I use fresh rooster at times when I have to cull one or 2 and foung them pretty good but the fresh mullet is tops for me. Jeff
  3. Hi Raiders, What do you think of asking Raiders that are heading out where ever they are that have an iphone send a picture of the conditions and a quick observation on the state of the water so others that are thinking of going can decide whether or not by an actual report submitted by another Raider if it is safe for their size boat! There is too many boaters drive a fair way to find the conditions are unfavourable for their size boat and still launch anyway simply because they have arrived there and don't want to waste their time and turn around without trying. Too many boaters that do this have come to grief, maybe just one report could save a fisho's life. Jeff
  4. Fresh mullet. There are a lot of mullet in the upper Hawkesbury Jeff
  5. Yes I agree they taste nice but have far too many bones for me.
  6. I always have great luck during a long hot spell. They seem to be in abundance during the LLLLLLOOOOOOGGGGGHHHHHHOOOOOTTTTTT days!😈 The temperature in my tractor today read 45 degress at 1pm I stopped working at 3pm bathed in sweet.
  7. Yeah Joe, the only way is to keep close and watch them. It seems to happen more during school holidays! Maybe there is stupid people that think its funny to show their kids how to get crabs without having a trap and then find their too stupid to know how to take the crabs out so keep the trap as well ( my suggestion only) Jeff
  8. Day's Fishin

    Wrong turn

    I think this one made a wrong turn during the storm last night!
  9. The little bloke caught this one after calling it for a soapy.
  10. Set 5 traps with mullet for 1 good muddie. He was full of meat and one of the sweetest crabs I have had for awhile.
  11. Your not the only one who said that! Jeff
  12. We have been eating them for a couple of years now and I am not dead. My wife may have a different opinion. Jeff
  13. They do look like Coral crab however there is no coral anywhere near here.