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  1. Slinky, are you sure you're not a sales rep for ABU in disguise? You sure have exposed the FR community to these great soron STX's, even I am thinking of an excuse/use to buy one.
  2. Search for Blue Mackerel in google.
  3. Same deal with me, millions of follows but not nearly enough strikes. Only from the odd tailor. Can't wait for summer to see how I have improved.
  4. Awesome footage mate and great results Would love to be flicking plastics on the flats at the moment but too caught up with work. Nice to see that the investment in the Yak has paid off, do you bother using your tinny anymore? And that turtleback worm on the sleeper rod works again =P. Keep it up Monch
  5. Its always better to learn from your mistakes earlier and on cheaper gear Reading this section of the forum will definitely get your knowledge up to scratch, Slinky and Alan Tani know just about everything there is to know about reel maintenance. Whether you actually perform the maintenance is another issue, the one which I am struggling with. Btw I have a sedona and i think its due for a service as well, would it be possible for you to tell me how much shimano charged you for it? It would be wonderful if you could PM me your reply
  6. Topwater fishing is the best, don't you just love it when you see a big black torpedo follow your lure and smack it on the surface with explosive force. Great catch btw
  7. Good catch mate, congrats @SAfisho: wow, great info there. Thanks for sharing it
  8. Lucky seeing yakkas let alone slimies there, couldn't see any around yesterday, although i didn't even bother bringing bread. And i'm pretty sure we get the shit end of the stick trying to get slimies landbased. They just seem so much more finicky than out at sea with the boaties pulling in string loads on sabiki jigs. I swear we are being much more stealthy with light line, no weight, tiny hooks and slow wafting baits into a nice trickle of bread berley. I have had more luck in the past with getting small slimies than larger ones though.. guess they are less wary and shy at a young age lik
  9. Hi Kram, to fishraider and there is no problem with starting with a question, in fact it is enjoyed as you can see from the wealth of information being immediately poured into this topic. You will find that more specfic questions such as yours will have more responses and more useful information than a generic question that requires a textbook to answer... so your on the right track I started off with 6lb fireline which is a fused braid that is thicker in comparison to the 'true' woven braids. As mentioned earlier, your braid being 8lb and fused will be stiffer and hold more memory tha
  10. That is HUGE, look at the girth on that thing Congrats mate
  11. A quick search on google tells me that the RJ one is a rear-drag version of the FJ one. Rear drag meaning the drag is on the bottom of the reel as opposed to on the top of the spool. I was once told that most reels are designed front-drag now because it allows the drag washers to be larger and thus possibly give more drag for the same amount of pressure on the washers, or give the same drag with less pressure. I would go with the normal FJ one. The Symetre whilst being a good value for money reel and highly recommended by most people is inferior to the Stradic. I don't think you get a spa
  12. Great stuff Ray, been a while since your last fishing report, good to see you back at the game Great pictures and that's a lovely looking drop-off in that 2nd picture. Monch
  13. Great results mate, and lol sweep.. who was that guy kidding Yeh, pitching decent sized livies on 2-4kg bream gear sure does feel weird, but it gives results lol, got my first king (60cm rat) doing that for fun. Also, what reel were you using which carked it on 1.5kg drag? Monch
  14. If i go for a lure only session, i usually stick to it. Once in a while though i bring a few slices of bread with me and once the bites slow down on the lures, i mash up the bread for burley and also use it as bait to get some live baits. I can then choose to use them live or cut them up to catch more bait or other fish. Although having lure only sessions seems to help you learn faster, Last time i took some bread along "just in case" i stumbled upon a school of garfish and converted it into my first kingy so you never know...
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