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  1. Sea Ranger

    What would you buy for 45k?

    agreed I looked at the Surtees and Barcrusher models under 5m with cuddy cabins. The cabin was nice but boy did it take away from usable floor space. If you bait fish out the back 2 people tops in my mind would work. Casting would be difficult unless you just flick. Bear
  2. Sea Ranger

    Unusual catch

    Catch and release or catch and release with a bigger hook in his snout lol
  3. Sea Ranger

    underwater shots

    I like the last one
  4. Sea Ranger

    What would you buy for 45k?

    I was recently in this situation. I went with the Stacer Sea Ranger 499. If you are near me you are more than welcome to look at my boat. It is made in their plate boat factory or area and has 4mm sides and bottoms. The floor is welded 3mm checker plate. I have not had her offshore yet nor in any real seas. The worst was in Pittwater this last Sunday with a bit of chop and it handled just fine. My last boat was a Haines Hunter 520sf and I would say I'm very pleased with the new boat. Bear
  5. Sea Ranger

    Boat burns in Sydney Harbour

    Wow, glad everyone is ok. I hope no Raiders lost their boat today. Burning Boat Sent from my iPad
  6. Sea Ranger

    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    We put out from Brooklyn as well on Sunday. We went upstream a ways and put our traps in. We got 5 nice crabs in 3 hours. Bear
  7. A long but interesting read. It does make a lot of assumptions that should be taken at just that.
  8. Sea Ranger

    Sydney's Top Fishing Spots

    Lol Ryder. I’m sitting here reviewing where we went on Sunday and planning next weeks fishing buy looking through my two favourite books. My cover is nicer btw.
  9. Sea Ranger

    My Stress Free new to me Boat

    I bet you didn’t get as wet as we did in my center console today.
  10. Sea Ranger

    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    Well if they are paddler they can be poisonous so be careful. They look like the Coral Crab to me Bear
  11. Sea Ranger

    PB by catch

  12. Sea Ranger

    Trolling a slapstick for kings

    Well if you let me know where I promise not to tell a soul
  13. Sea Ranger

    Garmin vs Lowrance vs Raymarine vs Furuno etc

    I originally wanted the HDS Live 7 or 9 before getting the Garmin (Packaged with my boat) Do you know if the Navionics shares actual soundings of the surrounding structure or just marks? Bear
  14. Sea Ranger

    Garmin vs Lowrance vs Raymarine vs Furuno etc

    For anyone interested in purchasing a new Garmin at the moment till the end of Jan 2019 Garmin is giving away a free Bluechart G2 Vision HD set of maps worth about $400 AUD. Bear
  15. Sea Ranger

    Stabicraft 1550 fisher

    Yes I bought new. I went with a Stacer Sea Ranger 499. I went with 4mm sides and bottom. 3mm checker plate welded floor 90hp Yamaha Overall had more room inside than the Stabi or the 495 WL Barcrusher. I think the build quality on the Stabi and BC are better but not much room on board.