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  1. I have a 499 Stacer (Really 5.1 Metres) centre console. Ithink it would be squishy as with 3 adults and 2 kids. That said my girl isn't built for family outings. Tiller and side consoles give you more deckspace but when fishing alone I like the balanced feel of a centre console and I can walk all the way around for fishing. Here is my review on my boat.
  2. Looks like a baby Flattie
  3. Sea Ranger


    Agree, I don't want a tap failing,, If a plastic bung fails worse case scenario I go for a swim and screw in a new one. I wouldn't want to be changing a tap with seas.
  4. Wish you aspeedy return to fishing mate
  5. Ok update. I called Garmin Australia today and explained the issue. They started a ticket for me and requested a few photos and video of the unit and receipt. Very helpful on the phone. I have my fingers crossed that they can help me out.
  6. I removed it from the dash and checked all connections. 12.8 volts at the plug. No corrosion evident. I put it back together and no change
  7. Ok I uploaded a video to YouTube Garmin 75SV Shutting down problem
  8. Hello All, I was getting the boat ready to get wet this week and testing my fishfinder to ensure it came on. It did but then shut off after aboout 20 seconds or so. Now I get the Garmin screen , loading maps and it goes into basic setup. Which country, language, units etc. Somewhere along those steps as it changes everytime I try, it just freezes and the unit turns itself off. The manual states to reset it go into settings, however I can't get that far to do a reset. I can't find a hard reset on the internet either. Has anyone had similar issue and have any idea of what I can try. Thank you Bear
  9. Did you make this dish?
  10. That’s a stonker! Great looking fish
  11. Yeah but once Yowie is sunk he will probably take up spear fishing and still out do the rest of us lol.
  12. I used uni to uni for a numbers of years. I just couldn’t get the fg correct until I got the daiichi tool. Now the fg is my go to knot for Braid to Fluro.
  13. I’m hoping to get my boat wet in the Hacking to start with then catch up with Derek for some Kingies. My youngest son in Uni wants to catch kingies this year so that will be our focus.
  14. I have a good mechanic in Ingleburn. I guess it depends on how close you are
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