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  1. uglystick

    Syd Harbour Kings 26/11/08

    They sure were released.
  2. uglystick

    Syd Harbour Kings 26/11/08

    We are smiling!
  3. uglystick

    Striped Tuna Off Botany Now With Pics

    It was a glorious day out there on the water. Hopefully we get one of those stripies soon.
  4. uglystick

    One Bad Tempered Mako

    Great pic! Better luck with the YFT next time.
  5. uglystick

    125cm King 18kg

    **** what a KINGY!
  6. uglystick


    Hello all Raiders, For the members of SGFC, just wondering whats involved to join and is there a fee, if yes how much. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. uglystick

    Marlin Off Sydney

    Were you guys off Sydney? How far out was it?
  8. **** what a boat. Congrats
  9. uglystick

    V8 Supercars

    Holden already won.
  10. uglystick

    Water Temp?

    G'day to all, If anyone can help, would like to now good water temp websites. Cheers
  11. G'day, Like the rest, wouldn't mind the suppliers details. Cheers.
  12. uglystick

    Marlin Off Sydney

    Thanks for the info. Hopefully the season starts earlier as i wouldn't mind getting out there. Good luck once you start. Were you guys out there chasing them? Is it alright to ask where and how far out the Bait Station is?
  13. uglystick

    Marlin Off Sydney

    To all Fishraiders, Just wondering how soon Fishraiders will be hunting down Marlin off Sydney?
  14. uglystick

    Petrol In Your Tank

    G'Day, Rob Hows the fishing man going.
  15. uglystick

    Why Is Soccer The Best Ball Game?

    Its the WORLD game.