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  1. I'm hearing ya! There's a Savage Karva 435 that's turned up on gummy, but he wants $9k for it and it doesn't have much fruit either! Nice boat but waaaaay too dear. 2012/2013 from what I could work out.
  2. Thanks, I thought it was a bit dodgy. I'll leave that one then.
  3. Did you look at the Big Daddy with the 25 etec?? I had an etec on my previous boat and it was sensational. But 25HP on the 4.2 hull. Maybe a little underpowered (??) I think I'll wander up to the dealer and have a look. Wonder what I could negotiate it down to. Currently $9k
  4. Found it. 2009 Quinny??? Swap you for a broken iPhone 3GS and $20 cash my way,,,,lol Nice boat though!
  5. It is indeed. But way out of my price range with a very low WAF. I'm looking max $7500 or so.
  6. Haha! Lol. That's how it goes anyway. I'm still looking. Something will turn up. The Rampage you posted above I've got bookmarked too. Ta
  7. Well...missed out on that one. Funny how it goes. Maybe one of you guys bought it?? Lol Anyway there's another I'm going to have a look at. A Stacer 429 Rampage. What are the Vortex motors like?? Another Chinese one I presume.....
  8. Agreed. That's why I'm looking at the tiller steer this time. The console on my old boat just ate up all the room
  9. I used to own a Polycraft 4.55. It was a great boat. Out in 4m seas it used to just bob above it like a cork. Never felt unsafe are all. Easy to clean and repair. Double hulls were great for ride comfort. mine initially came with a 40 Etec but I upgraded it to the 60 which was heaps. It is a wet boat though. There needs to be a chine/rib or something affixed to the front to deflect water down. Some of the guys on the Polycraft forum got them welded on. Makes a huge difference. I had a bowrider. I only sold it as we had a young son and it was impractical at the time. Wish I'd kept it
  10. Max HP - 25hp Bottom sheet thickness - 2mm Side sheet thickness - 2mm It's a variant of their Core CSR384 which was given the badging of MR384 as these were boats donated to Marine Rescue for raffles (so I've found out). They have flotation built into the seats. So he must have won that one.
  11. I was just looking at that. Looks pretty good to me! Tried to work out what model it was from the Anglapro website, but failed
  12. Agreed. Rang him this morning. Offered $3k. Mentioned about the fact the motor wasn't a known brand. He didn't even respond with a counter offer. Didn't even really say anything...... I'll keep looking. And keep all the above info in mind. Ta. PS, If anyone comes across anything that fits my criteria and is value then please let me know.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm going to see it tomorrow so I'll offer $3k and see what happens. He can only say no. Interesting about the bimini, I thought it looked like a dodge installation.
  14. Curious though. Why are people saying $3-4k? Boat 3yo, price new would be around $7-8k. Is the 2nd hand market a bit stuffed or am I missing something?? Any input would be great