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  1. Nice catch. Especially with gentlemen hours.
  2. Nice place to live. I saw the bream at the yacht club down the the south end of Belmont.
  3. It was down the South Eastern end of the lake but I was at the yacht club at Belmont the other day and there were some massive bream around the pylons.
  4. Just a quick report. I went down to a local wharf late yesterday with a handful of pilchards and light rod for about an hour before dusk. Ended up with a 27 cm bream and a 50 cm flathead. Dinner sorted for tonight.
  5. That's what I love about this website. You get information that inspires you to get out and have a go. Well done on the catch and on the other fish raiders who helped motivate you to get out there.
  6. I put some crab traps out this morning amongst the boat morings and got a couple of nice blue swimmers. Looking forward to chilly crabs in the wok.
  7. Nice fish. Good way to start the season.
  8. Blaxland, Yes, very lucky to live so close to the water. I use 8 lb braid with a 6 foot trace of 8 lb mono. The area I was fishing is about 3 to 4 feet deep with patches of ribbon weed and very little tidal flow so I just use a size 4 suicide hook and no sinker.
  9. I went for a quick fish yesterday afternoon from a wharf walking distance near my home. I was using old pilchards for bait that had been refrozen a couple of times so wasn't expecting much. Caught a few small red bream and yellow fin bream then just as it was getting dark I got a couple of keeper bream and got smoked by something that took 50 metres of line before the line broke near the hook. I suspect a large flathead or maybe a tailor from the look of the fraying where the line broke. Good to get a feed of fish and the one that got away always encourages you to go fishing again.
  10. It's been a while since I posted but I retired about six months ago to Lake Macquarie and have a bit more time to go fishing. I went down to our local beach last Friday afternoon about 3.30. Wasn't very hopeful as the beach was like a lake and very little white water but thought I'm here so may as well have a cast. Ended up fishing through till about 6.30 and caught a 59 cm Aussie Salmon, a 51 cm Tailor & a 39 cm Flathead. I was using pilchards on ganged hooks. Turned the salmon into Thai fish cakes. Thanks for reading.
  11. Nice way to spend a Monday. Hope you didn't re hurt your back pulling up the whiting.
  12. You certainly are keen with yesterdays rain. Congratulations on the crab. Thats a stonker!!!
  13. Yer. Its amazing how good the fishing was the week before you go and how fantastic it gets once you leave but at least you got a few and its sounds much better than being at work. Richard