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  1. What team name do you use?
  2. Tournaments are not easy much different to social fishing Botany will be difficult with probably 70 boats fishing it might head out there tomorrow in my boat
  3. I'm sure you can get it rerated from the factory I drive mine on and off the trailer as long as its set up properly mine was shit from the dealer The new latches they have on the trailers now will make it easier Too heavy to push off a beach if its stuck good
  4. I have a renegade 420 sc and have had it in some rough weather without any dramas but then I've got 40yrs experience in boats They are not vulnerable to wash coming over the transom if you know what your doing I fish solo quite often My only regret is not getting it rerated to 60hp
  5. Same areas I fish though I have spent most time fishing Towra flats recently after this rain black hardbodies on the flats will be the go
  6. Whereabouts are you fishing in your boat?
  7. Miller rod vibe 3-6 kg matches your reel perfectly only $345 its the rod I use
  8. Yeah love my 420sc in hindsight I would have got it rerated and put a 60 4st on it instead of the 50 I got it in sept 2013 and have not had any trailer light problems but the setup of the boat on the trailer was crap I had to move the axle 75mm forward as there was way to much weight on the tow ball also the skids were out of position so I moved them and now I can easily drive on and off the trailer Mines optioned up a bit with under floor fuel plumbed front well rod locker and swing away drawbar so it fits into my garage I have added a tackle box in the front port side hatch and a stereo
  9. Looks like you didn't wet out the fiberglass enough so it had some air pockets then when you sanded it they filled with fiberglass dust Give it a good clean with prepsol the mix some of the resin you used for the fiberglassing and give it a thick coat of that then poke the holes with a bit of wire to let the air out they will then fill with the resin
  10. Was my first time to Glenbawn and the guys I went with normally go in November when the surface bite is better I have no idea how many I caught as I don't count We actually went the weekend after the ABT comp there so knew what had been working
  11. We were there in October and plenty were caught jackall brown dog chara blades were killing it Football jigs were working as well and there fairly cheap to buy We also got the odd one on spinnerbaits and plastics
  12. 80s was a big decade for me Apprenticeship 81-85 with lots of sport and fishing Most of the eighties I played semi professional soccer Europe in 85 Moved to Sydney in 86 from Gladstone Started a job in 88 that lasted 26 years Hooked up with my future wife in 89 Still married to her
  13. Top Bass middle EP just to show the difference
  14. There's a rare lure in that box Elliot's Darwin dart great bonnie lure Kings caught plenty on nils masters and lively lures blue pilly trolling south of Port Hacking
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