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  1. Hey mate, I can’t find any of your Navionics posts, can you link me to the most informative one please? Also, are you a member of any of the Hills District Dads pages on Facebook?

  2. Hi folks, I’m wondering if anyone can recommend an iPhone mapping and GPS app? It doesn’t have to be a free one, I’d just like it to have all the relevant information I can use till I can afford to buy a decent one to hard mount in my boat. I currently have a fishfinder but its not fancy enough to have mapping on it. Cheers in adance, Alan.
  3. It seems to be a busy month this may! Our first baby was born on the 5th of may, 1 month premature but he was born at the healthy weight of 4.2kgs and 57cm long!!! Had he gone full term they reckon he would have gone close to 5.5kgs! Luckily we had a caesarean booked in as my wife wasnt able to give birth normally due to an ongoing medical problem. So yeah, our little fella Harrison John is now close to a month old! He's a super easy baby to deal with as he hasnt cried since we left the hospital 3 weeks ago and he just eats and sleeps!! He is our little miracle as we had to go through IVF for 5 years before he was born, and it was agreed that it would be our last ever attempt as it was taking its toll mentally, physically and financially and when they harvested the eggs from my wife they only got three and 2 out of them were emply shells and the third was fertilised in the lab and put back in to my wife after 2 days of it growing and luckily here we are 10 months later with our beautiful perfect little son!!
  4. The only place I have experience with is the beaches near Cronulla at the Wanda/Green Hills end. I've caught some Flathead, Tailor, Banjo sharks and Salmon on whole pilchards with a gang hook but also taken a few good whiting with a small whiting setup with red bead and tubing near the hook on beach worms with a very light setup and always holding the rod to feel the small bites as I've never caught any whiting by having the rod in a holder. So yeah, thats about my experience in the Sydney area.
  5. Hey mate, I'm in Panania area so not far from you. If you are still having dramas with launching and retrieving the boat I am happy to meet you at the ramp near Flower Power in Milperra to help you get your head around both situations. PM me as I'm not regularly on here and I will get a notification of a PM. Cheers, Alan.
  6. Had a shocker of a night. The wind was up so much that the anchor was failing to grab anything so we couldn't settle on any decent spots and the chop was relentless. Only managed to catch 2 red rock cods, one was small but the other went just over 30cm. They both went back in.
  7. Hi folks, A friend and I are hitting up Sydney Harbour launching out of Rose Bay this afternoon and was wondering if anyone could tell me where we should head to in the harbour that's been getting good results. Also, I'm still a squid virgin and would love to catch one but I'm not sure of the best spot to try, can one of you help me loose my squid virginity??? I'll post a trip review tomorrow and take pics of any keepers if we manage to catch any!! Cheers, Alan.
  8. Yep, I did the same thing when I restored my old boat. Just need to go to a registered code agent and they will install 2 HIN plates on the hull for you. One near the transom and one hidden away.
  9. With my heavy glass boat I used to have (17' Seafarer Venturer) I used to just put the anchor down and kick it into the sand and as I had about 5m of chain attached that boat never went anywhere. I dont see the point in making or buying anything special when the sand anchor works perfectly for the job???
  10. You should have caught a small baitfish or something similar and hand fed it to the Owl. He is probably a local and expects a free fish or 2 when saying hello.
  11. Whenever I go scuba diving the fish I see the most is Wrasse! Heaps of them usually and they are usually pretty inquisitive and dont mind coming up for a closer look!
  12. Hey mate, where abouts were you fishing for the Carp? I'd love to hit one as I've never caught a carp. I've tried fishing for them a couple of times but I think I'm in the wrong spots. The first time was under the second bridge over the Nepean heading south on the Hume, I think its the Douglas Park bridge?? But yeah, tried under there a few times with nothing but mud and I couldnt even catch a cold!
  13. Anyone know where to get a tent like that? Last time I went fishing down at my local sit and fish spot I forgot to apply the old S factor and was so comfortable in my no fish trance that I completely didnt even acknowledge the sun blaring on my dainty skin and came home like a lobster!! If I had of had that little fella I'd have been ok!! In saying that, the best Bream session I have ever had was in pooring rain when I was about 17 down at the train bridge between Padstow and Riverwood stations using some sort of worms my mates dad used to breed on his balcony. They looked somewhat like a mud worm but obviously weren't bred in mud. My mates brother ended up running a 5klm round trip to get us a tarp to set up and stand under and we must have caught over our bag limit of legal Bream that day! We only took home about 3 each but just catching them was too much fun and we were getting solid hook ups for hours! We fished till we ran out of our second lot of worms of which my mates bro ran home to get aswell!! I've also fished Sydney harbour on a friday night in the rain with mates. We had talked up our fishing trip for weeks as we had the date organised and we were good to go, I drove up from Canberra for the weekend and on the way to sydney that afternoon I could see the clouds looming and I was so upset but the other guys were keen to go regardless and so we did. Now I dont mind rain so long as there is no wind with it, as wind is the ruin of many different outings and on this evening the wind was absolute zero!! It was raining steady but not hard and we had the bimini up and our gortex coats on and it turned out to be one of the best trips out on the boat we've ever had! We were catching plenty of fish, legal Snapper, Tailer, the odd Trevally and a few flatties!! So yeah, dont let a bit of water let you down, but if its been raining for a few days I usually cut it away cause of all the wash out from the stormwater drains making most bays look like chocolate soup and so I dont go out for a good 2-3 days after the heavy stuff.
  14. Yep I too have heard that rumour before and have seen a bait shop attendant actually spray a load of prawns that I had just bought with WD-40 telling me it was a great burley and attractant. I cant remember if we caught fish that day but I too always believed that it was just fish oil. Oh well, I wont be using it on any bait soon anyway.
  15. I didnt see any fish being caught though?? I think they were just having fun with blowing up the ice. I would too!!