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  1. Drum winch is much better ,i have a windlass, it's a pain
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a kayak repaired ,it had a hole in the tube bit that the trolley goes in, it's just an eBay special, but my son loves spending his days cruising about on it
  3. Truckenman Truck wash isn't any good for washing cars or boats due to that it removes any polish and wax,use a wash and wax type that way your once a season polish stays on there for as long as possible
  4. Nathan I got the carbon fibre poles and had Garry make me sleeves to stop any wear from removing the poles every trip I've also had the glass poles on my old. Boat, they where good too,I didn't have sleeves made for them as they where glued into the bases You won't be disappointed with either pole Cheers
  5. I bought both riggers and a shot gun pole from Garry, I also wanted internal slieving, that went inside the poles and extended out of the base and then into my rigger bases and my rocket launcher,I thought this would be a massive pain for him, he smiled and said, no problem, let me take some measurements and a couple days later he had turned up the slieves,and organised a whole kit,just too easy And by the way the poles are stiff and light,my last poles where whippy and when it got rough and choppy, the lures would come hurtling out of the water as the poles whipped back and forth Outrigge
  6. if you can remove the hooks its always better,obviously if your going to damage them doin it dont ,ive tried most methods removing them ,but holding them by there bill to keep them off your head and removing with the other hand works,ive tried hook out poles with some succes but can be frustrating 2 seasons ago we caught a stripe that had a hook in its throat latch and had barnicles about the size of a cricket ball,pretty much blocking its mouth,it was a very lean fish i use a bill rope on all fish to settle them while being towed,and then remove hooks and then revive the use of a bill rope
  7. to get the lures swiming faster remove the trebles and just run one single hook on the belly of the lure,depending on the hook you run you may need two split rings or just the one,
  8. it will be around 50 % cheaper with the optimax,with all things being equal with the boat,if its only a couple of grand,you will get that back in fuel
  9. if we are talking braid,,light stuff,slim bueaty,heavier pr knot
  10. trevally is ok ,but i had some amberjack the other day and it was awesome,i pretty much eat everything shashimi now days
  11. volvo should be ahsamed of themselves for the way they treated you,piss poor
  12. unplug the transducer,and then run it in demo mode
  13. you will definetly need chain as it cushions the lift of the boat so the boat doesnt directly tug on the anchor with the rise and fall of the swell and sea
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