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    Mate and I were only two boats out last Thursday at a very popular spot and no hairtail at all. Not even a sniff. Plenty of yakkas around.
  2. Anyone heard any whispers of hairtail starting to show their heads? Was thinking of having an early season trip this week out onto the Hawkesbury. Cheers Caine
  3. Have seen a couple of boats float fishing for hair in the past and wondering what people's opinions are on this technique. The boats I have seen most recently seemed to do fairly well. Can see it working well by allowing the fish to take the bait but was wondering what rig people have used and how effective. Have seen some pretty funky coloured/flashing arrangements around people's baits too. Am tempted to try a rod with multiple colours on the one rig and see how it goes. Usualy just stick to my tried and tested red glowies. Caine
  4. Heading up to Port Stephens to stay at Salamander bay for 4 nights from Wednesday and looking to see if anyone got any shore based tips for the area. Have tried to fish the eastern shore in one part of that area before but only managed to hook weed monsters. Best to hit the jetty? Looking to flick some plastics. Any reports of pelagics around? Might hit the rocks if this swell drops back a bit too. Cheers Caine
  5. Waste of a night last night. Got halfway to WB and engine packed it in . Decided to motor back to ATB with the electric rather than do the slow trip to WB and back late at night. Bait back in freezer ready for assault when we fix up the boat. Looks like a fuel line issue. Anyone go out? Caine
  6. Very windy tonight so no one else should go down!!
  7. Thinking a few midweek sessions coming up too. Just need to take advantage of inlaws being in town this week and brave the crowds.
  8. I'm hoping to get out tonight if this westerly isn't too bad and give the hair another nudge. Cowan should be a bit protected. Anyone else out? Caine
  9. We've been using the premade Mustad gangs on the hairtail this season (only two trips mind you) and have had a lot of hooks go missing. Not sure if it was breakage or the hooks not closed properly (should really check this first I know). Anyone else had issues? Cheers Caine
  10. Quiet night ... got 1 but not many around.
  11. Anyone got a link to more info on this? We got a lot of people travelling to site for work etc on occassions, not to the office so wondering how it's covered. Cheers Caine
  12. Hitting the water for a hairtail so keep an eye out for a little green tinny emblazoned with stickers. Also just wanted to mention if anyone is down Apple Tree Bay, WB way tonight and want to buy some red glow sticks (ad somewhere else on the site), flick me an SMS. Cheers Caine 0414347566
  13. End of your rod while fishing or part of your rig when going for hairtail. Put it a foot or so above your bait.
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