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  1. I thought I would put out some crab nets for the first time since April. Headed out about 8.00 am. While I was waiting I drifted around while casting a little metal vibe. Hooked up to a 40 cm trevaly and a tiny whiting. Didn’t catch any crabs. Probably still a bit cold for them but should hopefully start to pick up soon. At least it was a bit of fun on the vibes. Gear used for the trevaly was a shimano sonic pro rod with shimano AX 2500 loaded with 8 lb braid and 3 to 4 foot 8 lb mono trace.
  2. Well done. Always fun seeing your children succeed.
  3. That’s a great fish on 6 lb line.
  4. I was having lunch at Swansea RSL last week and noticed a fisherman pull in a few good luderick right in front of where we were sitting. So this motivated me to dust off the gear, chase up some green weed and have a go. Went down this afternoon and tried a couple of spots before finding any fish. Ended up with 3. Ranged from 34 to 37 cm. I don’t target them very often so happy to get a few.
  5. Nice catch. Especially with gentlemen hours.
  6. Nice place to live. I saw the bream at the yacht club down the the south end of Belmont.
  7. It was down the South Eastern end of the lake but I was at the yacht club at Belmont the other day and there were some massive bream around the pylons.
  8. Just a quick report. I went down to a local wharf late yesterday with a handful of pilchards and light rod for about an hour before dusk. Ended up with a 27 cm bream and a 50 cm flathead. Dinner sorted for tonight.
  9. That's what I love about this website. You get information that inspires you to get out and have a go. Well done on the catch and on the other fish raiders who helped motivate you to get out there.
  10. I put some crab traps out this morning amongst the boat morings and got a couple of nice blue swimmers. Looking forward to chilly crabs in the wok.
  11. Nice fish. Good way to start the season.
  12. Blaxland, Yes, very lucky to live so close to the water. I use 8 lb braid with a 6 foot trace of 8 lb mono. The area I was fishing is about 3 to 4 feet deep with patches of ribbon weed and very little tidal flow so I just use a size 4 suicide hook and no sinker.
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