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  1. sorry mate - no pre cooked photos unfortunately
  2. Caught south of botany heads on peeled prawns. My guess it’s a tarwhine...?
  3. Hi there - was just doing some research on Charters in Noosa and your story was great!  would you mind letting me know which charter this is?



  4. Ok thanks - i'll have a play around with the chirp option.
  5. Ok great. I'm pretty sure my transducer is set up correctly. The screen is showing as per the video examples and set up instructions. I think my issue is that I am expecting to see "arches" when i'm trolling or drifting. Probably watched too many fishing shows showing these arches LOL.. But all I see is the screen gets clouded up red when fish are around. I know this from catching fish around a minute after i see the clouded red. It's set up at 70hz. Another thing, is when i'm on a hot bite, i look at the sounder, and nothing shows.
  6. Hi All, Just wondering if running my fishfinder from a small 12v 9AH battery would impact the quality of the sounder? e.g would the sonar work as good if it was running off my boat battery? I have one of these: https://www.ja-gps.com.au/Garmin/striker-plus-7cv/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1Kuhteag3QIVVgoqCh2kIQ8UEAQYBSABEgLC7vD_BwE Still trying to figure out if it's actually sounding fish.. Cheers
  7. Had a spare weekend finally!! Sso decided to wet the line. Managed a few hours on the water and caught feed or so. Best fish was the 48cm snapper caught on an elkat snapper flasher.
  8. It's a bit fiddly to make, if u got the time... but I don't really, so I use these off the beach. Actually, I use them off boat and rocks too. ELKAT GANG HOOKS _ Elkat Fishing Australia.html
  9. Thanks Windy! I was hoping to use the sargaossa for livebait under a float for any thing big that happens to take it...hopefully stop it with that Cool - i'll scope the area I'll take extra lures
  10. Hi Raiders, Heading to Hamilton Island in a couple weeks and will get on a charter. No time to rent a dinghy as well as doing a charter unfortunately. However , I would really like to do my own fishing land based. Will be taking up 2 rods (light and a Mid to heavy range) - 4,000 Daiwa and 10,000 Shimano Saragossa + Lures. I've read posts here from years ago and hoping I could get a more current suggestions. Thanks in advance all!
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