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    Some Tips Please!

    Hey guys Friday and saturday morning me and a mate headed out on his new boat for some fishing in port hacking (SYDNEY NSW). After doing a bit of reading- i suggested we tried catching some live bait first. We got the squid jigs out for about 20mins just in dolans (more quiet) . With no luck, we went out toward the heads at cronulla..First tried more squidding- no luck Decided to start fishing. Using pilchards, prawns, lots of burley (bread). catching very small snapper and flat head.. The finder said about 17m deep, and we had a fair few beeps from the radar.. We tried going towards kurnell, near the break wall (on the safter side) but even still, not catching anything worth keeping. Tried between fishing and squidding.. NOT HAPPY JAN Our rods are decent, using good tackle.. (small sinker and 10-15lb line) some times using 3/0 gang hooks on the pilchard.. TIPS? for boating?
  2. anfo0o

    Cooking Eel

    Caught an eel the other day in port hacking.. Was pretty big and thought id keep it to give it a taste.. Any tips on skinning and preparing.. I heard smoking the eel is the best option. i remember seeing a video of peeling the skin AFTER smoking the eel? And apparently Vodka removes the "fishy" taste"- dont know if you skull the vokda before you eat it =) or marinate it in vokda.. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. anfo0o

    3/2 Harbour Kings + Big Cuttlefish

    Very jealous.. Would be more jealous if it didnt ink. My grandmother makes a black spaghetti with ink from cuttlefish. Its to die for and very exclusive =) I do anything to catch one that big and just be able to slap it on her kitchen table! I know, but it sounds worse then it tastes, believe me!
  4. anfo0o

    Qld Fishing

    Thanks heaps guys. It sounds good, i cant wait! Looks like ill be fishing off the beaches, and getting a boat if i can.. Fingers crossed! Anth
  5. anfo0o

    Qld Fishing

    Hey all, My first post- as all the questions ive needed ive found in previous history. Im from sydney and fish on the georges river when ever i can, but im planning to go on holidays in QLD next week and thought id ask if anyone was from there or has fished there? Im going to the Gold Coast, "burley heads area" and was wondering if its good fishing or not? I think the name may suggest some good fish =) burley and all! Im planning to fish off the beach, possibly hire a boat if theres a marina close by?.. Apparently theres been lots of bull sharks in the channel, any advice (catch or keep away from?) Any advice would be appreciated.. Thanks guys