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  1. Don't buy anything with a black anchor...
  2. Plueger supreme ST. Far better reel that the D or S reels & very underrated. I've had them for years & they outlast any of the others. Come standard with carbon drags, & they are as smooth as butter.
  3. 2nd pic is a shovelnose shark. Beautiful critters. Glad you released what you caught.
  4. Hahaha! I reckon we've thrown back quite a few record Bakers whilst cursing them Rick!
  5. Too true mate. It's a horrible thing that can happen to anyone. Sorry to hear about your mates as well, & glad to hear you made it through. I fished Whale, Bluefish & Yellow Rock when I was younger & I'm not sure if it was luck, good management, or both, that didn't see me go in at some stage!
  6. Please be very careful fishing the Ovens or Sth Whale. It's claimed many lives over the years. I lost a mate there myself years ago.
  7. It's a small boat to take out that far. The conditions would have to be perfect for a boat that size. You can't go out that far without a radio. You will also need an epirb.
  8. Spot on with the jews Jon. The longer you let them run the more you miss. It took me a while a long time ago to work that out, as it was the norm back then.
  9. We used to call them red mullet when I was growing up.
  10. It's their diet. They are generally a scrap & detrious eating fish, so it would be their diet that causes that. They are also an oily fish, so even if the smell is bad they taste ok on the bbq. but I don't eat them. If you don't pierce the gut cavity then the fish won't smell as bad.
  11. That is a ripper wild fish Jon. Good on her! It took me many years & many hundreds of bass to crack the 50cm mark.
  12. Nice fish mate. Looks like that lure works a treat! That looks like it will be a cracking winter spot. As the weather & water cools the big lizards get into the shallows during the day to get warm. It's exciting fishing. Well done.
  13. Yep, that's how I tie them & they are very fast, easy & strong. I tie my double hook rig for big dead baits this way & it works.
  14. I like your thinking! I have 4 yaks, but 2 are for kids & 2 for adults. The Jackson is a great yak. Is it the Coosa?
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