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  1. The 'Gorillas were back in the mist' this morning, introducing a new member of the troop to Bass fishing in Northern NSW rivers. Grant asked me if I wanted to bring my yak down for a morning session. I drove the hour down from the Gold Coast and met him and his new offsider, Matty in the dark at Grant's place. The first challenge is that Matty is a different species... he's orginally from Liverpool where they apparently speak a different language. At least I think it was a different language... I was picking up about one word in three and had the weird feeling that I had somehow ended up in
  2. That's a nice lump of a Trag! Slinky
  3. Bullseye. I wouldnt bother eating it
  4. Congratulations on the great fish Vili Fishing with kids is amazing. I still remember times as a youngster fishing with my dad and I'm sure that when he's grown, VIli will remember that time Rainbow fishing with you. Hope the fish tasted as good as it looks. All you have to do now is to teach Vili to row the boat. Cheers, Slinky
  5. Just wanted to share my new 'fishing & boating knife'. A Spyderco Salt 1. In a word, awesome. Surely I'm not the only Fishraider who appreciates quality knives as well as good quality rods and reels. I've got the usual collection of filleting and bait knives but I always seem to end up fumbling around for a knife for all those little fishing and boating tasks... cutting off rigs, trimming ends, halving pillies, even cutting anchor ropes. The Spyderco Salt 1 is made from premium H1 steel... pretty much the last word in corrosion-resistant steel; takes an awesome edge although not as dura
  6. Good to hear. Businesses that fail with their service have a pretty short life span these days. With so much available over the net and often very cheap, local shops need something more to keep customers coming back and their big advantage (for the ones smart enough to realise it) is service. I've dealt with Daiwa, Shimano and Pure Fishing (Abu) service departments heaps and they are all fantastic. I've never dealt with Penn (distributed in Aus by Jarvis Walker I think). There are a couple of other brands though that I won't buy any more after crappy service. Next time I'm passing through B
  7. 9wt is my recommendation as the best allround set up for Northern flyfishing. Heavy enough to cast heavy flies quickly to fish on the flats, plenty of grunt to deal with big queenies, tuna, trevs etc; but light enough to be comfortable casting all day. I've fished North QLD and cape york a few times. I took a 7wt the first time and put it away after the first time I got smacked by a big queenie while fishing to small ones. I also took a 10wt the first time and my shoulder didn't love me for it.
  8. G'day Jani, It was great to catch up with you. Since you've posted some pics now I hope that means you worked out the problem with your camera. I now have Chilli & Garlic Smoked sauce in my cupboard at all times since you got me to try it... yum! Hope you don't miss the ice creams and kebabs too much now you're back home. If you come back one day with Saija and family there will always be a bed for you on the Gold Coast. Maybe one day I might get to travel to Finland with my family... the photos you, Stewy and Donna showed me looked great (although the water really looked too cold for s
  9. For no particular reason I've been going the other way and making it harder to light fires... I decided to see if I could start a fire with 'flint & steel' (these days a magnesium alloy fire steel with steel striker or knife as striker). Got a couple to play with and after a bit of mucking about to get the technique and tinder worked out, found it remarkably easy. Now I have fire steels sitting in my glovebox, camping box, first aid kit, hunting pack, etc... handy things to have around and kind of satisfying to 'make fire'. Cheers, Slinky
  10. G'day Paikea, This year I've 'discovered' soft vibe lures for estuary fishing. The now discontinued Berkley MF40 and MF50 have become a couple of my 'go-to' lures. The big difference for me between soft vibes and blades is that the vibration is not as fast or intense (not sure if that does a great job of describing it). When I use a metal blade the feeling through the rod is a high-frequency buzz... with a soft vibe it's more subtle and a lower frequency (feels more like a burp than a buzz). We had a session on the Tweed where the fish were all over the soft vibes all day while a metal vibe
  11. Since we're turning this into BTA (boy's toy's anonymous) I'll stand up. My name is Tony and I'm addicted to lures... and rods... and reels. Oh and sorting out and resorting my tackle boxes. Not to mention bows, arrows, knives, power tools, reel servicing tools, sharpening stones, fly-tying material, military model kits, glue, cleaning solvents (for cleaning), spinnerbaits, jig heads.............. Oh bugger... help me, I have a problem.
  12. I've had a Nitro Undertaker for a few years and used it both Cod and Bass fishing. Awesome rod... light enough in the tip to happily cast 1/4oz spinnerbaits and hardbodies like Jackalls but with heaps of grunt in the bottom end. Very sensitive and light in the hand. It's 6'6" so a bit longer than you want but it's a 2 piece so very easy to travel with if that's why you want the shorter rod. Cheers, Slinky
  13. Happy Birthday, Old Man. Many happy returns Cheers, Tony
  14. I'd check the anti reverse bearing (titled 'roller clutch' on the schematic) before bending levers or otherwise messing with the engineering of a good reel. With use, lubricants in reels move around, change viscosity, get into places they're not meant to be etc. Diawa AR bearings seem particularly sensitive and just the slightest excess of lubricant will make them slip. If you're confident to pull apart and then rebuild your reel it should be easy to check if this is the problem. Once you get the AR bearing out, just give the pins a very careful wipe over with a clean, lint-free cloth (don't
  15. Congrats on your first cod Dean. Sorry the weather was lousy... the best day for fishing is always yesterday. Sorry I couldn't make it but hopefully we can sort it out again another time. Cheers, Tony
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