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  1. Exclamation Lost Garmin GPS sounder reward $1000 Hey guys sorry it's not a fishing report but I'm sure I'll reach more people here. we dropped a Garmin sounder unit around parsley bay boat ramp at around 10pm Saturday 21st. I'm offering a $1000 reward for whoever found it before my brother finds out it missing Please call Rammy 0416886777
  2. juicy

    Underwater Lights

    thanks for your help guys
  3. juicy

    Underwater Lights

    Hey guys, Im trying to find an underwater light without much luck. Im hoping i can get ideas from you guys about where to purchase one. im after a 12v submersible unit to be used for prawning. I found plenty of prawning lights but was after something abit more brighter then the standard 50w. Has anyone seen any.. i checked out pool lights but it seems too much hassle to run inverter off the batter to run them. any help is appreciated.
  4. juicy

    Grappling With Groper

    thanks for the tip about soaking them in coconut milk. I did fillet, skin and cut them up into portions.. but i marinated in lemon and garlic before and whipped up a little beer batter with herbs and seasoning (by seasoning i mean chilli)
  5. juicy

    Grappling With Groper

    Thanks mate We were fishing the low tide. It gets abit risky any other time at that spot as water can be up to your ankles one min and a wave can crash over the rocks and hit you in the chest the next.. something i learnt the hardway fishing there another time.
  6. juicy

    Grappling With Groper

    my mistake guys i was thinking luderick but typed drummer
  7. juicy

    Grappling With Groper

    Hey guys, Went out fishing off the rocks at Manly for some drummer or groper and ended up doing alright. We also got a few leather jackets and heaps of wrasse which we threw back. Withing the first 15mins of fishing we got 2 leatherjackets and a drummer, then it all went quiet for a while then my mate hooked up a nice female groper which was a challenge to bring in fishing in between reefs, as the fish came up the big blue daddy followed it all the way to top, i was spewing as i had just hooked up another leathery or would have dropped my bait straight down and tried to hook him up. We were wrapped with how the day was going soo far then we hooked up a even bigger monster (assuming it was the big blue) which took a run straight down into the reef before we could say boo. We gave it line hoping it would come out but nope he didnt want to budge, we found some local divers who thought the $50 dollars wasn't enough to warrant them a quick dive to see if they can free then. After 20mins we gave up on it and cut the line. We learnt our lesson and i put my 6500 baitrunner on full lock just in case he was still hungry. i was dropping my bait where he ran and hid previously and within another half hour we hook up again and after a shorter dash he won again finding a nice little place to hide. Although we didnt get the blue one it was a good days fishing, we were only out on the rocks for 3hours before heading back. heres some pics of my mate with his groper and the days keepers. Hopefully this weekend i can get the big blue. days catch