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  1. spongy

    new pb kingfish Sydney harbour

    Hi Al, Great to see you getting another PB. Looking forward to more kingy reports from you.
  2. I had a similar issue with divers a while ago. I was fishing a reef and then a dive boat decides to anchor right next to me. The rules state you must steer clear of all divers when the blue and white dive flag is displayed. I was there first and so I didnt move. The divers got annoyed but really couldnt force me to go. A few days later, I wanted to get the opinion from Maritime. They confirmed that I did not have to move as I was there first, but you should try and respect the dive flag where ever possible.
  3. spongy

    Alex catches some more Kings!

    Thats a seriously good days fishing there. Congrats mate
  4. spongy

    Botany Bay Squid - Again

    With all the squid reports, I thought I'd give it a good shot this morning. Launched the yak around 6:30 into gloomy wet conditions. The sunshine soon came through, but along with it the wind picked up. Picked up a good squid within the first 10minutes, but that was it for the next 2 hours. Tried a few other spots but no luck. Then around 10:30 got a few more decent sized green eyes. Ended up with a total of 6 squid over 5 hours. Not as many as the other pro squidders on this forum, Hard work, but very enjoyable. - Jeff
  5. How much did the yamaha 80 cost you in the end? and how much was the suzuki?
  6. spongy

    Hoodie of the rocks

    top effort in anyone's book. Congrats!
  7. spongy

    Hoodie from the Heads

    Centurion and Chinamans have been fairly reliable but slimey number are dwindling fast. Where were the bonnies you picked up? I was looking for them as well. Alan, Im out this whole weekend but Tuesday sounds good. Let me know. I was in about 15m of water with the DR bomb around 10m down. Hope that helps.
  8. spongy

    Hoodie from the Heads

    Bait gathering was fairly easy today, with the trifecta of yakkas, slimeys and squid all before 6:30 this morning. Right in the turn of the tide , we downrigged the slimey around South head and within 30minutes, the rod tip bounces, but isn't released from the DR bomb. Thought it was a tiny rat that couldnt manage to break the rubber band. A little disappointed, I took my time bringing up the bomb. Then slowly the rod tip bounce get bigger and biggger. I pick up the rod and strike to snap the band and that woke up the king. After a good 10 minute fight, we manage to gaff this bad boy. 110cm PB after a big dry spell for me (first keeper for this summer), so feeling a bit relieved. Also managed to jig up 60cm rats all morning, in total about 9 kings for the day.
  9. spongy

    Bare island / la perouse

    Don't be afraid to use slightly heavier line to minimise the lost jig count. Otherwise it will become a very expensive day out.
  10. spongy

    Kayak Fishing

    Dude, We spoke on the phone when you were at Hen and Chicken Bay. We agreed to meet at Endeavour St at 6am. Don't remember? No sweat mate. Just forget about it.
  11. spongy

    Kayak Fishing

    Hey Paul, What happened last week? No show, and worse still no call or msg. Jeff
  12. spongy

    Propeller - 3 blade or 4 blade ?

    For those who are interested, I got the Solas New Saturn 15 pitch SS 3 blade prop. Definite improvement from the old prop. Pretty much better everything. - Smoother - Better hole shot - Better fuel economy - Slightly higher top end speed - WOT RPM is now 5550rpm Im thinking I could have gone the 4 blade, as my concern was that my WOT RPM would drop to low with the 4 blade, but I reckon it would drop by a couple of hundred RPM only, which is still ok.
  13. spongy

    Propeller - 3 blade or 4 blade ?

    Thanks for your replies. I decided on the 3 blade 15 pitch.
  14. spongy

    Propeller - 3 blade or 4 blade ?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I kind of knew the benefits of the 4 blade. Would I see those benefits in the real world, and would the 4 blade put too much extra load on the 70hp 2stroke, which already has its work cut out for it? I would imagine it would knock off a few more RPMs at WOT. The 70hp is probably a touch too small as it is. I don't want to unnecessarily sap more power by using a 4 blade, if it doesn't return any real benefits.
  15. spongy

    Propeller - 3 blade or 4 blade ?

    Hi, Im just after some advice on propeller choice. I need to replace my current prop. Set up as follows; - 4.8m glass cuddy boat - Yamaha 70hp 2 stroke (about 13 years old). - WOT runs at about 5000rpm - Current propeller: TurningPoint Alloy 13.5" x 15Pitch 3 blade Im after excellent fuel economy and good hole shot and acceleration. Don't care too much about top end speed, as I spend most of the time cruising at low to medium speeds up to around 25knots. Im guessing a new stainless steel 3 blade 15" pitch prop, will provide slightly better performance. Will going to a 4 blade with the same 15" pitch give me any additional benefits? Or will it just drop my WOT rpm too low? Cheers,