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  1. Yes indeed Lake Lyell; I've not fished it but I want to give it a shot one time. Thanks for that. Cheers Rob
  2. Some other places you could try are Pejar Dam near Crookwell, Lake Wallace (Wallerawang) and Thompsons Creek Dam at Lithgow. I've caught good trout in all of them. I believe that Wallace now has redfin in it so if the trout aren't biting you can target them instead. I only use lures so celtas, tassie devils, tiger minnows, soft plastics. All of them work on a given day and trout will totally ignore them on a given day too. Good Luck Rob
  3. A couple of excellent answers here. Don't forget to use berley too, especially if chasing bream, drummer, trevally etc.. A handful of soaked bread into the wash every few minutes works a treat. Mix into it some pilchard pieces or prawn heads plus some bits of weed helps too. You want to soak the bread so it sinks and breaks up into small pieces; if it floats you'll feed the seagulls instead. This will attract fish from a wider area and concentrate them where you're fishing. Fish light and fish your feet. Oh and to source bread try your local bakers. Some will sell you a bag of stale bread
  4. I just did a quick search on a boat sales site for WA and new Ocean Master 640 Challengers came up as in your budget range. I don't know anything about them but this is the makers site: http://www.oceanmasterboats.com.au/challenger-series.html Can't hurt to have a look at one. Dealer is in Fremantle. Good luck new boat hunting is fun kinda sorta.
  5. I couple of times when I've been at Nambucca I've seen the bait in that area getting harassed by something; this was at night and there were some big explosions happening. In your opinion kings or something else? Oh and yes kings had been seen during the day when this was happening. Oh and yeah the gear was at home, no leave pass allowed Cheers Rob
  6. Yes usually impossible. But sometimes you get lucky; landed a 7.5 pound drummer on 8 pound mono one time at Stanwell Park. Talk about a fluke!
  7. Back in the day we used abalone gut for good results; sadly banned now and no longer available. Like Noelm said peeled prawns or bread. Cabbage weed works great for drummer but it has to be rigged properly. Light blackfish rod, centrepin with 8 pound mono and a properly weighted float. You'll hook plenty of drummer with that setup...won't land them but you will hook them.
  8. I've heard that redfin are in Walarawang now too. Not sure what it'll do to the trout fishery there.
  9. As PaddyT said no river fishing as the season is closed. Give Lake Lyell a go instead. It's stocked with bass and trout and has redfin in it. Cheers Rob
  10. No I don't have a slow cooker, no doubt that brisket would turn out very well in one.
  11. Brisket is one of those cuts of meat that needs to be cooked slow otherwise it's tough. It's often one of the prime cuts for long slow smoking and, lets be honest, a slice of brisket that's been slow smoked is pretty awesome. If like me you aren't geared up to do long slow smoking try this next time you a mood for some brisket: Season (dry rub, salt, pepper whatever you prefer) then put in the fridge overnight. If possible rest on a rack so that it stays dry. Pre heat your oven to 165 C. Slice up an union than fry that in butter until it softens then add some garlic, rosemary a
  12. In my younger days we'd think nothing of getting up at midnight and driving 7 hours to hunt all day. Then drive back the same day as we had work/life obligations. I'm not that crazy anymore...well maybe a little. I'll have to do this again soonish, I really liked those tuskies.
  13. Yeah and say at least we'll get a flathead or two as an extra incentive. The bakers will jump into the boat then.
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