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  1. Just sitting down to tie flies for Weipa

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      Ditto Dan!!!

    3. outdoordan


      ...and after that maybe you can do some knitting

  2. The Fishraider forums have had countless questions about braid. Which brand is better? What's the difference between braid and fused braid? etc etc. I'm not an engineer or a chemist. Nor am I a fishing expert. But I've picked up a lot of info on braids that might be belpful Its a subject full of misinformation opinions often based on little more than the marketing from the braid companies... which as you can imagine is long on 'sell' and short on objectivity. So in an effort to give some clarity around the basics of braid, here's some knowledge based on a professional relationship within th
  3. G'day Anthony, Welcome to Fishraider... I'm sure you'll find plenty of other Raiders here share you're love of both fishing and long-necks (me included) Cheers, Slinky
  4. G'day stefan, You'll have to understand that while fishos and fishraiders can be very generous with information, you're not likely to have replies in any forum giving you specific spots to catch jewfish. I'm sure if you asked for pointers to the kinds of areas or some general areas to go you might get a better response. Fishraider encourages sharing of information and we actively police against 'misdirection' or sneakiness BUT think about how you might feel if you posted the specific details of your best spot on a public forum and next time went there to find 30 other fishos. If you're usi
  5. :074: Great link forliano. Cheers, Slinky
  6. And don't just think its about teaching either... its a great way to make new fishing buddies. Cheers, Slinky
  7. Thanks Alan, Can I ask a spin reel question please... Spin reels don't rely on bearings turning a spool when casting so in theory, protection can become the main focus. When spinning, particularly with ultra light outfits though, constant casting and retrieving means that free running side and main shaft bearings make fishing much less tiring. I play the trade off... with bigger reels that I'm not using for lure fishing, I pack the bearings with grease. For lure fishing though, I'll use a lighter grease (Shimano Permalube) or light grease in the side bearings and oil in the shaft bearing...
  8. Poddies are poddy Mullet which just basically means very small mullet (like about the length of your finger or smaller), which are often used as live bait. They're a great bait in estuaries for anything from flathead to barramundi (depending on where you are of course). I've added it to the list. Cheers, Slinky
  9. For all those Fishraider members who sometimes wonder what everyone is talking about... here's some commonly used 'fishing slang' explained.... bandit - kingfish approx. 90 to 100cms birds nest incredible knots when casting silly string blackie - Luderick blade - thin profile, vibrating metal blade lure mostly used for bream and other estuary fish blurter - Trevally bommie - an isolated pinnacle of reef that rises significantly from the bottom often to just under the surface bonnie - Australian Bonito Bung - usually the rubber plug/s under transom but can mean live baits like yellowtail
  10. Please read the above rules, particularly in relation to tape measures. I've been easy on members with record claims as it's all meant to be in fun. In future I'll still exercise moderators discrection as Stewy has noted, but where fish are close to existing records or there might be some uncertainty... a photo against a tape will now be enforced more strongly. You can always get photos against your fishing rod or some other item that you can later get a proper measure from. Submit any fish you feel worthy, measure or not, and it will be reviewed kindly... but please understand if we have t
  11. I'm originally a southerner and there's a reason flake (usually gummy or school shark) costs so much in your fish and chips.... YUM! I've also eaten bronzies and mako... both great. Don't keep any bigger sharks for the table. As apex predators they tend to concentrate any pollutants or toxins and the bigger sharks have been doing it for a long time. There is (at least there used to be in Tassie) a maximum size on commercial sharks I believe for this reason. Cheers, Slinky
  12. Great post Hodgey, Slow and subtle wins the race... it's harder than it sounds but I'll nail it to my forehead next time I go out so I don't get tempted to start whipping my plastics all over the place, straight past all the sleepy Frogs. Cheers, Slinky
  13. Hey Donna, After about a month of this I can be pretty certain it's addictive.... you know you have a problem when 3 days out of five you get the message that they're compiling scores. I keep jumping on just past 5 each day. Can't handle those Science and Hobbies ones though. Thanks for putting the trivia on the site... it's fun. Slinky
  14. OK... so I've had a crack the last two days and thought I did ok by getting most answers but geez... you guys can get the quiz done faster than I can even read the clues! I'll have to work on my speed big time to get anywhere near Mrsswordfisherman. I'm not even in the same league. Next time I go to a trivia night for someones fundraiser, I know where to look for a team!! Cheers, Slinky
  15. Boat Name/Call sign 'Slinky' Quintrex 480 Freedom Sport White hull, blue canopies Monitor VHF 16
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