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  1. Good to see your keeping busy Zoran!! I haven't been out much either. so I can't throw stones 😜 Bear
  2. I guess this was my biggest concern. My switch kills everything from the positive side of the batteries so I assume this is the same as disconnecting.
  3. Do I just tighten the large nut in the centre of the Helms wheel?
  4. Hi all. Fishing less often as the chill rolls in. Do you disconnect totally or switch off your batteries if you are not going to use the boat in a couple of weeks or more? Bear
  5. Glad you are enjoying your sounder. I got the blue charts upgrade and my 75sv works for me.
  6. Hey Fab. Have you thought about mounting a GoPro or something on your trailer looking at the area and driving around so that you get some video and sound of your coupling. Video is worth a thousand guesses Bear
  7. I'd suggest 16lb mono and fast action for seagulls mate 😎
  8. Great news to hear you are back on the water Fab At least you caught one bigger than this
  9. Another huge can of worms. What gear to tow with I do not tow in Overdrive. Any gear of 1:1 or higher is very hard on your gearbox. That limits me to 80k/hr so that my tow vehicle isn't revving it's head off. Bear
  10. I'm glad you got a hold of someone. I'm still waiting :)
  11. I did, so hopefully I get the reply. I would have to think the link Paddy has put up is the most current and correct. That said DPI did not instill confidence when they were unsure themselves. Bear
  12. Ok lovely lady from DPI is looking for us and will send me an email when she clarifies it with others. She is going to check the legislation as well. She was not sure as she could see the closure but did not see it listed on the current website. I did comment that a simple guide would be much appreciated lol Bear