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    Quality Braid At A Good Price ?

    Hi David, I have used some of this cheaper bulk braid that you speak of. My opinion is that is seems to have the strength as promised, and I have yet to have the line break unexpectedly. The only negative thing I have found is that the profile of the line is not round and more rather flat like a ribbon (exaggerating of course). I seem to suffer line twist more so with this braid. Also the diameter of the line seems to be thicker than the better known brands available, so casting distances can be affected. I dont regret buying and trying cheaper gear, and will continue to do so. You just need to find a happy medium between price vs performance. I know there are many people who believe in "You get what you paid for", but I do not believe this entirely. I dont believe that a product that is triple the price is going to necessarily have triple the performance. If I purchase an alternative product for half the price and if it has 80% of the performance of the more expensive product, In most cases I would be satisfied. At the end of the day, everyone is different. everyone's budgets are different. Do some research and just suck it 'n' see..... Also it will promote competition, which is good for everyone. Jeff
  2. spongy

    Jigging Sydney Offshore

    Great effort. How come all your kingies look like they are singing????
  3. spongy

    First Post, First Kingy

    congrat on your first kingy. They are always good fun. Looks like the kingies have turned up in pittwater.
  4. spongy

    Boat Insurance

    Im currently with GIO. I did a quick quote with Club Marine tonight, and found Club Marine to be 30% more expensive. I think I'll stick with GIO for my boat. However, my cars and bike are insured elsewhere.
  5. spongy

    Yammy 70 2 Stroke Had A Hiccup

    Hi guys, Hoping some one here can shed some light on a small incident I had yesterday out on the water. After cruising for about 10 minutes going from spot A to spot B, pulling up to spot B, I notice the outboard running very rough at very low revs. I put it into idle and its just barely idling and then stops. I can't get it back up and running. After about 5-10 minutes it starts up again, but again very rough idle, but when I bring up the revs it feels all ok. Drop back into idle and again stops. Repeat the whole process again and 5 minutes later its back up and running roughly. I decide to make my way home, and after 15 minutes at cruising speed. I slow down to check the idle speed. To my surprise its all good - back to purring nicely as it should. I have never (over 4 years) had ANY problems with my Yamaha 70 2stroke until this incident. Starting and idling has never been a problem. Plugs have been replaced about 2 months ago. Can anyone advise what may have caused this? Im guessing either water in the fuel or bad fuel, etc. Thanks, Jeff
  6. spongy

    Yammy 70 2 Stroke Had A Hiccup

    Thanks Huey. I will remember to make sure the diaphram is replaced on next service. Geoff, I have a water separating fuel filter with drain plug. I did a visual inspection of the bowl and saw no water, but I will drain the bowl anyway to checck. Thanks again. Jeff
  7. spongy

    Yammy 70 2 Stroke Had A Hiccup

    Thx for your reply. Do you still think its a cracked diaphram, when after about 30min, its all working fine again? I would imagine if its something like a split or crack (or any physical damage), then it would continue to be a problem.
  8. spongy

    More Bonito On Sydney Harbour

    Good report Wobbler, I was going to get into a few of them on Sunday, but had the kids on board so ended up hitting the slimies near CG.
  9. spongy

    Trawling For Kingys

    Could be interesting if you end up with a double hook up
  10. spongy

    Trawling For Kingys

    Guys, when using the knife jig technique do you arm it with a hook as well? Or just use it purely as a weight? Im thinking you may as well arm it with a hook, but it may cause more snags and headaches....
  11. spongy

    Spit Bridge 6/7/09

    Good onya for giving it a go, and 6 LJ caught is 6 less tackle thieves......
  12. spongy

    Harbour Sunday

    Good work on the kings in murky water. I was at the bluff on Saturday in the rain - no luck. Where did you get the dozen squid from???? Cheers,
  13. spongy

