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  1. Hi Raiders, Last time I went out all my electrics started up as normal and lit up. but after waiting some time I noticed that my Navman GPS was not picking up the satellite? Just wondering if this means the unit is no buggered and I have to look for a replacement? or can it be serviced? I checked all connection and they seem all connected and fine and all fuses are OK? My GPS is a large 6 inch Navman colour GPS /plotter
  2. and for a surprise as we were talking the Captain and I were discussing our surnames and discovered we were related right back to the mother country Wales.... small world
  3. I would just like to give a HUGE shout out to Marine Rescue Solomon and Bondi Rescue. Yesterday after the weather turned and started to blow up, as we had to very young soles with us . We decided to turn for home and try to beat the wind. As we goy level with Bondi and about 2 km from shore our motor stopped. It seemed like we were out of fuel . But the case was the fuel line had became very hard and split and water separator had also corroded. so it was sucking air. The swell was getting bigger as well and with a drift towards the coast and heading south, I wasted no time in callin
  4. Well I took some friends out for a fish and we got this one at the wedding cakes in the Harbour.... No one we know seems to be able to identify it? I even asked the fisheries inspector that went past..... I do have a couple more pics but here is one and a brief description... It has Scales like a fish, and not slimy like a eel? fins like a fish including dorsal, pectoral and tail fins was about 45cm in length prominate gills a fairly square looking head TEETH.....very fine 3 or 4 rows of teeth
  5. Thanks Damo, how far out and can you give me a idea of marks etc? Ill be going out from Botany and hitting the fads and 12 mile on the way out in my 7.5m Adi Waitui
  6. so still nothing showing up out and about around Sydney I'm guessing Mike?
  7. Thanks buddy, lol I have only swung a few times I'm the rider and ended with a great year place in the top 10 of Australia and 2nd in the Championship.. I'm on the Coral Coast Dive shop is in the hideaway resort.. "Diveaway Fiji"
  8. Hi everyone, Just thought I would do a little post to say hi and merry xmas to all the fish raiders. I hope you all have a safe holiday season and catch that memory of a lifetime. What have I been up to? Well we have had a huge year between racing the dirt track sidecar and do my community work and business in Fiji I have been flat-out. Things are very hectic at times and I haven't been able to get to my messages that often... If you need some help or just wanted to contact me my email is the best way... yarraonesg@gmail.com I hope to be able to get the boat out of Sydney very soon
  9. ITS a bummer I cant do the tornament, Ill be at Raymond Terrance racing for a Aussie title
  10. hey mate Im heading up aat easter, if the weather is still nasty, and marlin re few and far between, can you suggest some spotsto get amoungst it..? Also how do I get on to the long tail? lures?
  11. hey mate I have a boat on the Coral Coast near the Warwick resort.. ill PM you details
  12. Thanks guys I have a few names and I will be in contact ...
  13. Hi guys Im going out new years day. heading out from Rose bay warf, or would consider Botany if suits the person better... The plan is to fish the FAD , 12 mile reef and do some trolling for a bill fish... All gear supplied, just need you to contact me and get organised...Throw in for exspences.. other wise all good... Contact me on 0413196591 as internet will be limited
  14. Hi guys its been a while since I have been around.. Im still alive and have been backwards and forwards from overseas every couple of months.... Well I herd from the Taren Point Tackle shop today, that he had a mate that went out wide and got his first Blue marlin for this year ....Has anyone else herd any reports ? Im going out wide new year.... Now for the teaser... Cook islands, last week I showed the local tour guide that I do have the knack with female fish... 25kg GT I had empty hands and i was the only person you came to.. yes they are used to people but , usualy dont come
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