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  1. Great report and amazing catch!
  2. Those are some chunky salmon. Well done!
  3. Hey mate, great report as always. I like the look of those jigs, what are they called? Looks like they'd be pretty deadly on tailor as well.
  4. What a tale! Thanks for sharing.
  5. We've all done dumb things! One time I was really struggling to push the boat into be the water. I couldn't work it out, didn't matter how hard I pushed I couldn't shift it. Got the guy next in line to help, he's putting his back into it, still nothing happening. Then he asked "You don't have the safety straps still on do you?". Embarrassing.
  6. Wonder if anyone squid fishing in the area is going to hit the jackpot and nail a squid with a spare jig already attached.
  7. Stopped through on a family holiday, walked out to the channel from the car park, right where the flats were emptying at the bottom of the run out. Managed a couple of flathead and a bream amongst us in an hour or so. I was using a slightly too large SP (managed to leave the box with all jig heads at home), family bait (whitebait did the damage nothing was interested in prawns). I managed to drop a couple fish at my feet and missed a few hookups so potentially too big a lure for the fish, hooks weren't sharp or I'm no good - or a combo of all three.
  8. I've hooked one of these off Cronulla, assumed it was a bronze whaler.
  9. Where about mate? Cracking effort
  10. Amazing report, would love to have a session half as good as that! I'll have to up my squid game before I can attack the kings.
  11. corro

    Weipa 2019

    Top quality photos! What camera is that?
  12. Great effort in such a short time! Solid session.
  13. corro

    Port Hacking

    I've found cormorants in the hacking the most annoying. One repeatedly went for my sp even after being hooked and released.
  14. Sounds like an awesome session! I've never actually caught a pilchard before but they are hardly cheap either!