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  1. Completed and yes some options are not suitable, also you cant go back so be careful that you answer correct first time
  2. Great work I went out Monday and it was slow seen a few rats caught sounds like it livened up for the rest of the week
  3. I'm heading out in the morning was gunna pick up some livies and try for a squid or two head up in middle harbour and work my way back to Gladesville looking for kings bonito tailor . Will see how I go.
  4. Yeah the guys are on it 2500 - 3000 reel i run pe1.5 braid thin egi stuff from japan neen to be able to get the jigs out of the kelp and a 7 to 8 foot soft rod no need to spend hundreds
  5. Pretty sure the 711 i get mine at the 91 is standard unleaded the 95 has ethanol and the 98 is the premium no ethanol but 40c a litre more. I use the 91 with a dose of stabil incase i dont get out for a spell. got a 2004 yammy 4stroke 60hp
  6. I’d reckon this was just a small battle in a long war be vigilant all and keep up the fight. We are well behaved honest folk that just want to be able to go for a fish with our families and friends, dont be mistaken our opponents are are a little less moralistic and verge on fanatical, with members of the government being reported as receiving death threats after the lockout retreat. They are loopies and wont let the truth get in the way of a good story to prevent us from our recreational outlet. Beware the torn blue fringe outlines their desires it is only resting.
  7. austwave


    Great work its all about practice and technique work out what you want to catch and tune your approach to your target , great start well done its a lifetime of joy
  8. Great work Scratchie, and a great post to go with it. Thanks for the info. Gotta head up that way to catch up with an old mate for a fish soon so am reading intently.
  9. Sad thing is its a bit of a chore for him, says he doesn't like fishing but enjoys it when he is catching them. I keep taking him and catching new species so as to try and spark an interest.
  10. Been at Windamere for the weekend. Bought the Benji as he’s on school holidays. Says he doesn’t like fishing, so the mission catch fish and enjoy . Been windy and the water is cold closer to 13 than 14 so I’ve been up against it, finally got a result.
  11. I was there in a Sea bees shirt as i dont have a fishraider one , good turnout, the fight goes on
  12. I’ll be there, working in the morning having an early mark
  13. No noticeable algae to speak of even up the back around Eagles nest