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  1. Thanks for that info guys, Langa
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking of moving to Coffs Harbour in a couple of years and was wondering what the fishing's like, I am a surface addict and will need something to replace my beloved EP's and Whiting or are they on offer up there? Do the legendary Mangrove Jacks frequent these waters? Any tips and advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Langa
  3. Langa


    Wow I'm devastated, I have been a member for nearly 10 years, and have gleaned so much invaluable information from this site. Stewey you and Donna should be congratulated for the stirling job you have done over the years in the face of much adversity. Your expertise and knowledge will be sorely missed. I wish you all the very best for the future.
  4. Uh ha thanks for the clarification.
  5. Please excuse my ignorance, I have not been on the site recently, but Barra in Sydney Harbour? I know climate change will alter fish ranges but this is pretty sudden! Also and again excuse my ignorance but what does CNY stand for? Cheers, Langa
  6. Langa

    Unexpected jewie

    Great report you've got to love these sort of surprises its one of the things that keeps me fishing it also leads one into new frontiers and can start whole new obsessions! Well done.
  7. Langa

    Woronora EP's

    Great product the Tackleback I lost 3 lures in 3 casts once then invested in the Tackleback its paid for itself many times over. Great little EP session also by the way well done!
  8. HI everyone thanks for comments, Pete it was definately knot failure - braid to leader - that failed each time. Cheers.
  9. Hi all, just got back from a week in Port Douglas, I had senate approval for a fishing tour so I took up a rod and some gear. I heard the fish get pretty big up there so I took up my big gun: 4- 8lb rod, 6kg braid and 4kg leader. I booked a 4hr estuary tour and the day before we were in Cairns stimulating the local economy, I stopped into a tackle shop to get some lures, $150 later I walk out armed with a variety of plastics and HB surface and diving lures. That night I prepared my tackle and was itching to try some of these lures so I took a short walk to 4 Mile Beach, I chucked around a couple of HBs for a while with no success, I wasn't too hopeful anyway as the water is very shallow for a long way out and I have never seen anyone fishing from the beach before, I thought I may as well try a plastic so I put on a Berkley 6" Shad white colour and had a couple of casts, still nothing, I decide on a last cast, almost fully retrieved and bang! the drag starts screaming and there's an almighty splashing out in the water (no moon so I could not see anything) the fish gained about 50m of line while I gain none then ping I'm broken off - smoking number 1. Next day I arrive at the marina, meet our guide and fellow fishers, and set off, our guide took one look at my rod and smirked, first stop the inlet where I flicked around plastics while the family of 4 fished with baits (they were novices and the guide did a great job baiting for them and showing them the basics). Soon they had caught and released over 20 fish of all varieties from Cod to Wrasse to Catfish, nothing huge but they had a ball, the Dad even managed to entangle and land this turtle which was released unharmed. Apart from a couple of taps I got nothing. We then moved into the mangrove lined estuary, tied up to a tree by a side channel, the family baited up and cast into the main channel while I cast into the bank using a 65mm River to Sea Bubble Pop, I usually use the 45mm version but I bought this as a concession to the bigger fish I hoped to catch. About the 3rd cast, the guide was telling me April was the best month for using surface lures here, I was working the popper parallel to the bank and all eyes in the boat were on it when smack the surface exploded, several expletives were expressed by members of the crew as my rod bent double and zzzzzzzzz went the drag, I raced to the front of the boat in an effort to keep him out of the mangroves but I wasn’t gaining any line and he was heading bank side, so I tightened up the drag a bit and snap he was gone along with leader and new popper – smoking number 2. The guide reckoned it was a Mangrove Jack and a biggie at that, I had no reason to disagree, I have never before experienced such a powerful fish. Just after this the youngest boy on board caught a GT which pulled so hard his father had to help reel it in, this was when the guide told me with a grin that all his rods on board have 20kg braid with 50kg leaders and the drag done up so tight a freight train couldn’t strip line off! We moved again and the family continued to catch all sorts of fish again nothing huge but enough to keep them engaged. I flicked pencils, poppers and some diving HBs for about an hour with no luck, then I threw a Sammy 65 under a Mangrove and as soon as it hit the water it was smashed, again the drag screamed, again I struggled valiantly and again ping I was snapped off, the 3rd fish now in possession of my lure – smoking number 3. Things went quiet for me again and soon after we had to finish, a great tour with a great guide. The next day we did a Crocodile tour of the same waterway and the water was alive with surface feeding fish which wasn’t the case the day before, I was salivating! Our stay in Port Douglas was fantastic great weather, great food and service, and great accommodation, I would recommend it, but if you go there and intend fishing take my advice and scale up I know I will next time.
  10. Hi all 2 weeks ago now I went to my favourite EP haunt at Bobbin Head, got these couple on the trusty Sammy. Saw something out of the corner of my eye and noticed I had been joined by this slithery criter! Death Adder I'm thinking can any one confirm? Cheers Langa
  11. Langa

    Survivor - Cod Country

    Wow! fantastic report and pics. Well done, I've got a mate with some wild water running through his property up that way, your report has motivated me to motivate him! I've got some planning to do.
  12. Langa

    Fly reel

    Again thanks alot for all the info, I've got some research to do. Cheers Langa
  13. Langa

    Fly reel

    Thanks guys for the great advice - thats what I love about this site, members are a wealth of info and happy to share. Cheers, Langa
  14. Langa

    Fly reel

    Hi all, I am an addicted topwater fisher, but untill now have never tried fly fishing. Now however I have just been given a fly rod and am keen to give it a go. The rod is an Orvis Streamline 4 piece, 9ft, on the rod it says 8wt. line, on the case label it says 908-4 tip flex and 4-5/8 oz. Is this a decent rod and could any one please advise a good reel, the best line type and any flys etc to use with this rod. I usually fish flats for Whiting etc and estuarys for EPs and the odd Bream so I envisage this will be the same sort of fishing I will be using the fly rod for. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and thanks in advance. Langa.
  15. Went to my favourite flats on Sunday for a quick popper session and although I've tried over the last month or so for zero, today seemed perfect hot, slight breeze, Cicadas droning. Sure enough after a couple of casts I got this feisty little fellow, chucked him back and managed 2 more and a couple of misses over the next hour or so. All were small but they punch above their weight! Could be a good season. Cheers, Langa