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  1. Finally managed to get back out on the water. Tried the deep water around Lilli Pilli but only baby snappers around. Gave up and threw some soft plastics around the flats for a couple of decent flathead - both were carrying eggs which I'm always slightly sad to see. Even though our meagre catch is unlikely to dent the future population too much and we did turn them into a very decent beer battered fish and chips dinner for the family. There were so many f***ing jet skis around. One of them belted past me, whilst drifting miles from the channel and cut through my line. Asshats the lot
  2. Merry Christmas all! May Santa fill your stockings with all the gear!
  3. corro

    Bate Bay

    Wow, another great haul. When's the last time you came up empty? Has it ever happened?
  4. Wow! Great fish. Definitely get a solid feed out of that.
  5. Might be easier after you fillet, just cut through the spine so you've got the tail on one side. Interesting report!
  6. Great report and photos. Stonker of a bream. Need to be there from before sunrise. There's plenty of big bream rolling around that area. I've often seen blackfish too when we launch the boat there.
  7. Decent feed from the flatties! Great report.
  8. Great report. The bay can get pretty uncomfortable when the wind is up! Interesting to hear about the mack tuna in the bay as well great fun on light gear.
  9. Solid feed! What causes the dark brown algae that was around last week? It's a pain in the ass whilst lure fishing!
  10. Morning session in the bay yesterday. Tried a few spots unsuccessfully while soaking a bait (salted fish) but as the wind was picking up decided to troll a deep diver for tailor instead. Barely went 50m and the first tailor was in the boat. Another 50m or so and I thought I'd hooked up to some weed but to my surprise up came a squid. Is it an arrow? Was longer / thinner than the ones I've caught in the bay before - albeit it's my first on the troll. Certainly wasn't what I was expecting in around 5m of water and trolling near 7 knots. There was no surface activity but the hookups wer
  11. Interested to hear about your cured fish! Must admit have never thought to try it myself. Wonder how it would go with an oily type fish. Plenty of large slimys in the bay last time we went.
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