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  1. jim bream

    What is the No.1 bait for catching bream

    crabs have being mentioned early in the post
  2. jim bream

    What is the No.1 bait for catching bream

    topic says number one bait we haven't got one after 5 years lol
  3. jim bream

    Strange Bream

    its a hybrid bream yellow fin mating with a black bream
  4. jim bream

    Botany bay

    nice catch the four on right appear to be tarwhine
  5. Tony were you been send us a selfie we miss you lol
  6. jim bream

    Bate Bay. don't bother , save your fuel

    That red trawler is a regular i have seen him many times out there no wonder there no fish
  7. jim bream

    Getting some Mojo back on the Hawkesbury

    well done on a good catch and they say the Hawkesbury river is dead really
  8. jim bream

    Botany Bay 12th of January exploring pays off

    Not all of quibray bay is a sancutury from what I know any way last time I was there there were markers Saying not to go beyond this point so I think you lot might be jumping the gun a little I think tony keflapod knows the area best can you confirm tony by the way good catch Kurnell starts to be a little incositant this part of the month works well I'm December cheers Jim bream
  9. 10 bream and pack it up that in some cases would be in half an hour maybe the intelligent people should look at the spawning of a single bream and why bream numbers have not decreased in the last 15 years in Botany Bay so the trawlers like down south recently can take them in the thousands and that be fine who is the idiot here to accept these changes recreational anglers don't do the damage trawlers do what we need is better policing were does the 30 dollars a year we pay for a fishing licence go maybe they need to put more inspectors on and do some thing about the netting out side port hacking by trawlers.
  10. jim bream

    Another afternoon trip

    nice catch Basil
  11. Tony nice to read your posts again its being a while since you posted and of course nice winter bream catch i can relate to the trailer disks being stuck happened to me frustrating is the word we all need fishing therapy but with no time i got mine in a bottle of wine the other weekend passed out only to be woken with my poodles back side in my face we have to organise me you and the groper for a bream bash this summer it will be interesting . cheers Jim Bream
  12. jim bream

    Berowra bream

    Excellent catch this time of the year were they blue nose bream?
  13. jim bream

    Late Afternoon Flathead Drift

    yeah i am good catch by the way looking like an early season this year for some species
  14. jim bream

    Rain, Water Spouts, Reds and Squid

    well done Basil on a great catch but your one keen lot fishing in those conditions
  15. jim bream


    mate you must have a big family hahaha. seriously now were did you fish how deep were you fishing what was the water temp was there a reef lol now enough of the jokes that's one mean catch your a master on those squid did you go Friday morning i went past your house and the boat was gone i said to my self he is fishing again any way well done mate.