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  1. I know we all bitch about them but leatherjacket are not a bad feed. A few large ones when nothing else is biting isn't a bad result but yes I understand what you're saying.
  2. Thanks Donna; I wasn't sure if a link to the article was allowed. I really hope that this is a hoax cause it could be the beginning of a problem. I think they would compete with jewies for food which is the last thing they need.
  3. Just looking at the Fishing World site and they are reporting that a Newcastle angler caught a Japanese Sea Bass in the Hunter river, on fly, in the last couple of weeks. They have pictures and it's a pretty solid fish. It could have been transported in ballast water but the article states that others have been caught there and there may be a breeding population. If so they would be a fish to target. From what I've read they pull hard and are pretty good on the plate. And as ferals they need to go, who knows what problems they will cause for local fish species. That's if they have established a colony in the Hunter/Central Coast area. Cheers Rob
  4. Thanks that's a great idea; I'll call around closer to when I'm up there and see how it goes. Cheers Rob
  5. Yes so I found at Port Macquarie; out on a charter and asked the deckie if they chased mackerel in season. Big no on that but they do chase jewies on the full moon each month. Seem to get a few looking at their pictures so that is something I'm going to try. I may take the boat up to Coffs anyway and give it try; always in with a chance dragging some lures around.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm planning on going north in March/April this year to beat my PB on Spanish Mackerel. Should be easy as my current PB is 0! Given that I've not chased them before I wouldn't mind a charter that would target them, if anyone has any charters that they recommend please let me know. FYI pretty flexible for area so anywhere from Ballina to SWR would be great. Oh and pm's please. Cheers Rob
  7. If you ever get stung by these pouring very hot water on them is supposed to reduce the pain...I think not getting stung is the far better option.
  8. That's a familiar looking ledge; used to be my go to blackfish spot for a number of years. Caught some cracking fish there especially in the autumn...enjoy!
  9. Jiggy

    dogbox is back

    Same here; was caring for a parent with dementia then had a heart problem. As I'm getting on top of that developed a hand issue that needed surgery. Haven't had the boat in water for at least 2 years. Had my first fishing trip in a long time recently, charter out of Port Macquarie and a couple of nights spinning the wall, and it felt great. Next job is getting the boat wet again. Cheers Rob
  10. You could try a trolling sinker or make your own. Just get a large bean sinker and put a swivel in front and behind on a short piece if mono. You really don't want it to move much and I would also place a bead between the swivel and sinker. If you search for trolling sinkers you'll see what I mean. How far they sink depends on the sinker size and distance behind. Look at the attached guide as a chart. I'd start with 100 grams which is around 4 ounces and adjust from there.
  11. Look at Simrad Multi function displays like the EVO3 series. You can bolt onto them all these functions and for your budget you could go for either a single 12 or 16 inch screen or even a couple of 9 inch ones. I have a 16 inch EVO2 with all bells and whistles; it's pretty awesome. I just need to use it a lot more! Cheers Rob
  12. With level 1 restrictions you can: wash non-commercial vehicles and buildings at any time using a bucket, a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or high pressure cleaning equipment clean garbage bins and bin wash bays using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or high pressure cleaning equipment flush boat engines using a specially designed flushing device attached to the hose clean bilges and essential safety components on boat trailers, such as brakes and wheels using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or high pressure cleaning equipment. I can't find much on level 2 but I suspect that, while the washing of cars/boats may be banned, the flushing of motors and trailers would still be allowed. We'll have to wait and see what gets published when it's announced.
  13. You could also look into doing a local charter; it can be a way to pick up tips and tricks for the local area. Cheers Rob
  14. Hooked a big one at Molineux Point a few years back, fishing four pound mono to the hook and it took a prawn. Fought it for over an hour and finally got it to the boat where it shook it's head and the hook pulled out. It was well over a meter in size. Hooked a decent one in the Merimbula river one night, near the mouth, in less then a meter of water when chasing bream. There were a lot of tailor around and I think it was chasing them. Took a strip of slimey and eight pound mono to the hook. Ran out mid river and started shaking it's head; I though great there's only sand here and all I have to do is be patient as there isn't anything it can run into. Apart from a boat anchored about 150 meters away in the opposite direction it had run. Fish did a U-turn and wrapped me around the anchor in one big run. Fished there the next few nights with big baits and heavier gear for a stack of bream, tailor and a few crabs and not one touch from a jewie. So the secret to hooking jewies is to not fish for them. Buggered if I know what the trick is to land one though. Cheers Rob
  15. Thanks guys for the input, I'll let you all know how I go. Knowing my luck with jewies I won't get a touch when fishing for them but will hook a big one when fishing for blackfish. With weed. D'oh! Cheers Rob