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  1. No, not crowded, just us. The mackerel couple were were pretty open - explained they were just using beef mince for mackerel fishing
  2. Thanks GreyNurse - we made it over there last night. We did catch one large squid, while a couple of others were doing great pulling in slimy mackerel. No sign of any work either, so must have been completed. Thanks again.
  3. Cool, thanks for that Gagafush. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Raiders, My brother and I were thinking of trying for some squid off the wharf, although he mentioned that he thought there was some sort of works being carried out on the boat ramp, or the wharf itself. Wondering if any raiders have been there recently, and can confirm what the status of the boat ramp and wharf are? Don't want to hike out and find there is no access, or the area has been churned/dredged due to construction. Cheers,
  5. That's an awesome post! What a fantastic day! I kept waiting for the bit where 'he got away', after reading about you getting bored (thinking that you might not have been paying attention due to boredom). Actually did a couple of air punches when you got the Kingy!
  6. My brother used to save all the fish frames from the restaurant he worked in, and then fun them through the commercial mincer. We would use this as a kind of 'berley base' - add bread, pellets, etc. Worked well for attracting interest, although by the time we got the quantities right - at first we were using way too much - things had changed and little bro had changed jobs - no access to a mincer again. I guess because it was a mix of frames from different species, no particular species was turned off.
  7. Hey Bud, My understanding,and experience is that flatties due down with the winter weather. Most fish species are more active during summer...
  8. Thanks everyone - Suzanne and the remainder of the family are extremely grateful, and touched by the support and big hearts of so many people - many that they have not even met.
  9. Hi Raiders, Most of you will have seen or read news stories this past week regarding not only the death but also the unfathomable manner in which Lynette Bradbury was taken from her friends and family. Lynette was the Sister of my Dear Friend Suzanne, who some of you will have heard me mention over the years that I have had the honour and privilege of being 'adopted' by their extended family. As you can see in the attached news release, it has been just over a year since Lynette's warmth and courage, friendship and kindness, love and cheekiness were replaced by a gaping emptiness in not onl
  10. Thanks Guys - that's great info. Will have to just persist, and try more with lighter setups. Gazza that footage is brilliant, although see what you mean about spinning. Thanks again, Scott
  11. Hey FR's, This post http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=65301 had a heap of mentions of the Hacking along the lines of "If you know how to fish it!". So that's my question - specifically for landbased fishing, Dad and I sometimes go to the Lilli PIlli Baths and have come back with Salmon, Bonito, Bream (although this has all been through winter). Curious to know from those who commented about knowing how to fish it - are yo uin boats, or landbased? What are the secrets as to 'How to fish it'?? Scott
  12. G'day Gatts, We were down at Curracarang last week and other than some small, pesky brown rock cod and wrasse we got a scorpionfish also. Have caught them before and hadn't really thought they were worth it until my brother (chef) explained that they are also known as 'Poor Man's Lobster'. This time we brought it home to cook up - wear a glove when filleting, those spikes are nearly everywhere. Nice white flesh, first piece we simply steamed with nothing else just to taste. A little bland on its own, but the next piece was fried in some butter, oil, garlic, chilli - it took up the flavour
  13. Thanks Mrs Swordie - early days yet, but have a friend with a product that might be of interest to fellow FR's, without competing with existing sponsors. Will pass on your information at the appropriate time. Cheers, Scott
  14. Hi Mods, Was going to send this as a PM, but thought the response might be of interest to others. I'm curious to know what the requirements and guidelines are for becoming a site sponsor. Apologies if this has been posted, I've missed it or not been specific enough in searching. Cheers, Scott
  15. Using bread is great to see what's around - also gets a bit of light burley going and might get some interest. As to being on the only pier around, try going the lightest possible jighead you can, and literally dropping the plastic down alongside a pylon. If nothing, try the next one, and then when you've done all of them, just let it float down under you into the shade of the wharf/pier. I haven't been using my plastics for a while, but fishing under my feet would get some good hits, and not just bream. Keep persisting, and one day it'll all click. Scott
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