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  1. corro

    Weipa 2019

    Top quality photos! What camera is that?
  2. Great effort in such a short time! Solid session.
  3. corro

    Port Hacking

    I've found cormorants in the hacking the most annoying. One repeatedly went for my sp even after being hooked and released.
  4. Sounds like an awesome session! I've never actually caught a pilchard before but they are hardly cheap either!
  5. I saw a video of your shark hanging out the back of the boat on Facebook today. How's life as a quasi-celebrity?
  6. corro

    Botany Bay

    Report is from a couple of days ago. We went to Botany in search of kings, unfortunately the majority of Sydney's boating population seems to have the same idea at the moment. Firstly, we tried to find a few livies as our "bait" must have been refrozen between two to four times, some of the pillies were closer in consistency to mashed potates than fish. They were only supposed to be used as berley but we forgot to pick up some fresh bait and clearly over-estimated our bait gathering abilities as nothing was interested in the sabiki. Having given up on that endeavour, we motored over to the carpark that is Mollineux Pt. We waited patiently with our indicators on for someone to finish up and took their spot once they'd loaded their shopping in the boot. There were plenty of people with rods bent and we saw a few rat kings netted but we didn't get a touch ourselves. I don't really enjoy fishing in the crowds and as last week we managed to find a few fish by moving well away, we attempted to do the same this time which paid off. I was casting soft plastics at whatever structure we came across on our way back to the ramp and under a channel marker we found a school of kings. The first two dusted me off (they shouldn't have but I was playing them way too easy and my drag was too loose). Lessons learnt and leader upgraded from 20 to 40lb I netted the next one which was thankfully just legal with a younger brother following shortly after that was returned to grow. That made it five hookups in six casts, one of the hookups being the channel marker itself. Still getting to grips with the new combo (Samaki 4-8kg Zing, Stradic 4000) but at least it was blooded on its first outing. I used three different plastics (z man shad, z man minnow, sluggo) and all three went down the hatch. Guess they'll eat whatever if they're in the mood. Drifted very quickly around Towra for flatties for no success but did have another rat kingy following my prawn imitation SP in 2m of water. So they certainly are everywhere in the bay at the moment. Hopefully they add another 10-15cm or so and stick around.
  7. I ended up buying a Samaki Zing 702sm (4-8kg) and a Stradic 4000. Spooled it with 15lb of Daiwa J-Braid. Great little combo for casting lures, still feels like there's more than enough power there for any fish I am likely to encounter in Botany/Port Hacking which is where I fish.
  8. Not sure how you managed to paddle through the gale that was blowing today.
  9. Nice feed there, tough to be squid! If you don't mind sharing, any particular size/colour jigs you found worked best?
  10. Thanks rebel, the length of rod is probably slightly above what I'd like from the boat but gives me some confidence the models I'm looking at are okay! Thanks a lot Jon D. I've only ever landed just legal Kings so a 90cm fish is beyond my wildest dreams at the moment. Given I'm trying to get more into lure fishing and will be casting constantly I might downsize and go the 4-8kg with the stradic 4000. I'm not quite game to go all the way down! My gf caught a decent salmon on a 1000 Sienna, 2kg rod with a pilly on a long shank when the rest of us on the boat weren't getting a bite. So I can potentially see that the lighter line encourages more bites!
  11. All I'm currently in the market for a rod/reel fishing primarily from a boat in Port hacking (or just outside) and Botany Bay. I would like a set up solely for lure fishing and a bit of micro jigging as I have an ugly stick and shimano Sedona 5000 for live / dead baits, it's just impossible to throw a lure comfortably on it. I'm targeting any pelagics that are foolish enough to stumble to this novice fisher but ideally kingfish. For a reel I'll either be buying at stradic 4000 or 5000 but I'm undecided yet on a rod. Currently deciding between 7ft Samaki Zing or 7ft Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 (both probably in the 10kg variants), likely to be equipped with 20/30lb braid. Are there any other options I've missed that should be considered? Considering the areas I'm fishing, do I really need 10kg or should I be dropping to 8kg rods with 15lb braid? Appreciate any advice you can give! Budget for the rod is around $150 and reel $200. Thanks
  12. corro

    Botany Bay

    Have been out twice in the last couple of weeks, there's a stack of bait (yakkas and big slimeys around) but couldn't raise a king at either Molineux, the drums, near the oil refinery or the airport. Tried live baiting on the top, the bottom, butterflied yakkas with and without weights, fillets. Nothing. We didn't have fresh squid which might have helped. Picked up a couple tailor trolling around towra.