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  1. Jiggy

    REPOWER or New Boat ???

    What Jeff has said makes a lot of sense, bur as you have a green light to buy there is no harm in looking around. There are some very nice boats for sale that are a lot less than 23 years old and in very good condition. You can pick up something that needs no work at all and with well maintained recent build engines. But then you'll have the problem of what do I do with the old boat! Cheers Rob
  2. I saw of the Sydney Harbour RFH facebook page that a marine scientist has admitted that no studies have been done on the proposed lockout areas. It would be too expensive to do these sort of studies. So this basis of the proposed lockouts is because we can or my kids drew a pretty picture on a map. What a joke. Cheers Rob
  3. Jiggy

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Could it be for a stringer, I think that's the correct name? A bamboo\glass pole that was used to set live baits at certain depths when using a handline. Cheers Rob
  4. I've read the info and I find it a total joke that recreational angling is an environmental threat greater than global warning, pollution etc. What a load of crap. Anyway survey done! Problem with it though is that some greeny can sit on their machine and fill this out multiple times. Oh that's right they don't do things like that.
  5. Jiggy

    Stripeys etc

    You can also troll small skirts about 10 to 15cm long, in any colour as long as it's pink, at 5 to 6 knots (9 to 10 km an hour). Run as many as you like but at different distances so you don't tangle. When you get a hit keep trolling and you can often get multiple strikes. Mostly bonito and stripies but salmon, tailor and kings can jump on too. I've done this off SWR an Coffs and a few times it's resulted in huge runs and very cranky mackerel or longtail! Cheers Rob
  6. Jiggy

    Ocean access between South West Rocks and coffs

    You can also launch at Minnie Water which is not far from Wooli. It's a lagoon launch and reasonably safe. Check it out and see what you think.
  7. Jiggy

    Port Stephens- winter reds

    Eat him, one less to worry about.
  8. Jiggy

    Lets smash this record Raiders !

    As I am one of the greatest SB fishers in the Sydney area I'll see if I can smash the record over the next few months. Cheers Rob
  9. Jiggy

    Boat Cover

    Hi Guys, I need a new boat cover and was wondering if anyone could recommend anyone to me. Boats is at Fairfield and ideally I'd like a mobile service. I know there are a couple around but I don't know anyone that has used them. Cheers Rob
  10. Jiggy

    wooli advice

    I was a member on another now defunct site and one of the members lived at Minnie and launched a 7 metre plate boat from there. But he did use a tractor and not a car. I've been there and, though I haven't launched from there yet, I'd be comfortable launching my 6 metre console boat from there. That's the plan later in the year chasing snapper. I've been told that the trick is to be quick, if you take too long you'll start to sink into the sand. Cheers Rob
  11. Jiggy

    wooli advice

    You can also launch at Minnie Water, it's a beach launch into a lagoon with no bar crossing involved. It's just 10 km up the road from Wooli. Cheers Rob
  12. Jiggy

    Mid north coast

    Minnie Waters Beach launching; I used to be on another fishing site and one of the members lived at Minnie Waters most of the year. He used to launch a 7 metre platey from there, with a tractor, often solo. He said it was OK as long as you were quick otherwise you'd get stuck. It's in the corner of the lagoon so swell isn't much of an issue though I guess you can have good and bad days. I was up around there a couple of years ago, not fishing, and there were plenty of boats being launched and no one seemed to be having trouble. It was April and a lot of Spanish and snapper being caught. May be trying it out myself come March/April, wouldn't try Wooli as it scares the crap out of me. If bar and beach crossings are a no go then try Coffs. Still good fishing wise with a ramp in the harbor and lots of things for the non fishing people to do. Cheers Rob
  13. + 1 to what Hookup said. I don't often use bait but when I do I'll try to catch it on the day; bonito, squid, slimies etc. Treat them as if you're going to eat them, knock them on the head then into a slurry. Any bait left over I salt then freeze. Squid is frozen as is without salting or touching fresh water. If you're not sure about how to salt watch this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnAUTIvBS4A Only difference is I freeze the bait after 24 hours. Cheers Rob
  14. Jiggy

    motorguide xi5 gps

    I have the Xi5 and think it's great, but if I was to buy a new one tomorrow I'd get a Minn Kota. Only reason is that some Minn Kota models have self deploy, one touch of a button lowers and raises it. Yes I'm a lazy bugger. Cheers Rob
  15. Jiggy

    Having Fresh bait

    Many bait shops sell live bait, usually blood worms and sometimes nippers. These are excellent baits to use so try them if you can get them. Whiting are suckers for blood worms and you'll also get bream and flathead on them. The downside is the pickers like them too! Cheers Jiggy