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  1. I've also read that Diggers Beach is a popular launch spot for kayakers around Coffs Harbour. Should be mackerel and longtail around, plenty being caught around SWR at the moment.
  2. If the more radical elements get their way yes. They are totally opposed to anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. Hunting, fishing, four wheel driving etc. They want us all to be vegan...being vegan is actually OK but forcing people to conform to your belief isn't. Especially when, not only does it do no harm, its a healthy lifestyle that make you appreciate and want to protect what we have.
  3. In the past, when I rock fished, we used to buy bags of stale bread from the local bakers. Not sure if you still can these days. Oh and this is on metro Sydney.
  4. The wharf at Merimbula is one of the local hotspots. I've usually fished it from around 4.00pm to dark; tide doesn't seem to really matter there. The fish are running into the lake to feed and from the wharf you can see schools of them swim past; these are the fish you're targeting. Fish between 8 to 10 foot down and I've found fishing just on the line where you can't see bottom is the better place. Also the left side of the wharf seems to fish better. You're lifting fish up to the wharf so you'll need to use a rod with a bit of spine in it; I use an MT4144. If you want to fish light then
  5. Bream will definitely take pilchards but if you're fishing in an estuary my pick is fresh or live prawns or small crabs. If you want bigger size bream use crabs as the pickers can't take them off the hook. Next best would be worms which also means a good chance of whiting by catch...yum. And if you can catch them fresh slimy, bonito or frigate strips the size of your thumb fished unweighted in a burley trail. But pilchards work too especially off the beach or rocks.
  6. Not always true but it is in my case. Parents were Italian from the northern mountains and the first time they saw the ocean was on the boat to here. Going in the water was just not on. I didn't learn to swim until I was almost 8 and I had to convince them that it was important that I learned. It would have been different if they had lived on a coastal area but being from a mountanous region being able to swim just didn't register.
  7. Yes watching where you want to fish for a minimum of 30 minutes is absolutely critical. Doesn't matter what the forecast is your eyes are a better tool. One of my favourite blackfish spots was the island at Stanwell Park. It actually fished best on a slight southerly swell but anything more than half a meter would kill you. Many a time I've walked back without climbing to it as I just didn't like the looks of it.
  8. Oh good lord this brings back so many memories of the same shows. A few years back they made an adult version of Harvey Birdman, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law. The Birdman and all the various other super heroes/villians had retired and gone into practicing law. It's absolutley a scream. Especially one episode where Fred Flintstone is a mafia don. You can see a sample of an episode here: Spot the Mole | Harvey Birdman | Adult Swim - YouTube Very much recommend watching the shows they are a great laugh.
  9. I used to do a lot of blackfish fishing off the rocks. C144 rod, alvey blackfish special sidecast, 8 pound mono main line with a 6 pound trace. I've used spin reels and just don't like them for this style of fishing; a centrepin types reel gives you much better line control. If your fishing places with little current spin reels are OK but I found centrepins much better in places where there is run. And try using a fixed float if the depth is less than a rod length, that often can work better too. Fishing for blackfish is terrible, there is a real risk that it's all you'll want to do!
  10. I checked the Minn Kota site for any info; have you tried this?
  11. Yes I've heard the same thing. I believe that if you want to eat fish raw freeze it first; kills any parasites and you can slice it very thin if it's still a little frozen when cutting. Cheers Rob
  12. Can you imagine how many more you would have caught if you didn't have bananas on board? Terrific day and well done!
  13. Hey guys the NSW DPI have a livestream tomorrow night about dusky flathead: https://www.facebook.com/events/369349024125954/ Apart from some fisherman like Starlo being on it one of the DPI research scientists will also be on. Could be a good way to find out what's really happening with duskies. Cheers Rob
  14. Depends on what your budget is. Also look at Simrad, Furuno and Raymarine. I've fish the same depths, or will be again, and have used Furuno in my previous boat and Simrad in my current one. Both are great. Cheers Rob
  15. If the science is saying that there is a problem with duskies, then what changes are being proposed for the commercial take? It is a shared fishery and, if the science is saying that there is a problem, then both commercial and rec anglers need to work together to fix it.
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