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  1. They are looking to ban any activity that causes an animal/fish physical or psychological distress. So hooking a fish, tagging a fish, using a fish as live bait, putting a fish into a livewell for release later and pretty well any other fishing related activity could be banned. Now at the moment there is an allowance that fishing is excluded, but that won't last long. They will also prevent farmers ear tagging their stock, branding them, desexing them, transporting them, sending them to slaughter or anything else really as it can cause the animals psychological harm. Basically we are all supposed to turn vegan is the final aim of the proposed legislation. Act or we will all be in trouble.
  2. I've been reading about this on FB. While there is some merit to some parts of this other aspects of it are worrying. I suspect that it could be a wedge to get more restrictive laws in place further down the road. The one thing about it though is that the National Party is actually sponsoring this proposed legislation in state parliament. I can't figure out why as yet. The Hunters Federation has reviewed the legislation and there analysis of it is here: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/sfp2015/pages/766/attachments/original/1630201449/AHI_Animal_Welfare_Discussion_Paper_Response_.pdf?1630201449&fbclid=IwAR2hM1huTwpDLjqIEaSr-733ZhzlFjpeU6j7VwnCDQyBYa2fAUZVnnodE5g I also saw this post by someone who may have a legal background: https://www.facebook.com/groups/531383587069186/posts/1847093148831550 While more focused on hunting he does have this opinion about fishing: RECREATIONAL FISHING WOULD BE LARGELY BANNED • Just fishing for fun would not be allowed, as it is ‘unnecessary’ unless the species is a pest such as redfin or European Carp. • Fishing for Native Species could be permitted if numbers ever became problematic. • Catch and release of any fish would be classed as abuse. • Trout stocking would come under immediate attack, and then there would be a policy conflict between the animal rights movement between ‘animal rights activists and ‘conservationists’ over the fate of any self-sustaining introduced fish stock such as trout, with any fishing focussing upon eradication. Also if you look at Emma Hursts FB page on this it's pretty clear that they are not our friends and would be happy to ban most forms of outdoor sports and animal husbandry. It's something we each need to make our minds up about. For me it's a no as we would suffer for it at some time. Cheers Rob
  3. Guys if processed correctly dragon snapper make excellent table fare. Once caught carefully remove a piece, thread onto a hook and lower it into the depths to catch snapper, pearlies, flathead etc. Then eat these. When processed like this dragon snapper make great eating.
  4. I've recently saw a post on FB about dry aging a dragon snapper and how well it tasted. Now dragon snapper is a new one to me so I had to have a look...oh dear: https://www.facebook.com/groups/640027366912959 So now I guess I have to call myself the greatest dragon snapper fisherman in Sydney. Or will once I can fish again post lockout. Still not sure about eating one though. Cheers Rob
  5. I recall reading about one such incident involving two brothers and one’s wife. The shark bit the bow and took out a chunk. All survived but the three were in the water for hours with the shark circling. But from m memory that involved a tiger shark estimated to be around 6m. Yes that's the one I'm thinking of, it was the early 90's by memory. I was out the day after this boat was sunk near there and guess who came to check us out! I saw it on the sounder first as it came up behind us; the sounder drew it as a perfect shark image. I had a 14ft predator tri hull at the time and the great white was longer and almost wider, it was a big unit. Gave us a once over and kept going. Awesome and scary at the same time.
  6. ...including a mate from Wollongong who had their 21ft fibreglass boat sunk by one (true story for another time). Here are the photos from the trips. Was that off Belambi/Wollongong a few years back now?
  7. I suspect that the salmon are feeding on eyes or something similar. Very tiny fish that are almost transparent. Once they start feeding on them they won't take anything unless it's tiny and white or clear. I've given up trying to catch them when they are on those.
  8. I've caught stacks on 100gm slow pitch jigs. Just bring them up as you would for snapper and they jump on them. As there is no bait smell on your tackle I rarely have a bite off. And the schools show up nicely on the sounder, so they are easy to find. Smaller jigs may work better but I do OK offshore with the larger ones. Cheers Rob
  9. Gee I used to fish around there too. More often though we'd climb around the gate and fish further around the cove and around Mrs Macquaries Chair. Just before there, inside the cove, was a real hot spot for most anything when there was a big blow on. Other times a cast straight out from the chair was good and all around the cove was pretty good for jackets. Well that was if we stopped mucking around and actually concentrated on fishing.
  10. Gee that brings back memories too of fishing the harbour in the mid seventies when I was a kid. We fished around Milsons Point mostly. The tactics then were long cast out from directly under the bridge for bream and trevally and some big bags were taken, not so much by us but we had the odd day. It was a great learning curve for me as I came from a non fishing family, I pretty well was self taught up to then. The guys that were fishing there taught me a lot about rigging, knots and bait presentation. Stopped fishing there when one of has bought a car and we didn't need train transport. I do recall that for a few months each year, and I think it was early winter, there was a run of snapper in the harbour. Pan size to maybe a kilo and they were a regular by catch when fishing for bream. Oh to be 14 again.
  11. If you'd like to go offshore with a mate that has limited mobility a charter may be a good option. I know an excellent one at Yamba, drop me a line if you'd like their details. Cheers Rob
  12. Hmmm for me: 1 = Tusk Fish 2 = Pearl Perch 3 = John Dory 4 = Blue Eye 5 = Whiting/Garfish 6 = Pink Ling 7 = Snapper 8 = Flathead Yeah I can't count too well but these are my favourites. I've also heard that teraglin are pretty good but haven't had the pleasure yet. Once the lockdown is over a trip to Yamba may sort that.
  13. I've also read that Diggers Beach is a popular launch spot for kayakers around Coffs Harbour. Should be mackerel and longtail around, plenty being caught around SWR at the moment.
  14. If the more radical elements get their way yes. They are totally opposed to anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. Hunting, fishing, four wheel driving etc. They want us all to be vegan...being vegan is actually OK but forcing people to conform to your belief isn't. Especially when, not only does it do no harm, its a healthy lifestyle that make you appreciate and want to protect what we have.
  15. In the past, when I rock fished, we used to buy bags of stale bread from the local bakers. Not sure if you still can these days. Oh and this is on metro Sydney.
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