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  1. Sea Ranger


    I guess it's like fishing. What do you want to do with it?
  2. Sea Ranger


    I've been flying RC aircraft for a number of years no Mrs Swordy. I've been flying camera and racing drones for the last 5 years what do you need to know? Bear
  3. Sea Ranger

    cmap vs navionics

    I think that location is key. Some areas one might show more detail than another for a given plotter. Throw in the wrench that Garmin just bought Navionics so we will see how that fares in the future. Bear
  4. Sea Ranger

    Trolling for Kings

    In the early 80s when I was a teenager I worked my summers on charter boats on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin USA. We always used downriggers, outriggers and planing boards. Good fun it was. We only targeted salmon. have any of you tried these ? Downriggers Bear
  5. Sea Ranger

    Trolling for Kings

    Pics guys, put some pics up of these lures Bear
  6. Sea Ranger

    First outing - Squid

    We used to get heaps of arrows off Bundeena wharf at night before they posted no fishing on the wharf
  7. Sea Ranger

    Sounder help for a newbie

    You are in the water when you took these pictures yes?
  8. Sea Ranger

    Fishing goal this summer

    I want to get my son catching more fish. We will be targeting big Flathead, Snapper and Kingies. Bear
  9. Sea Ranger

    First outing - Squid

    Cheers mate. I thought I knew of most all the ramps in the Hacking and your pic wasn't familiar. Nice looking ramp though.
  10. Sea Ranger

    First outing - Squid

    Hey Busy, We get a lot of squid out of the Hacking. Which ramp is your picture at? Bear
  11. Sea Ranger

    Newcastle fish ID (Longfin Pike)

    It sure looks like one to me mate.
  12. Sea Ranger

    Transducer installation help

    Gee that sux,, hopefully you get into the fish tomorrow. Does the traditional 2d sonar still work? Bear
  13. Sea Ranger

    The process for buying new boat?

    Ohh btw yes I changed my user name. I've been on here for 13 years and didn't think Noo2Oz was fitting any more. OK found a new boat that I want to purchase. It didn't have the max size motor and I wanted that. Dealer was happy to order in a new motor to hang on the back. Dealer states normally when ordering a new motor it must be paid for in full prior to their ordering it. Price sorted Deposit made What usually comes next? Should I pay half (which covers the cost of the motor) and the other half when the motor comes in? Pay all now? It is a new boat with a new motor should I request a sea trial before delivery? it's only a 4.99 tinny however I want to do things correctly. Cheers Bear
  14. Sea Ranger

    quick squid session

    Wow nice squid. ? Yummy Bear
  15. Sea Ranger

    port hacking trevally

    We just had a discussion on Crabbing Here . I was curious on handlining them too. Bear