    Advice On Buying A Fishfinder/gps

    I had an older B/W sounder on my boat and recently upgraded to a new basic B/W sounder. The difference was significant, with now being able to see multiple fish arches and not only seabad depth but what type of sea bed. Then I had the opportunity to upgrade to a 2nd-hand near high end colour sounder. The step up was amazing. I can now lock onto the seabed even at 30knots and can now survey so much more area than I used to in a shorter period of time. Im not sure whether to put this down to better quality electronics, or just pure increase in sonar power (600W RMS). There is also less false positive detection, and the arches are clearer and seem to show more individual fish. Whatever it is, I regret not upgrading sooner. So my recommendation is buy the best you can afford - There is a difference. At the same time, do some research so you don't waste your money on features you are unlikely going to use. In terms of whether to get color or black and white, generally color is better than B/W, but there are so many more important things to look out for which can easily make a higher spec B/W sounder far better than lower spec colour sounder. Just my 2c worth. Jeff
  14. spongy

    Friday In The Harbour - Now With Pics

    Nice day on the water boys. What a difference a decent color sounder makes aye? Jeff
  15. spongy

    A Day On The Bay

    Hey Penguin, Nice feed there. Did you find any squid around? If so whereabouts? Cheers, Jeff
  16. spongy

    Kings 8/6/09

    Hey Nick, Great hoodlums there. Where did you end up finding the squid? Cheers, Jeff
  17. spongy

    Help On Where To Get Squid

    Also if its raining or there's a lot of fresh water around, you should try to go deeper. Use a paternoster rig to get the jig down.
  18. spongy

    My Canoe

    Great work, with a lot of thought put into it. what size battery are you using at the moment? I have a 7Ah battery which I am hoping to run pump, sounder and lights off - not sure if its sufficient. let us know next time you are out and hopefully I can join you.
  19. spongy

    The Bait Is Back...

    Hi Simmo, Sounds like a good spot for bait. Any chance you could share this spot with me? Cheers, Jeff
  20. spongy

    Freaken Spewin

    Hey Kiro, I would put my money on a ray of some sort. BTW, when are we yakking together????
  21. spongy

    Easter Weekend Mixed Bag (botany Bay)

    Hey Dave, Where abouts did you get the yakkas? Any help is appreciated. The last few attempts had me luckless with the yakkas but instead heaps of undersized trevs. Cheers, Jeff
  22. spongy

    Attaching Pre-made Rigs

    I agree with Slinky, I use snap swivels with no problems so far. Recently I have upgraded the snap swivels with high quality ball bearing ones. Jeff
  23. spongy

    Rod Holders For Kings

    Why don't you just drop the drag whilst the rod is in the rod holder? You'll also be able to get it out of the holder easier too. I dont ever have a rod on full strike when its not in my hand. I have plastic flush mounts and I dont think it will ever be the weakest link. Jeff
  24. spongy

    Harbour Jew And King

    Hit the water at day break in my yak. Top conditions out there this morning. The day's objective was to score some take home kingies. Only using plastics and left over squid head. Hit the usual markers for nothing with the plastics. But had the squid head out on the troll - just in case..... Just as I gave up at one of the markers the squid head is taken. Have to paddle the hell away from the marker as we all know what will happen. Then grab the rod and fight the fish. It was heavy but didnt scream like kingies normally do. I figure its a flatty then. Then I get color of it - bright silver flashes. OMG, its a jew! and a decent one too! Quickly netted and Im stoked. I cant believe my luck. My first ever jew measures 70cm. Now armed with some new found confidence, I continue with the plastics - no bait left. Try some new markers and land a rat kingy - nice, but I need a keeper. Try another spot, and this one is better - Just. What more can I say, had a top day out on the yak. Not the biggest fish caught, but what a great combo.... Cheers, Jeff
  25. spongy

    Friday 13th / 3 / 2009

    Good one John, Where did get your squid from? Are there any slimies in the Bay at the moment? Cheers, Jeff