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  1. corro

    Botany Bay

    Have been out twice in the last couple of weeks, there's a stack of bait (yakkas and big slimeys around) but couldn't raise a king at either Molineux, the drums, near the oil refinery or the airport. Tried live baiting on the top, the bottom, butterflied yakkas with and without weights, fillets. Nothing. We didn't have fresh squid which might have helped. Picked up a couple tailor trolling around towra.
  2. corro

    Annual crazy kayak trip

    Amazing report, echo the call for some photos!
  3. corro

    Rainy day ,Tailor,Kings and Bonnies

    Sounds like a a great session. Trolled up a king in Gymea Bay Area yesterday with a diving minnow type lure red head / white body not sure the size / brand but I'd guess it's around 10cm. Literally nothing else for the rest of the day other than small snapper when we were using bait (pillys, fish and squid). I've never seen the water so brown before and I imagine this has to affect the fishing (not for you though apparently!) Any other lures you can recommend using in the hacking specifically for trolling?
  4. corro

    Allen and Krause Yak trip

    Are you going more for the fast or slow style jigs? I've picked myself up a slimy mackerel blue 30g in the fast jig which I'm keen to check out as I know there's plenty of slimys in the bay at the moment. Not sure which brand I went for, probably not the most expensive one! Might go for a yakka coloured slow jig, hedge my bets and see if I can tempt a kingy.
  5. corro

    Allen and Krause Yak trip

    What kind of micro jigs would you recommend for the Bay? Keen on trying out a new technique but really not sure where to start!
  6. corro


    Sounds like a belter of a session. Congrats!
  7. corro

    South cliffs

    I've caught them near bass and flinders point as well as off jibbon beach.
  8. corro

    Broken Bay

    Solid feed! Well done.
  9. corro

    Animated Fishing Lure

    Saw on Kickstarter a new concept with an animated fishing lure and thought you guys might find it interesting. Kind of takes the fun out of lure fishing for mine - but it is an interesting idea. I wonder if fishing, like the rest of our lives, will also go down a high tech path? I hope I'm not breaching any of the conditions for posting this.
  10. corro

    Kiama snapper

    Nice fish mate! Well rewarded for pushing through.
  11. corro

    Botany Bay 20/11

    I've been reading through all the articles on the site and any threads I can find. Hopefully I can actually put all the information into action and catch something.
  12. corro

    Botany Bay 20/11

    First report, lets see how I fare. Went for a fish around the beach areas of Sans Souci, my mate pulled in a small bream and a toad and that was about it. It was rather windy and very quiet. Decided to move around to Captain Cooks to see if there was anything there and possibly have the winds at our backs rather than across us. I should mention had been bait fishing this entire time. Sat around for 15 mins and nothing exciting was happening so after having read a few posts on softplastic I tossed on a lure that had been sitting around in the tacklebox for at least a year. Had a few casts trying out various retrieves not really having any great idea what I was doing. Line went taut and I thought I'd hit some weed the line moved I struck and ended up with a 30cm odd flatty. First ever fish on softplastics If anyone has any tips for me or areas to try I'd love to hear them. I live in the Sutherland Shire. Bought some 2inch grubs today, have a few fish looking plastics in various colours. All I can tell you about the lure I used is that its yellow and now has a broken tail so doesn't have the same action anymore.
  13. corro

    Botany Bay 20 Nov

    As far as I know it isn't but you are in effect contributing towards poorer fishing in the future. Killing 1 big female could effectively kill hundreds of future fish. But, each to their own
  14. corro


    Stumbled across the website a while ago and spent a large part of last night reading through this thread among others. Highly informative Thanks for sharing the information/pics. I got rather excited from reading all your reports and bought myself some 2inch pumpkin seed grubs. Now I just need to find a good spot to use them.