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  1. Hi there, my name is Andy and I have a brother Stuart, both aged in mid to late 50/s. We come from Maroubra and Botany.. Both have had boats in the past and have licences. Our fishing buddy from Bondi has moved on and we are looking for someone with a boat to go fishing manly offshore Sydney. We have been fishing from long reef to St Michaels ( concentrate from 23 to 70 metres mainly ) and have over 30 years experience of all the good spots, especially the flathead drifts. Decent blokes who split all the bills and can be relied upon always....with the trawlers and their netting off the coast
  2. good one mate,,,,,, hey there are plenty of times i get nil too...... more the latter!
  3. ahh I like that one!!! hes my fishing partner.... im 50 and hes 68 years.... lol! thanks
  4. Hi raiders....well the last 2 weeks for me has been a bonus....went out last week during the week... bottom bounced at browns for some gemmies and nice blue eye.... under the tutelidge of master captain troy ( and his expertise ) managed my first yellowfin at around 40 kgs/ geez they go hard... lost one at the boat and managed... after 2 hours to land one ( first fin 4 me )....I cant believe how hard it fought though!! i thought it would have been bigger since the one i lost was around the same size and only took 15 mins to land!!! went out yesterday and scored a trag.... 4 kgs... that went
  5. skinned blackfish coated in tandaco light seasoned fish or southern fried chicken seasoning ( the one in the yellow packet in most supermarkets ).... shallow fried in a little vegetable oil ( not too much ) with a little butter/margerine.....then place in pre heat oven ( 240 ) for 6-7 mins.........mothersmilk!!!!!!!!!!
  6. out for about 4.5 hours.. depth mainly 30 metres....2 on board... makes up for all the time I go out for ZIP ( LOL )
  7. mate long reef area a little wide in about 30 metres. due east .. my mates boat is 5 metres. good luck mate
  8. Drift mid week for these... nice feed on bbq.. tight lines to all regards
  9. they are few are far between these days... not like when i was a kid lol!! thanks
  10. mate i dont but my mate does he reckons they are nice ??
  11. thanks champ....got lucky....water still around 21.
  12. nice day for a fish.... managed these for the day.. on the bbq soon tight lines
  14. one is a trevally and the other a pig fish... the larger ones are morwongs
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