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  1. Good stuff mate....yes a Bonito.....But a Watsons Leaping Bonito....!!!
  2. Stand corrected.....thank you Fishraiders
  3. Ha ha ....no Scratchie we did not put it out....tried to revive it in a tuna tube but no joy....got a good Blue Marlin later in the day in only 75 fathoms....go figure😎🎣😉
  4. Got this little tuna in 400 fathoms east of Terrigal. Got it on a little pink squid lure attached to a cord line. Maybe a juvinile Yellowfin or Bigeye Tuna????
  5. Hi adkel53... my favorite spot for blue swimmers is the start of Kogarah bay.....draw a line from St George motor boat club across to the northern side of Tom Uglys bridge..... set your pots there then you can have a drift between the bridges for flathead.... I find the run out tide the best....always fresh mullet for bait.....hope this helps abit...
  6. We call them “Sabretoothed Whiteing”.....ha ha
  7. Mate they are extremely poisonous when eaten!!!!! Cut them off & let them go.......
  8. Hey pare'......Where are my marlin baits????? Those two Bonnies are a good start!!!!!
  9. Forever fishing......In Gods hands......Brilliant fisherman & all round good bloke...R.I.P mate...
  10. Hi Flickn Mad.....Thanks for the follow up mate. I did not know there was so many varieties. Yes mate they are good on the chew. I have had the bigger ones up north & they are cracker! Good bait too...Big Bream love them also Mulloway.
  11. Hi Flickn Mad......Its a type of "Cherabin".....they grow as big as a King Prawn but are mainly a sub tropical/ tropical critter. In Queensland & the Northern Territory they use them live for Barramundi. I have heard of them being called a "Rock Prawn" but this is just a local slang term.....
  12. Hi Gregmf..... Mate at the northern end of Paddys Channel there is a sandbar on your right before the oyster leases which is great for Whiteing & Flathead. If you then track over that sandbar heading east you will see where it drops off from about 1.2 metres to around 8 to 10 metres!!! This is known as "The Blind Channel". Great spot for Jews on the runout tide. Also on big tides, over 1.8 metres, try the oyster leases, in between the racks. There are some monster Bream in there. Plastics, Vibes, Hardbody lures all work well....also unweighted baits like, Stripey cubes, half Pilchards, Chook gut...
  13. Hi Raiders Went out today from Sydney. All I can say is don't trust BOM weather forcast, as it never got over 10 knots all day!!! went 5 5 1 on Marlin. Tagged a small Stripe on 15kg just north of The Peak. Also had two bites from small Black Marlin in the mix. The other two were Stripes. All in the 40 to 60 fathom region. Marked alot of bait & just worked them. All the bites were on medium size lures.......Our converison rate not that good today but good to see the fish in good numbers......Get out there!!!
  14. Yep 100%....Starting to fire up!!! Botany Bay GFC boat "Spindrift" tagged a Stripe & also a "Mako" on a lure. Also "Marquis" got two as well. Sharpen those hooks & test those drags & get out there!!!
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