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  1. The Iceman

    Fibreglass repair

    Looks like you didn't wet out the fiberglass enough so it had some air pockets then when you sanded it they filled with fiberglass dust Give it a good clean with prepsol the mix some of the resin you used for the fiberglassing and give it a thick coat of that then poke the holes with a bit of wire to let the air out they will then fill with the resin
  2. The Iceman

    GLENBAWN 2018 still holding a few fish........

    Was my first time to Glenbawn and the guys I went with normally go in November when the surface bite is better I have no idea how many I caught as I don't count We actually went the weekend after the ABT comp there so knew what had been working
  3. The Iceman

    GLENBAWN 2018 still holding a few fish........

    We were there in October and plenty were caught jackall brown dog chara blades were killing it Football jigs were working as well and there fairly cheap to buy We also got the odd one on spinnerbaits and plastics
  4. The Iceman

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    80s was a big decade for me Apprenticeship 81-85 with lots of sport and fishing Most of the eighties I played semi professional soccer Europe in 85 Moved to Sydney in 86 from Gladstone Started a job in 88 that lasted 26 years Hooked up with my future wife in 89 Still married to her
  5. The Iceman

    Estuary Perch or Bass?

    Top Bass middle EP just to show the difference
  6. The Iceman

    Trolling for Kings

    There's a rare lure in that box Elliot's Darwin dart great bonnie lure Kings caught plenty on nils masters and lively lures blue pilly trolling south of Port Hacking
  7. The Iceman

    Cairns ID (Javelin Fish)

    Good eating Javelin fish
  8. The Iceman

    What boat is this

    Looks like a stabicraft 2750
  9. The Iceman

    Southern highlands
  10. The Iceman

    Electric trolling motor questions

    I have a 55lb minn kota ipilot on my 420 renegadeand it can be a little underpowered in high current and wind but I wouldn't fish areas with those conditions there are better options Best thing I did was buy a footpedal for it as it suits my style of fishing
  11. Cracking day on the bay with plenty of fish bream trevally flatties and this 63cm kingie caught in 5 feet of water on the flats took about ten minutes on the 1-2 kg drunken monkey 1000 stradic 3lb powerpro 4lb fc rock and squidgie bloodworm prawn on a hidden weight jighead Thanks to Rowdy Laws for the net job and Chris Anagnostou for the pics from his boat
  12. The Iceman

    77cm King on Bream rod

    Awesome catch on light gear
  13. The Iceman

    New fishing Boat

    Didn't say the same it like any other technology has evolved both 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboards
  14. The Iceman

    New fishing Boat

    dinosaur advice some of the older fishos cant get their head wrapped around the new technology and reliability of the new two strokes Really!! Considering the new technology for two strokes has been around for at least twenty years and four stroke technology is going ahead as well
  15. The Iceman

    New fishing Boat

    Love my quinnie renegade 420sc with a 50 4st yammie I don't like getting into the etec vs everything else debate Two pieces of advice when choosing an outboard see what the pros are using and ask the marine rescue what they have to rescue the most